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  1. 1 whole year of being a member in Ordo Imperialis

    1. Aryte


      You survived! Well done!

  2. Segnor

    Albion Online

    You can loose that stuff if you die and you can make the horse and ox in game so you aint gaining an advantage by any means. ( you can also loose the "free" clothing they give you if you die when you have it on )
  3. Segnor

    Albion Online

    I would recommend that you get the epic one as you save 40 dollars and you only have to wait one extra day to get into the next alpha test. On another note the game is going to be available on steam :D
  4. Segnor

    Albion Online

    [media] Recently informed on this game during the Star Wars: The Old Republic Teamspeak channel though I do not recall who mentioned it. The game seems to be a rather simple concept yet complex in its own way as one has to gather resources and create their own gear in which you can apply certain bonuses onto and some people refer to it as better version of RuneScape. The game also lets a player buy their own piece of land where they can build blacksmiths, stables, crafting stations where other players may use for a fee set by the owner. Guilds can fight over territory so that they may keep or take away land where they can build a village to support their members needs. There is also a weight system in which if you carry to much you will be heavily slowed down and other players may see you as a priority to take down and take your gear since when you die in the game your gear stays where you die, but you can retrieve it if your body hasn't been looted by other players. To fight against the weight you are able to craft bags which let you carry a lot more and you have the ability to have a horse or an ox which will also immensely carry a lot more without encumbering yourself to the pace of a snail. One must gain different tiers of resources to get better gear since logically enemies will get harder the farther you go on and to offer you a better chance against other players in PvP or collecting higher tier resources. Though the game is till in alpha it is possible to buy a founder's or epic pack to play the game during testing phases (next one is on the 26 of this month). It looks like a fun and entertaining game to me and i just wanted to share the game if anyone else is interested or just curious about it.
  5. As the title says im not going to be playing PS2 for Terran republic but its not permanent I am still loyal to the TR. The reason is my friends prefer the Vanu but do not like the Terran. So i might be out for a couple of days or a week. ( plus school etc. etc. etc.)
  6. Segnor

    Um.. hi

    Well this is the first time I've been invited to a community via in-game not used to this so ill "try" to keep it short and simple. I mostly use Segnor or Goloba as a character name in most games so if you see someone with that name feel free to say hi to me :D. I mostly am a F2P but i can make exceptions. I am not the best at FPS but that does not stop me from playing them ... most of the time. I hope to be in this community for a long while :D. -Segnor

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