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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Xevrand in Amusing.   
    GM: "Does a 29 hit your AC?"

    Me: "*BLEEP* you know my AC has been 18 for the last nine levels."

    GM: "I know. I just like hearing the defeat in your voice."
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Odin047 in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2016)   
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Ciscozero in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2016)   
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Vincent Kroitschov in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2016)   
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Xevrand in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2016)   
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Xevrand in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2016)   
    A new kind of tree for you Xev!!

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    AxaraBlue reacted to Kishoshima Dragonash in Rest In Peace...   
    ^ this
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Trophy in Kavia's ... Whatever it is!   
    Ok so I have been taking a little bit of lessons from Xoza ( Thank you btw ) in making and editing and creating some things. While they are not the best they are a good place for me to start. I think anyway. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it.




    Kavia <3

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    AxaraBlue reacted to Trophy in Trophy   
    I made it! It has been years, but I am finally here. I consider myself a casual gamer, but this would be a lie. Anyway, you may call me Trophy. I am here, looking for a drama free, fun experience with people that are friendly and realize this is just a game. I enjoy helping others out, most the time, but I due love making new characters and running them through the story line. Names are a little issue with me and it will take me some time to get to know them so I apologize ahead of time, I will get them eventually. Let me know if you need some help or would just like company in doing something, I am usually down.
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Shadows in Hello!   
    Hello everyone, 
    Following the format from this thread:
    - Shadows.
    - None.
    - SWTOR.
    - My birth year is accurate.
    - Avatar picture to follow.
    - Not much of a gamer really. The only gaming I do is in SWTOR.
    - I enjoy running group content with the guild. Most people know I can be found in teamspeak most days.
    - By posting a thread in this section you acknowledge that you've read our codex and understand it. (Acknowledged).
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Bonne in Old topics turning new!   
    Hmmm I mean I'm as boring as they come. I learned to play the flute when I was younger and moved to the clarinet only to then have to learn to play the bass clarinet. That is an interesting and expensive thing to play. My hobby is also strange as it is finding new and wonderful ways to embarrass my almost 14 year old daughter. It's the best hobby in the world.
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Bonne in Old topics turning new!   
    Tell Ordo about your cool hobbies
    If you like collecting crazy weird stuff or just collecting off market items let us know what you like, love, want or make!!!
    Tbh I am an old collector of comics and I love reading old horror novels. I play a number of instruments and love to make music when I get the creative bug but I am sure there are more interesting hobbies than mine , lol.
    LET US KNOW!!!!
    Post now!! Spots are limited!!! :P
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Remandred in My Introduction   
    The name that I would prefer to be known by is Rem, as its been my game tag for years now as a remnant of my original toon. Currently I only play SWTOR as an affiliate with the Ordo assisting with fps and ops. I became interested in joining the Ordo Imperialias after running with you for a bit, after the intro from Kavia into your ts. As a long time gamer my interests have always been on the rpg's and story content, to see characters grow and level up (Ding!) and watch as a little scrub becomes a master of death. I am best contacted through my Skype which I will share as needed to trusted personal. I intend to contribute to the guild by the same way I have done so so far and by learning more about the community and seeing where I am needed. 
