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    NotMateo reacted to Malrex in Introduction   
    Hi Everyone!

    I found this community through that Google thing on the interweb. :)  Just wanted to do a brief intro about myself.  I've been a gamer for a long time.  I started gaming when laptops were bigger than I was (hope that doesn't date me much!).  My first online game was Diablo and then it grew from there.... Ultima Online, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heroes, WoW, Wildstar.  I also played SW:TOR at launch and level a character to max (at the time).  Most recently, I've been playing WoW and dabbling with SW:TOR after the release of the most recent expansion.  I've been looking for a good group of people to game and I'm excited to find you all.  Thanks for listening!




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    NotMateo reacted to Awanken Wasp in Winamp News   
    I remember being younger and getting those custom skins for Winamp was the shizz. I preferred Winamp over WMP and Itunes at the time because for some reason those other two seemed very sluggish on my end but I ultimately started using Foobar at the end.

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    NotMateo got a reaction from Cookie613 in New Year Resolutions / Goals   
    All my goals this year are art based. Off the top of my head~


    Actually draw a damn female like, once a month, at least
    Learn to draw alot of things I currently am limited by
    Stop with the same  3/4th quarter, facing down head view
    Learn to actually sit down and sketch
    Work more on paper than my tablet
    2013 was an okay year for me, but I did NOT leave my comfort zone, which hurt me.

    As far as real life goals? Lol, don't die.

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    NotMateo got a reaction from Aryte in Yet ~Another~ hello.   


    I think this is my second time disappearing off into god-knows-where-the-hell land. [Actually this time it was IRL issues]


    But I'm back~ again~ but the other two times I never even made a name for myself, at all. So I'm going to introduce myself for what is, the very first time.


    Hi~ I'm blakFYR~ I usually don't go by that name anymore [too 14 year old EDGI.] If I can find it in the control Panel, I'm going to change my display name to NotMateo, because I respond frequently to Mateo~


    As far as gaming goes~ 


    I ironically don't try to associate with man cliques of gamers. Alot of the groups I've been apart of have been extremely... opinionated to say the least? I just don't like elitism, although I do throw that word around alot. However, I've actually been a part of this group for a while, and I've seen the conversations and what-not that have taken part here, and I've seen no such thing here.


    I usually enjoy high energy games, such as fighters, shooters, and some RPGS. If I had to name my favorites, they'd be DC Universe Online, Blacklight: Retribution, and APB: Reloaded (despite the many many bugs and flaws). But I'll try most games at least once. 


    Xoza actually brought me to this community~ [i kicked alot of ass in a match in Star Conflict once before] and I'm grateful he did.


    I also run a small little Minecraft server~





    I should wrap this up. But I guarantee I'm not here for any other reason than to be able to chat and play games with some nice folks, since usually my friends play games completely different than my interests, and it'd be nice to find some good friends. I'm not a trouble maker, I can guarantee that. In any rate, Nice to be here.


    To anyone who read that....mouthful, sorry .-. I can get....talkative. Sorry


    EDIT: Crying because I can't change my Username to NotMateo. Oh god, mod or something- Arceus, whoever- help me rid of this dumb naaame.

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    NotMateo reacted to Riff Petrov in Yet ~Another~ hello.   

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    NotMateo reacted to Xoza in APB Reloaded   
    We have a clan, don't recall what server, I've also already done a lot of Ordo based logo's in it when I played.

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    NotMateo reacted to Markius Fox in Star Conflict   
    I'm joining in on this, searched the forums specifically for which faction to start with. A tough choice in my opinion.

    If anyone would like to play long side (if possible) I'd be willing.

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