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  1. Nakita

    Eve Online

    Ordo Imperialis has a corp now setup(It is not the same as the old corp we used to run.) I will be helping to run everything along with providing a few basic fit ships for either mining or when we get noisy and go out to murder innocent capsuleers. Contact via evemail at Karlhockey Forte or Zithion Deckurd, otherwise on steam(karlhockey)
  2. Nakita

    Awards Audit Thread

    add me to the list
  3. Nakita

    Eyeball health

    I have two pairs of glasses. A older pair with a lower magnification that I use for desk work, and works wonderful. The newer, stronger pair make my eyes hurt on watching the screen
  4. Nakita

    Console: XBox One

    It looks like a TiVo HD
  5. Nakita

    Eve Online

    Ordo as goons? That is fine, competent people to shoot.
  6. Nakita

    EVE Online: 3000 man, 274 separate alliances, fight!

    There has been instances of several Titans being lost, Battle of Y-2ANO a few years back, PL/Goons at the time jumped in 4+ Titans into a heavily lagged system, blackscreened, and died without ever loading(This was prior to the Time Dilation system being placed in)
  7. Nakita

    Further Confusion 2013

    I will be there, workin staff this year
  8. Nakita


    I thought that said FireFox refuses to spellcheck, because that would still be correct.
  9. Nakita

    Star Wars + Disney

    Disney bought Marvel Entertainment, and I recall there being a similar uproar to this.
  10. Nakita

    [Ordo] Promotions: 16SEP12

    No you didn't, you were in the same schola class as me :I
  11. Nakita

    [Ordo] Promotions: 16SEP12

    I AM OLD TOO >:O
  12. Nakita

    US Consulate in Benghazi attacked - One dead.
  13. Nakita

    US Consulate in Benghazi attacked - One dead.

    I am in a bit of shock over this as well, I remember fighting against him in EVE a few times when off in IT.
  14. Nakita

    My Exam

    It is also hilarious to do that with two of them, and not hit a thing.
  15. Nakita

    Remember when...

    When this happened: -stares at Aryte-

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