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Xoza in Rest In Peace...   
    Ffff this year. Some may have been mentioned already but here are the souls that have departed the world so far.
    Craig Strickland, rising country singer and frontman for Backroad Anthem, was found dead at 29 years old on Jan. 4 after going missing during a duck hunting trip in extreme weather.
    Pat Harrington Jr., the "One Day at a Time" actor who famously played building superintendent Schneider on the 1970s sitcom, died Jan. 6 at 86.
    Angus Scrimm, best known for playing the Tall Man villain in "Phantasm" and its horror sequels, died Jan. 9 at 89.
    Michael Galeota, former child actor who appeared in Disney's "Clubhouse Detectives," "The Jersey" and "Bushwhacked," died at 31 of natural causes related to several health problems on Jan. 10.
    David Bowie died Jan. 10, two days after his 69th birthday, after an 18-month secret battle with cancer. The music legend was well-known for hisfashion, movie roles, Ziggy Stardust and hit songs like "Space Oddity," "Fame" and "Let's Dance."
    David Margulies, character actor who played "Ghostbusters" mayor and "Ace Ventura" doctor, died Jan. 11 at 78.
    Monte Irvin, who nearly broke baseball's color lines before Jackie Robinson, died Jan. 11 at 96. He played seven seasons with the New York Giants, served as MLB's first black executive, and was elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
    Brian Bedford, best known for voicing the title character in Disney's 1973 animated film "Robin Hood" as a fox, died Jan. 13 at 80. The British stage actor also had a role in 1995's "Nixon" and appeared on TV shows like "Murder, She Wrote," "Cheers" and "Frasier."
    Rene Angelil, husband and manager of Celine Dion, died Jan. 14 of cancer at age 73. The "My Heart Will Go On" singer's brother Daniel Dion died two days later.
    Alan Rickman, "Harry Potter" actor and "Die Hard" villain, died of cancer at 69 on Jan. 14.
    Dan Haggerty, "Grizzly Adams" actor and '70s star best-known for his beard and rugged looks, died of cancer at 74 on Jan. 15.
    Dale "Buffin" Griffin, drummer and co-founder for Mott the Hoople, died at 67 on Jan. 17 after a decade-long battle with Alzheimer's disease.
    Clarence Reid, better known as funk/R&B singer Blowfly, died Jan. 17 at 76. He wrote and produced tracks for artists like Sam & Dave and KC & the Sunshine Band, and his often R-rated solo songs were sampled by rappers like Snoop Dogg and Jurassic 5.
    Mic Gillette, Tower of Power founder and trumpet player, died of a heart attack over the weekend of Jan. 16-17 at 64.
    Glenn Frey, The Eagles guitarist and co-founder, died at 67 on Jan. 18. Frey co-wrote hits like "Hotel California" with Don Henley.
    Jimmy Bain, former Dio and Rainbow bassist, died at 68 over the weekend of Jan. 22-24.
    Abe Vigoda, character actor in "The Godfather" and "Barney Miller," died at 94 on Jan. 26.
    Paul Kantner, Jefferson Airplane co-founder and guitarist, died at 74 on Jan. 28.
    Signe Anderson, the original Jefferson Airplane singer who was replaced by Grace Slick, died at 74 on Jan. 28, the same day as Kantner.
    Frank Finlay, Oscar-nominated actor who played Iago in Laurence Olivier's "Othello," died Jan. 30 at 89.
    Jon Bunch, former Sense Field and Further Seems Forever singer, died Feb. 2 at 46.
    Bob Elliott, one half of legendary TV-radio comedy duo Bob and Ray with Ray Goulding, died Feb. 2 at 92.
    Joe Alaskey, a voice actor originally from Troy, N.Y., died from cancer at age 63 on Feb. 4. He was the principal voice of multiple Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird, after Mel Blanc's death in 1989 and voiced Yosemite Sam in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
    Maurice White, a founding member of disco-funk group Earth, Wind & Fire, died Feb. 3 at 74.
    Dave Mirra, a Central New York native who rose to fame as a BMX biker at the X-Games, had his own video games and hosted an MTV reality show, died Feb. 4 of an apparent suicide at 41.
