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  1. Desereck Creeggan

    Inoue Katsu - Imperator's Star Nomination

    I agree wholeheartedly that Inoue deserves this award. It's hard to imagine how much time and effort went into not only scripting Mercury in several different coding languages but making it actually work was the fantastic part. I saw its (or should I say her?) early days and was able to follow the development for quite some time and to put it simply, Mercury is a masterpiece. May have been a shadow lurker in the latter portion, but whenever Ordo needed you, Inoue, you were there. Whenever hundreds of enlisted put on their guns and authorization failed, you were there to fix it. Whenever the griefers came to end our fun, The Paw of Mercury was there to slap them back into the spawn. Whenever unknowns decided to come into sim; a handy webpage was beautifully laid out with easy options for identification, note keeping, and tracking. I always hoped I would see the day Mercury became self-aware and Terminator'd the place, but our only satisfaction was sitting on the Mercury Drone... which got the job done in a different way. Congratulations. I can't think of anyone who deserves this as much as you. It was hard not to enter in my 2c before now, but better late than never.
  2. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    Minor Update! Let me just fill you in on a little secret... if you get lucky the first time, most likely you won't the second! My character had a ... well ... interesting experience trying to pluck hairs from wild cow asses. I got the first handful no problem, but the second apparently pissed off the entire herd.. so Desereck II is heading up the village efforts in the shadow of his late father. While exploring the little unexplored box, I came across yet another landmark feature which only aids our village! We can get ore without worrying about digging a mine and letting people have an underground access to our village! Here's the most recent screencap so far. The round tubs are creating some leather for us so that I can make armor for those of you that don't have any. I'm going to be taking the first few pieces to make a sling so that I can start hunting and bringing a variety of food (Not just rabbit, blueberries, and chicken!). Still looking for people willing to help in this venture. I can pretty much create the entire village, but it's going to take me twice as long without help to gather resources. I'll hook major contributors up with quality items once we get to that point.
  3. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    I have spent most of the day exploring the Havenverse for a suitable landing spot. I found a settling spot that I believe will be very nourishing to a young village. Every different type of "biome" you would call it is just a short distance away (I have spent a long time trying to find a spot like this previously, we got lucky!). I also made a 15 minute basic intro to the game. For some reason the audio recorder didn't grab anything, so I threw in some Ace Combat for good measure. If the game doesn't keep you entertained the music will. Mind, you need to set the quality to 480p at least to be able to read what I am typing. > This is the founding spot I have selected: I spent a majority of the day looking for it and then scouting around to make sure no large villages are nearby. It has a majority of the resources we need, including the transition from woodland to alpine forest so an extreme variety of resources are available. If anyone wants to join me I can walk you through the installation of Ender's client and how to spawn on me. Using the main client is suicide because you can't turn off the trees/night/show hostile animal highlights.
  4. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    Haven you can kill people and steal all stuff and break into their cities using battering rams to Ffff shit up. :D But if you don't have a high enough sneak skill even the lowest level trackers can find where you live and take revenge. HnH is going to be the easiest and quickest setup. An entire town can be created in a matter of hours depending on how many people are working on it. Brick walls (Which are the strongest) will take a good amount of time to build, but several wooden palisades do the job just fine and only take several hours. I am in the process of finding a suitable landing spot to build ground zero. Once I have it set up I will be able to share my hearthsecret (which you use at the trapdoor in the beginning of the game) so that you can spawn near me and I can begin training :)
  5. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    YUP. The only reason I keep trying is because I think Ordo can /build/ an empire and smite everyone we see. It's great fun.
  6. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    Entropia looks extremely interesting. I'm going to have to download it and check it out! I've been trying to sample both games to get the feel of them. With the new update in Wurm, I'm not sure how they may have changed things and if I recall correctly getting a subscription isn't too expensive. I have rusty experience in Haven & Hearth that I'm brushing up on. It's got a secondary client which allows for quick wiki browsing of stats. From what I gathered in game the server is on World 6 which started only a couple of weeks ago. Today they also found out that the world had been expanded, meaning all current establishments are now clustered in one specific region. New high quality nodes can be found to create the best items. I can train in almost everything to killing a bear (which a fox will kill you if you don't know how the combat system works). When it comes to PvP I had only experienced sparring, so learning PvP will be a fun... and most likely costly for a while... experience.
  7. Desereck Creeggan

