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  1. Gavrielloken

    Primal-Wow private server

    So, I've been playing on this Private Server called Primal-WoW (they use another server's website/forum) Essentially it's a PvE 3.3.5a Core server that has progressive content unlock. They are on a Vanilla phase, but TBC should launch around June 2017. Pretty fun, decent population, people are nice, economy is really balance. Should come check it out.
  2. Holy shit I got my hands on a 1070 before December

  3. Gavrielloken

    Rest In Peace...

  4. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    Don't Starve. Someone should pick BattleBlock Theater and play conmigo. Hilarity and Butt Salads await
  5. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    I don't have a picture. I just wanna say, my parent walked by me when I was scrolling through the thread, and had a bunch of scantily clad furries on screen. They just looked disappointed.
  6. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    (It was a joke)
  7. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    What if I don't want to be your friend...?
  8. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    Assassin creed :D yay
  9. Gavrielloken

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    There's too much Star Wars!
  10. Confudelled by Legacy of the Void's plot... Ugh, fucking Blizzard man...

  11. Gavrielloken

    Pokémon GO!

  12. Gavrielloken

    GamesCom 2015

    And the new WoW expansion.
  13. Gavrielloken

    Windows 10

    Oh god my drivers got Ffffed, VRAM is maxed out constantly. What the shitFfff.
  14. Gavrielloken

    Windows 10

    It's ok, she died in Halo 4, I'm sure Microsoft won't mind if we kill her for good.
  15. Gavrielloken

    Total War: WARHAMMER

    Still think Total Warhammer would have been a better name.

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