    Dan Hicks, who led '60s band Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, died Feb. 6 at 74.
    Daniel Gerson, co-writer of "Monsters, Inc." and "Big Hero 6," died Feb. 6 of brain cancer at 49.
    Vanity, an '80s singer-actress and Prince protege also known as Denise Katrina Matthews, died Feb. 15 at 57.
    George Gaynes, who starred on "Punky Brewster" and played Commandant Lassard in all seven "Police Academy" movies, died Feb. 15 at 98.
    Angela "Big Ang" Raiola of "Mob Wives" died at 55 on Feb. 18 after a battle with throat, brain and lung cancer.
    Harper Lee, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "To Kill a Mockingbird," died Feb. 19 at age 89.
    Douglas Slocombe, Oscar-nominated cinematographer for three "Indiana Jones" movies, died Feb. 22 at age 103.
    Sonny James, country singer behind hits like "Young Love," died Feb. 22 at age 87.
    Lennie Baker, the voice of Sha Na Na's doo-wop hit "Blue Moon," died Feb. 24 at age 69.
    Tony Burton, who played Apollo Creed's trainer Duke in six "Rocky" movies, died Feb. 25 at 78.
    George Kennedy, tough-guy character actor best known for "Cool Hand Luke" and the "Naked Gun" movies, died Feb. 28 at 91.
    Gil Hill, who played Detroit police inspector Todd in the "Beverly Hills Cop" films, died Feb. 29 at 84.
    Lee Reherman, former Cornell football star best known for playing Hawk on "American Gladiators," died March 1 at 49.
    Tony Warren, creator of long-running British soap opera "Coronation Street," died March 1 at age 79.
    Joey Feek, who performed with her husband as country duo Joey + Rory, died March 4 of cancer at age 40.
    Pat Conroy, author of "The Prince of Tides" and "The Great Santini," died March 4 at age 70.
    George Martin, the "Fifth Beatle" best known as a producer for The Beatles, died March 8 at 90.
    Singer Gogi Grant, whose song "The Wayward Wind" topped the charts for 6 weeks in 1956, died March 10 at 91.
    Keith Emerson, founder and keyboardist of the progressive-rock band Emerson, Lake and Palmer, died March 11 at 71.
    Sylvia Anderson, "Thunderbirds" co-creator and voice of the Lady Penelope puppet character, died the week of March 15 at age 88.
    Frank Sinatra Jr., singer and son of Ol' Blue Eyes, died March 16 of cardiac arrest at 72.
    Lee Andrews, '50s doo-wop singer and father of The Roots drummer Questlove, died March 16 at age 79.
    Daryl Coley, Grammy-nominated gospel singer, died the week of March 16 at age 60.
    Steve Young, outlaw country singer best known for "Seven Bridges Road," died March 17 at 73.
    Joe Santos, "The Rockford Files" and "The Sopranos" actor, died March 18 at 84.
    Phife Dawg, Grammy-nominated A Tribe Called Quest rapper, died March 22 of diabetes at 45.
    Joe Garagiola, former baseball broadcaster and "Today" show host, died March 23 at 90.
    Ken Howard, "White Shadow" actor and SAG-AFTRA president, died March 23 at 71.
    Garry Shandling, comedian and 'The Larry Sanders Show' star, died March 24 at 66.
    Earl Hamner Jr., "The Waltons" creator and "Twilight Zone" writer, died March 24 at 92.
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Michan Moonlight in Rest In Peace...   
    David Bowie (born David Robert Jones; 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) was an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter, and actor. Bowie was a figure in popular music for over four decades, and was known as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s. His androgynous appearance was an iconic element of his image, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s.
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    AxaraBlue reacted to hulkman in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)   
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Michan Moonlight in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)   
    Never. There is never to much
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Michan Moonlight in Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)   
    I just gott the Captain Rank on SW: Uprising for the first time. Thats right bitches I am in the top 3000 players around the world! 
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from DeumDeorum in Halloween Contest (2015)!   

