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  1. NotMateo

    Black Desert

    Nah they seem to be putting alot of effort into a worldwide release
  2. NotMateo

    Black Desert

    Still hype for this game. I'm glad they finally got an NA publisher
  3. Hey Ordo, having a bit of an issue here. I've been streaming for months. How I used to do it, was I'd post a link to my Facebook Page which had about 2k likes on it, and people would show up. I'd usually attract a pretty good crowd through my page. But I got rid of that page (the page was very very old, and I wanted to restart it). A consequence of that means that my streams barely grab any viewers what-so-ever. My streams won't even get up to 10 watchers- today's stream only had 1 viewer, and he was a good friend. Any tips on ways I can help spread the word about my server? I'm not one of those people who are obsessed with advertisement and views, but gosh, I'd like to actually broadcast to an active chat from time to time :/
  4. NotMateo

    DC Universe Online

    In all the time of me playing DCUO off and on again, I've learned the recipe to success with this game: it literally comes directly down to playing with friends or groups. Back when I was in my first league, I played this game religiously. After they disbanded [randomly], and I lost touch with them all, I just kinda stopped playing. The social aspect of this game is actually top tier, with out even significantly trying to be- it's kinda just a fun hangout game, moreso than other games I've played. As far as the introductory guide, I'd love to be able to help there if your interested. I've been playing since the third DLC, and I've played with most of the powersets and weapon types. I'd like to be able to contribute something to Ordo, since I never really have.
  5. NotMateo

    Character Screenshots

    THIS THREAD WAS MADE FOR ME. Character customization is my favorite thing ever, so here's a shitload of pictures from Skyrim, DCUO, and APB Reloaded. I seriously enjoy creating new characters, whether through drawing, or online games. Games with good customization are always first on my lists.
  6. NotMateo

    DC Universe Online

    I'm interested in playing this with you guys, but I use my villains to play with friends, and Heroes to play in Leagues and things like this, damn. I wanted to create a villain league with my friends lol Any chance of having both a hero and villain league, instead of just staying limited to heroes? (A bit of BG info: I've been playing DCUO for like, 2 or 3 years now, have 6 characters, 4 heroes, 2 villains, with 3 level 30s~. I'm not the best in this game, but I never have people to play with so yeah lol)
  7. NotMateo

    Computer Builds: Specs, Consoles & Suggestions

    This HD is only a year old. I got it to replace a fried 500GB from an offbrand [HUGE MISTAKE!]. Right now I'm using a netbook 250GB hard drive to backup my music, documents, and the such, BUT I want to actually get a Solid State- something around 128GB maybe :D Thanks though man :D
  8. NotMateo

    Computer Builds: Specs, Consoles & Suggestions

    I've been so inactive in this guild it makes no sense. But that's going to change when I finish this upgrade I'm planning! I think I've commented here already, but right now I'm running Biostar TH55 HD Mobo Intel i3 550 at 3.2Ghz Galaxy nVidia GTS 450 1GB GC Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz Western Digital WDFAEX1002 1TB on a 500W PSU BUT I'm actually about to switch out most of these parts for: MSI 970A-G46 Mobo AMD FX-8320 at 3.5Ghz MSI or Sapphire Radeon R9-270X 2GB RAM, PSU, and Hard Drive are all staying put. So I'm going to actually be able to handle more games that folks here play- I tried to get into PS2, but that game is brutal. The GTS 450 can't handle that damn game, at all. I'm using a 19 inch Dell monitor that runs at 1650x1080, and a G510 Keyboard, and a CM Storm Recon mouse~
  9. Ayyyeee I'm posting again!...Again!

  10. NotMateo

    New Year Resolutions / Goals

    All my goals this year are art based. Off the top of my head~ Actually draw a damn female like, once a month, at least Learn to draw alot of things I currently am limited by STOP LETTING MY LIMITS DEFINE WHAT I DRAW Stop with the same 3/4th quarter, facing down head view Learn to actually sit down and sketch Work more on paper than my tablet 2013 was an okay year for me, but I did NOT leave my comfort zone, which hurt me. As far as real life goals? Lol, don't die.
  11. NotMateo

    Winamp News

    Personally I disliked Winamp. Majorly. I will ~not~ say I wanted them to go, still My issues with Winamp were small: It had my least favorite media library organizing of the three big wigs (Winamp, WMP, and iTunes) and stability issues kept me from using it. Instead I currently use WMP, because it works as needed. I'd rather be able to have taken advantage of Winamps cool features- such as AVS which was amazing, of course. However, I do hope someone picks up Winamp, and overhauls the parts of the program that are still stuck in 2003, such as the terrible library. Settings weren't exactly too well organized in my opinion either. HOWEVER, Winamp was a big part of my nerdy childhood, so I'm still sad to see it go. Or that's my 2 cents~
  12. NotMateo

    So streaming~

    So out of curiousity who streams here? I'm about to start streaming soon enough [TAX TIME UPGRAAAADES]~ As some conversation pieces What specs are you guys running with streaming, and how's it working for you? What games do you stream and all? [i'm actually also looking for folks to stream with actually, when I eventually do start again] I'm just curious about other folks streaming experiences~
  13. HAAAIL TRIGON! ....Oh, Afevis changed my name woop woop

  14. NotMateo

    Yet ~Another~ hello.

  15. NotMateo

    Yet ~Another~ hello.

    *sees profile picture* MY NIGGA RIGHT HERE. And thanks! Good to be back myan *sees YOUR profile picture* This place is already teeming with swag...again .-.

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