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  1. Cyphre Iredell

    Black Desert

    Already in OBT in Korea, but I imagine it will be easier to get on the Chinese servers in the many years before it makes it to any NA servers.
  2. Cyphre Iredell

    Repopulation Sadly not much of a sale currently.
  3. Cyphre Iredell


    The mechanics sure look neat, but since they already failed to delivery other such titles as Ghost and the game this was originally intended to be, it will be interesting to see how good or bad they do at the genre.
  4. Cyphre Iredell


    OMGAH You should get the Recruitment Merit!
  5. Cyphre Iredell

    Hello from a returning "oldie".

    It's a Heather!
  6. Cyphre Iredell

    Eight Years

    Them nostalgic feels...
  7. Cyphre Iredell

    Epic Cooking/Food Recipes & Tips (A Gamer's Food Guide)

    Well now I'm going to have to go out and get me some garlic truffle fries to one-up that.
  8. Cyphre Iredell

    Character Screenshots
  9. Cyphre Iredell


    Looks interesting! Guess we'll all have the opportunity on July 3rd finally?
  10. Cyphre Iredell

    E3: 2014

    I can't wait for Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, and finally GTA V. The Division I still have my doubts on since it still looks like a basic tech demo and not at all representative of how people would actually play it.
  11. Cyphre Iredell


    Same for me, but more like I ran out of things to do there in general (and didn't spend money on any DLC).
  12. Cyphre Iredell

    Battlefield Hardline

    Oh sweet, I just got the email as well so I'll give it a try after it's downloaded.
  13. Cyphre Iredell

    Battlefield Hardline

    It's almost like if Payday didn't suck and used the Frostbite engine. I'm sold.
  14. Cyphre Iredell

    I am old and grumpy.

    Oh those shining halcyon days... From every successive generation of prim armor we evolved from, to the authoritarian powerhouse that ruled the grid. We all grew and learned something from all those experiences. Hehe, I'm in that 2011 picture twice. :P
  15. Cyphre Iredell

    Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs as a whole rates 'pretty good' on the goodness scale. I'd clearly associate it with the original Assassin's Creed.... in that we'll see a much better implementation in the sequel. It's certainly no GTA-killer, as it lacks a lot of the basics of open world action games, such as character/vehicle/weapon customization. It's gameplay elements are interesting and fun, and you can at least climb things of moderate height. Sadly nothing else carried over from their wonderful parkour theatrics like... hopping over small gaps. Multiplayer at least has some interesting modes compared to other online elements of games such as GTA, but it's strange to do any sort of co op free-roam (you just look like a random dude to other players, and vice versa), and you can't really do much co op besides the strict modes provided. As opposed to games like Saints Row, where you can co-op everything.

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