    Alright so I thought I would wait until we actually got this close to post it. I didn't see much interest in the other plan I had so here is what I have going on. So I want to see what you all are going to be this Halloween. What have you, our members, made yourselves up to be? Now with all good things there are rules. I will list them of course!
    Now if you do not want to show a RL Costume note that a costume of a character in a game you play. I know there are MANY options in The Old Republic and their might be in other games as well. So lets see what you got for me.
    Member of the Ordo Imperialis or recruit with ingame experience of two(2) months (by the time the drawing takes place). Be in good standing with the community. Must have logged into Teamspeak in the last month. You SHOULD follow/like/join/whatever our social media. FB, G+, sR, Hitbox, Twitter, YuTb. (there are more on the main page of our forums) Any attempt to circumvent a fair drawing will void your chances of winning. (info/rules are subject to change)

    This drawing will take place at midnight, pacific time, November 4, 2015 after a halloween hangout!
    (give you time to get those images in)
    So let me see what you got people!!!
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Esva in A touch of spring cleaning & a New Victim   
    Hello and Greeting's to all, 


    Over the next week or so you may find some OrdoCast content is unavailable, but as the book with the big friendly letter written on the back says "Don't panic", it will all be coming back.


    With and as the increasing presence of social media for Ordo grows on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch & Hitbox it has become apparent that all the media aspects needed to be streamline so everything is in it's proper place, easier to find and archive. So all previous episodes of the Ordocast that were placed on my personal channels and streams will be migrated over to the OrdoCast playlist over on Ordo's official YouTube Channel so everything is in it's proper place.


    So expect some broken links here and there for a while as this is going to take some time.


    So thank you for your patience and we hope to see you again for the next OrdoCast.


    Also, Please help us in welcoming a new Social relations / editor type guy to the team, the guy who will be filtering through your questions, flow of info, giving us ideas, and being the one for me to pick on as he's in my timezone and the guy carrying the ban hammer during live events, So its with joy we welcome Michan Moonlight to the OrdoCast Team. 


    Welcome MICHAN!!




    The OrdoCast Team

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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from Angelin01 in [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 20OCT15   

    ✠ Wish to reward others for their work or missing an award you believe you've earned? fill out a member recognition form!
    ✠ Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirements and activity levels. If you have, please contact an officer so we can discuss it and provide direction. Keep up the good work!
    ✠ Contact an administrator if you are seeking elevation in the community, looking for a leadership position or special duties. There's always tasks to be done and positions are open.
    ✠ If you need any help at all, contact your chapter leadership, staff member, or any officer, they're here to help you enjoy your gaming community experience.
    ✠ Please remember to visit our social media, other members, other chapters and communicate, it's painless. There's a place for everyone here, discover yours today.
    [Portal] [Google+] [Facebook] [Reddit] [Steam] [Twitter] [Twitch] [YouTube]

