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  1. [21:22] Kytec Switchblade: did you like the picture

    [21:23] Kytec Switchblade: i told ethan it would take 15 minutes, only took 13

    [21:23] Kytec Switchblade: xD

    [21:23] Aelus Janus: wat

    [21:24] Aelus Janus: LOL

    [21:24] Aelus Janus: Well

    [21:24] Aelus Janus: I think lol.

    [21:24] Aelus Janus: Doesn't make much sense, but the picture is funny.

    [21:26] Kytec Switchblade: Because Hawking is in reality the world's biggest pimp, and you still think his genious comes from intuitive theorizations and calculated research. In reality he just has amazing ideas while hes motor boating d cups.


  2. registration purchased, gas money aquired, toll money aquired, parking money aquired, booze money aquired, food money pending.

    All set here :D

  3. So you've heard of and wanted to dive right in and start finding the most hilarious reactions you can dig up from complete strangers.

    What you'll need:

    1.) A virtual webcam (web cam program that plays video or images instead of a webcam)

    - (download many cam and disagree to the toolbars in the download process)

    2.) Hilarious and random .gif images to use as your webcam


    3.) A way to full size your .gif images (640 X 480)



    Go out into the internet and find your .gif of choice.

    Open gifresizer and in the top field find your gif, then in the bottom field copy paste the top path (such as c:\\users ect.) and uncheck keep aspect. Make the size 640 by 480.

    Once youve gotten yourself setup open manycam and click "add new effect" at the bottom left of the program's GUI then find your .gif image wherever you had saved it with gifresizer.


    In no time you'll have great reactions such as this:


    Post them here when you get them!

    note, he was smiling when I first connected xD

  4. i have a greedy greedy and slopoly table i'm not using

    and i loved the VV, it was a much nicer base than the outpost imo, and you could snipe from the hangar doors and look all epic

    The build we currently have is and always was just unfinished. Was suposed to be temporary as we made the huge epic city build. Don't know what happened, but it makes me sadface.

  5. AT WORK

    Sue: Yeah, wish i had that magic 8 ball that told me when a loan is going to close or not, but it doesn't work that way

    Jim: Would be nice, maybe we can try it anyway lol

    Tom: I had a magic 8 ball once...

    Me: Wrong kind of 8 ball Tom

    Tom: Oh.... *everyone laughs*

  6. So of all the stories of Ordo vets you may hear, mine's one of the strangest for sure!

    I began by inadvertently hanging out with and making friends with most of the Venuma Coalition without ever knowing it!

    One day, many a year ago, my noobish self was wandering the lands of furnation or some such, and came across someone by the name of Buju Benmergui.

    Buju was dressed in inquisitor robes, which I thought was awesome, considering the only clothing I had at the time were shirts I made myself. Buju soon after introduced me to Sarah Golem and Cyrusdarkfur Takashi. After months of meeting people thru Sarah Golem including Yoko Puff, Underdog Sonic, Arso Demar, Kitsy Bunnyhug, and my own meeting of Arch Vega, Console Mission, and Firefox Breed I began to hear "Ordo" mentioned.

    After much convincing by Sarah Golem to sign up, as Venuma became NOI, I stopped by to visit. I was greeted by two armored soldiers, who then surrounded me and yelled that i was not allowed past the gates, waving guns in my face. I had submitted an application, but was soon fired at. I ran from them, returned fire and left.

    Unfortunately, with no direction, I didn't make it to a full member at that time.

    Later as bonds between my "SL Family" grew, I was present with Arch and Console as Titan Industries decided to Move forward with the Ordo Imperialis, standing in a circle in one of the Titan Industries stores.

    I waited a bit before reapplying, headed in with Fen and Ekkeo Drake to turn in applications. I was inducted and introduced to Aryte among the entire officer staff. We marched to the end of a dock in Port Malus, before anything was really built. I was placed in Terra, Levitas under command of Kitsy Bunnyhug, which shocked me, since I had no idea she was ever Ordo. I was left pretty clueless, eventually I found the armory, which was a tent in front of Aryte's huge floating office. I started to fit my armor with Soulbinder Wolfstein, and was told a bit about where I could go, He recomended Levitas, and later replaced Kitsy as it's head.

    We trained in a capture the flag course beneath the armory which consisted of two levels of CS textures. My first match I captured the flag enough times to make our side victorious by one point.

    After a while we started having Group wide combat trainings, which usually ended with me and Sukasa Rydell or Soulbinder having matches amidst a hail of gunfire.

    I made it to e-3 in Levitas over the course of 3 months or so, possibly e-4 before I was pulled aside by Aryte. Along with Cade Stirling I was inducted into the Praetorian guard for my Faith and ability.

    I soon discovered jesus jumping and began to evolve into a combat machine. I distinctly remember outrunning Aryte's massice flak round spam and tracking rockets from a praeda simply by moving entirely too fast on the ground using jesus jump, which was a pre-havoc4 bug that let you leap at faster than flight speed forwards by tapping spacebar and forwards.

    One day, alongside Aryte, I went on my first diplomatic trip to induct the MC into the Iron Symphony, which later would prove to be my first real combat, shooting Pattehph0x Katsu out of an aircraft with a shotgun point blank while returning fire.

    Sims changed and eventually we stopped waiting for Sly to finish Port Malus and went with a snowy camp, which would eventually turn into Uildiar's build. We then opened the Ordo Imperialis on the 5th of noverber for real combat. Rei Kuhr and myself stayed up for 15 and 18 hours respectively defending the new sim as all others fell asleep and left us to kill hookers, alliance, griefers, and other random hostiles. At the time we had g3sg1 which had marginally auto correcting bullets, aka semi tracking curving bullets like the movie wanted.

    Over the years the sims changed, faces changed, I discovered more and more about my past. Buju was ordo and i had never known, Cyrus was ordo and i had never known, Kitsy was th eoriginal Praetorian Praefectus and i had thought she was just a member of Levitas. Arch and Console were both members aswell which i hadn't know untill later. Sarah Golem, th eonly one whom i had know was ordo from the start, was Executed before I even got there. Underdog and Arso were also members which explained the armor i had seen them in. Probably 80% of the people I had met, most on random coincidence in other sims and thru friends were all VC / NOI at one point or another, even completely seperate friend circles.

    When I was first a praetorian I was under the command of Tatha Niangao, who stepped down to Zeal Zenith's alt Soul Carver, who upon feeling bad about everything stepped down and made way for my chance at Praefectus.

    Every day Faces change, people who I see as new are in positions of power.

    I will always have faith in the group, in Aryte's leadership.

    (yes this is terribly written, i'm at work)


    1.) I am fluffy

    2.) If it needs to die, i've got this

    3.) If you have a problem, let me know, I listen for hours.

    4.) If you need to tell me something confidentially i won't share it if you ask not to, unless it directly affects the group's integrity.

    ill rewrite this when im home and not minimizing after every sentance.


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