    Strategy/Survival Games

    So if there's one thing Ordo can do and do well is once we get motivated to achieve something, there's no stopping us. Several years ago, Ordo unofficially branched off into a game known as Wurm Online. At one point approximately 10 members played quite consistently for a couple of weeks and we actually made quite a large impression on the areas we touched. There's been a couple of attempts a decent time ago to start something here. Without 90% of the responsibilities that burdened many, perhaps a game like this is feasible for an Ordo chapter. SURVIVAL GAME #1 - [WURM ONLINE] The original topic is here: We were met with just a couple of issues being: Titan was understaffed The majority of the game is unlocked by subscription The game is tedious/super realistic This is what I mean by tedious: Want to build a FENCE? Dig a hole until you get to rock. Mine the rock until you create a cave. Continue to mine until you find an Iron Ore deposit. Find a clay patch, create some bricks (High% Fail Rate), create a forge. Place iron ore in forge, wait for it to melt. Create an anvil, create a hammer, craft nails (High% Fail Rate). Find a tree, cut the tree down. Saw the tree into logs, saw the logs into planks (High% Fail Rate). Combine planks and nails until fence is complete (Super High% Rate). How long your fence stands without needing repairs/attention depends on the quality level ALL of your materials are collectively. Higher quality tools produces higher quality items which when assembled produce high quality results. Factor that by your current skill levels in carpentry and smithing and you have a fence that will stand for maybe 5 days without falling down. OR you can steal all the materials and just skip to the building! Essentially take Minecraft and make it realistic. Unlocked features include: All skills can get past level 20, PVP, gods, huge ships, more servers, everything else you can possibly imagine. The free version is nothing compared to the perks gained by paying, but it's a time-burner nonetheless. Since we last played this game, there has been one significant update which was just recently: Summer Release 1.1 now live! Some users are experiencing client crashes or graphical issues. We are working hard to fix them, and would appreciate as many bug reports as possible. All worn gear has been removed and you will have to re-equip it from your inventory You open the paper doll by double-clicking the health bar. New players have a keybind on c. Old players can create a keybind in the console (F1) and type bind c TOGGLE_CHARACTER To find the Quick bar or Skill Tracker, open the Main Menu and click the appropriate button. There are options in the game settings if you want the old body inventory items and the old style quickbar. In order to enable graphics card performance boost, you need to enable VBO Core and GLSL Core in the client settings Compatibility tab. Horse equipment will be in their unaccessible inventory. We are working on a solution to retrieve it. The feature list: Client Performance Upgrades An All-New Mystic Powers and Karma System More New Creature Models Re-Work of the Epic Endgames Kingdom Tabards (worn on the body) Cross-Server Chat New Fence Types Flower Beds and Flower Pots Gravestones New “Analyse” on Rock Ores Foraging and Botanizing Overhaul Modify Existing Structures New In-Game Music GUI: Addition of a Drag and Drop Paperdoll GUI: New icons for climbing, faithful etc Inventory Grouping In-game Skill Tracker Diagonal Roads Falling Tree Animations Support for new Trees and Bushes Personal Goals Horse Bardings When there's a fair amount of people all working together, something that is extremely boring as a personal venture becomes enjoyable and tasks are accomplished much quicker. SURVIVAL GAME #2 - [HAVEN & HEARTH] Haven & Hearth is the middle-ground between Minecraft and Wurm Online. When I showed it to a friend his first reaction was: It looks like Ultima Online. While I admit I've never played Ultima, just a quick google search shows that they do indeed look familiar. A brief synopsis would be to take Wurm Online, dumb it down just a bit in both complexity and seriousness, add in permadeath and make it entirely FREE. Just like Wurm, there's a quality rating system so with everyone playing on one server competition for the best resources is quite brutal. However, there's some unique aspects to this game, one being if another person trespasses on your property/vandalizes they leave a scent. Characters with a high enough tracking ability can trace them to their hearthfire (the green glowing campfires which show if the character is online or not). Depending on the severity of the crime (murders can be tracked!), if the hearthfire is in the open their player can be summoned and killed whether there's someone playing or not. These aspects provide a less jack-of-all-trades outlook and more of a specialization system. Certain people will train to be miners, others will train to be hunters, and warriors are a breed all of their own. I'm looking for people interested in playing one or both of these games. If you have your own to submit then by all means! If we can get a healthy base started with Ordo members then we can open our doors to others. There are always new people looking to find a village to settle in! The only setback to this game is the perma-death. Two years ago when I played there were groups of elite that ran around and did nothing but KILL because their hearthfires were impossible to get to. If one of these groups so happens to stumble upon our village, we are all dead. SURVIVAL GAME #3 - [ENTROPIA UNIVERSE] From initial looks it seems like Entropia is about to or just released a big content update as well. If someone has more experience with this game, please feel free to fill in! I look forward to seeing the responses!
  8. Desktop operational for now. Hoping the latency won't be too horrible over wifi