    [Awards] (We will be meeting with staff this month to determine missing awards and may distribute some without announcement.) Burnout - [Castorum]15 *cited for proficiancy in combat support and control. [WS] Culex - [Combat Prowess]5 *cited for prowess and victories upon the fields of battle. [WS] Hesruk - [indoctrination]15 *cited for continued support and dedication to the progress of the community and it's members. [TOR] hulkman - [Guardian of the Watch]25 *cited for continued support and dedication to the progress of the community and it's members.. [TOR] - [Medicus]5 *cited for shown proficiency and dedication to the support role. [WS] Moshcrates - [Recruitment]10 *cited for excellence in recruitment of quality members. [WS] Moshcrates - [Dominatum]15 *cited for continued effort, superiority and progression over obstacles and goals. [WS] Nefarix - [Combat Prowess]5 *cited for prowess and victories upon the fields of battle. [WS] Requiem - [Combat Prowess]5 *cited for prowess and victories upon the fields of battle. [WS] Requiem - [Comrade Support]5 *cited for dedication and support of members and community goals. WS] Szurke - [Combat Prowess]5 *cited for prowess and victories upon the fields of battle. [WS] Thectelo - [indoctrination]15 *cited for continued support and dedication to the progress of the community and it's members. [TOR] Tyche - [Medicus]5 *cited for shown proficiency and dedication to the support role. [WS] Wongnim - [Myrmidon]15 *cited for continued progression of one self and of community members through combat and activity. [WS] Xoza - [Castorum]15 *cited for proficiency in combat support and control. [COM] [Promotions] DeathlyAnubis - SG-4 [Misc] (What is AP? / Where can I spend AP?) Akkadian - 18AP[WS] Allusal - 3AP[TOR] Angelin01 - 3AP[AUX] Burnout - 19AP[WS] calohar - 3AP[PS2] Akkadian - 21AP[WS] Allusal - 3AP[TOR] Angelin01 - 3AP[AUX] Burnout - 34AP[WS] calohar - 3AP[PS2] CaptainFishSticks - 3AP[AUX] Cat Damon - 15AP[WS] - 27AP[WS] Cledwyn - 21AP[TOR] Culex - 15AP[WS] Deadmon - 24AP[WS] DeathlyAnubis - 47AP[TOR] DeumDeorum - 6AP[TOR] - 3AP[WS] Erro - 54AP[AUX] Esva - 35AP[TOR] Faardor - 39AP[TOR] Gavrielloken - 10AP[PS2] - 3AP[WS] Harley Quinn - 42AP[TOR] Hesruk - 58AP[TOR] Hoedown - 33AP[WS] hulkman - 71AP[TOR] - 9AP[WS] - 30AP[WS] - 3AP[WS] Junah - 25AP[WS] - 3AP[TOR] Kavia - 16AP[TOR] Kishoshima Dragonash - 3AP[TOR] Stephen Green Vo - 3AP[WS] - 3AP[TOR] Legion - 18AP[TOR] MadSeasonOfGrief - 24AP[AUX] - 27AP[WS] Marc Gravois - 3AP[AUX] mastersolo - 15AP[TOR] Michan Moonlight - 3AP[AUX] Moshcrates - 30AP[WS] MrBanh - 18AP[WS] - 9AP[WS] Nefarix - 24AP[WS] Netzeom - 67AP[TOR] NuzzyLus Resident - 3AP[PS2] Odin047 - 75AP[AUX] PissJugs - 12AP[WS] - 3AP[WS] - 9AP[WS] qoheleth - 27AP[WS] - 9AP[WS] Raptor - 40AP[TOR] Requiem - 24AP[WS] - 3AP[TOR] speedshot - 3AP[TOR] Szurke - 18AP[WS] Tenshu - 21AP[WS] Thectelo - 58AP[TOR] Tilcevol - 15AP[WS] Tyche - 21AP[WS] Valos - 6AP[AUX] - 3AP[WS] Vincent Kroitschov - 22AP[AUX] Wolf Shaman - 3AP[AUX] Wongnim - 30AP[WS] Xoza - 18AP[TOR] Yollo - 6AP[TOR] Check out all the cool things you can buy with your AP! You can even trade AP with others.

    (Don't forget to recommend awards and document activity in a log, anyone can do it! More awards with more entries!)

    ✠ If you don't have an account nor are a member, we can't recognize your achievements. Help build the community, get involved. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.
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    AxaraBlue got a reaction from qoheleth in Wildstar   
    There is a ton of activity in WildStar as far as Ordo goes. They are going raids all of the time, there are almost always people in TS or online for the Chapter. it's a pretty busy place.

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    AxaraBlue reacted to Esva in Suggestions for the Ordo Cast   
    I vote Kisho
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    AxaraBlue reacted to Kishoshima Dragonash in OrdoCast   


    As stated in the Shoutbox just a little while ago.. Esva and I are going to be testing the new set up for the Ordo Cast visuals.  The Cast, this week, will be on Saturday (Time is TBD), but we're going to try to work out all the bugs at our usual 10PM broadcast time (maybe earlier if we get things running well) and then doing some live streaming until either Esva has to go to work or we both pass the Ffff out.  


    Feel free to join us, poke fun at us, give us a hard time etc.. we like interacting with you guys.  And as always #GetOrdo .. Make it a thing.

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    AxaraBlue reacted to Kishoshima Dragonash in Suggestions for the Ordo Cast   
    SO... seeing as we're getting a little bit of a following for the Ordo Cast we want to continue to grow.  Is there anything youd like us to do on the Cast?  Is there anything we're doing you DONT want us to do?  What can we do to improve the experience with you guys?  Throw any constructive criticism our way and post it here so that we can keep track of it.  Keep in mind, we may or may not agree with you (which is always the case) but anything we can feasibly implement or change, we will.  If what you're throwing out is straight tosh.. then its going straight to the round file.. just keep that in mind.  We love you guys, we love interacting with you guys.. and as always #GetOrdo ... Make it a thing.


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