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  1. Well guys...

    I've gotten rather addicted to another game due to Attack on Titan's sudden decline. Vindictus is a game many of you may already know due to its unique gameplay style. I've gotten a guild started and I don't know if any of you may want to join me. But since this is the media section... ALLOW ME TO POST MY NEW WALLPAPER I MADE OF ME JUMPING OFF A BOSS LIKE A BAD ASS!


    Link for DL:



  2. Everything sounds wonderful man! And what a great resume you have put together here :P. You are obviously versed in this world and I personally am delighted to have you in the Ordo my friend. We shall talk soon about all that you have posted and I shall have you suggest to me some of these things to watch, read, or even study.

  3. To all the players of the AOTTG:

    We are but a few currently but are continuing to recruit and grow by leaps and bounds. Here I will post all the information for my fellow players.


    Server Info: 

    • Our private server will be up when I find a way to finally port forward my router. (OUR SERVER DETAILS BELOW)
      PORT: 27030
    • Our public server will be running whenever I am present in our channel on TS.
      Names for our public server (When running) are: [OI] Survival | [OI] Reserved | [OI] Annie | [OI] Training

    Our Head count for members - We now have 9 13 members total:

    1. Myself
    2. Aenan
    3. FrozenWhirlpool
    4. ReaperThales
    5. Cookie
    6. Epic Dongles
    7. Nox
    8. Z (Queen) (Maybe)
    9. RabidTaco
    10. NeoRedDawn
    11. xBarDStaRx
    12. ByCreed
    13. Enialis

    Our names in game should be kept the same or very similar when you are gaming with others on our server or others. (This is to let others know of our presence in the community and to give them a way to recognize you and the group after repeated meetings)


    If you are interested in helping our group become legitimized please don't be afraid to talk to others and have them apply for the Ordo! Recruitment will be one our biggest topics until we have reached at least 15 strong of players who are on at least once a week.


    Also those planning on being actively contributing to our group please post here to let me know of all contributions. 


    Our logo will be posted here along with a link for download when I finish creating it. -->



    Thank you for reading!

  4. Here is a list of all that I have recruited!

    1. RabidTaco - AOTTG
    2. Enialis - AOTTG
    3. FrozenWhirlPool - AOTTG
    4. Aenan - AOTTG
    5. rwbrahm (Dipstick) - WotR
    6. ReaperThales - AOTTG
    7. CommisarYarrick - WotR
    8. H0CHM31573R - WotR
    9. DigitalForeplay - DayZ/WotR
    10. IronThunder77 - WotR
    11. NeoRedDawn - AOTTG
    12. xBarDStaRx - AOTTG
    13. Nox - AOTTG

    And many more to come!


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