  9. Desereck Creeggan


    Hello for the first time on a desktop in two years! Picked up a wireless but on second thought should have got a wired. This will last me until I can get back into town however.
  10. Desereck Creeggan


    I bought my computer summer of 2008. Plugged in a 650w PSU and a Nvidia GTX 460 approx. December 2010- January 2011
  11. Desereck Creeggan


    So my computer took a shitter approximately November 2011. Since then I haven't really figured out how to fix it. My Ethernet driver shows a Code 10 or Device Cannot Start error essentially meaning it shorted and is D.E.A.D. Can't remove the port since it's connected directly to the motherboard. I stumbled across a network card by chance and tried to plug it in, it's a Cogent EM110 TX PCI fast Ethernet card. Only issue is that it seems to be several... decades out of date, with Cogent being absorbed into Adaptec. I tried installing an Adaptec universal driver software onto a USB then transferring it, but got presented with an Win 7 incompatibility issue. Tried running in compatibility mode to no avail. Any suggestions? Should I just trash my Mobo or attempt to try another network card?
  12. Desereck Creeggan

    A Phoenix

    Only missing several things before I'm operational. A VGA adapter, a mouse, and a new network card/updated driver for a Cogent EM110 TX PCI card. It's good to see some familiar names :) I have missed you all dearly!
  13. Desereck Creeggan

    A Phoenix

    Memories memories. Hello again Ordo, I remember you all quite fondly but it has been a long enough while for you to have perhaps forgotten me. I still cherish the memories I still have, and I feel I owe you all an explanation for my disappearance. For those of you who don't know me, I have been a proud member of Ordo since June 2008. I achieved the rank of O-3 and served a tenure in Astra as well as Terra before the below events transpired. During the summer of 2011 my enthusiasm for Ordo and online gaming in general began to waiver. Second Life and other MMORPGs did not capture my attention as they used to. Late 2011 I was struck with a bout of depression I could not overcome. Being on the internet constantly, and working a job which only allows drinking; I began to experiment with bath salts or synthetic drugs. At home, my computer's network card took a shitter effectively ending my online gaming in November. My home and work life took unimaginable turns for the worst. My normally strong psyche turned into an addicted fiend. Life seemed more sober on the drugs than off, and that was the scariest realization of my life. I was fired early 2012 and lost my home that summer. I spent the summer months living in my car which was in itself a form of rehabilitation. The only thing that kept me going was my relationship. Fall 2012 passed and I had obtained a new job and my relationship fell apart, but I was off the streets just in time for winter. Now that the summer of 2013 is upon me, I find it hard to ignore the nostalgia I get when I think of the past. My free time is occupied by sleeping, eating, and doing nothing. It has now been over a year since I've touched anything other than tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana (Thank you Colorado!) and I can feel the old me returning. Inside nothing wants more than to plug in my computer and log into SL, but I still have some work to do before I'm ready. Currently, I only own the tower, the rest having been lost or sold long ago. The only internet connection I have is my windows phone which sucks in regards to gaming. I'm not sure where the road I'm on is leading me, but I know it is to a better place than I have been struggling with for the past two years. I'm trying my best to return to the friends and family I once had here, but money is tight and time even more so. You are all still in my mind and heart so I hope that enough hope will lead me back. I'm sure many of the voices and faces I remember are gone, but I know those that fill their spots are just as enjoyable to meet and get to know. Like a phoenix that has burned itself out, rises again from its ashes. My best wishes are with you all and I wish to see you all soon, Des
  14. Desereck Creeggan

    Wurm Online

    Personal issues made it so I didn't have internet. Sucks, I completely forgot about this entire arrangement. :( We need to make another plan!
  15. Desereck Creeggan

    Wurm Online

    Yeah, this Saturday is kind of Skyrim weekend, so a lot of people might forget. We might have to do it after the officer meeting. Edit: 2000th post. Yaaaaaaay.

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