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    Computer Builds: Specs, Consoles & Suggestions

    Costume Build CPU- i7-3770-OC 4.5 MoBo=AsRock Extreme 4 RAM= 16 gigs Gskills Ripjaws 1600 GPU= Asus DirectCU II 780 OC 3gig HDD= 2x OCZ Vertex 128gig - 1tb WD CB Monitors= 3x Asus 27inch 144hz 3d ready monitors Mouse= Lachisis Keyboard = Razor Black-widow Case= NZXT Switch 810 white/black CPU COOLing = Thermaltech extreme water 2.0 closed loop
  2. Arkhon

    Computer Builds: Specs, Consoles & Suggestions

    Hello All this is my Build I built it myself SPECS i7-3770k@OC 4.4 16 gigs G.skills 1600 ASUS directcu II GTX 3gig OC 780 OS=WIn7 OCV-VERTEX 4 SSD x2 128gig WD Cavier Black 1tb NZXT SWITCH 810 case
  3. Arkhon

    Natural Selection 2

    Hello All I have been with the Ordo for about a month and really enjoying myself in some neverwinter but i also like FPS games and sometime I just want to shoot something in the FACE! So my favorite fps is Natural Selection 2 it's a Fps/Strat game most of you know I would like to get a group going for Natural Selection 2 if you would like to be part of the group plz reply !! Just encase you guy haven't seen the state of Natural selection 2 here a link for a current version trailer

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