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  1. Lone Ordo member at the top, Synovian premades down near the bottom. Sadface :((
  2. Am I bad for liking Dreamworks movies more than Disney?

  3. Raptor

    Roy's Intro

    Hey, I'm Roy, usually known as Raptor or Raptorious on most platforms. Some of the SWToR guys may know me, for those of you that don't, I'm Roy! I used to be quite active in the ordo before being dragged away to other projects and games by some of my other friends. Something I deeply regret. But now I'm back! Back on Swtor back full time with the Ordo and hoping to stay for as long as possible. If I learned one thing from my temporary departure from the Ordo is that no gaming community has been as fun and warm and welcoming as you guys. I friggin missed you lot and am glad to be back. Also I'm jewish (jew-ish these days) and the jokes never end. Time to have fun again.
  4. Raptor


    Welcome to the ordo Carl, glad you're here for the wild ride
  5. Weiners

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    2. Raptor


      thanks, i spent like 20 minutes finding someone to work it out for me (:

    3. Xevrand
    4. Faardor
  6. Screw river water

    1. DeumDeorum


      that sounds like how you get a weird disease.... please don't screw the water.

      Also WELCOME BACK!!!!

    2. Odin047


      Or how you would create some new mythical creature, like how screwing a cloud made centaurs.

    3. DeumDeorum


      my guess then is its gonna be related to a walrus :P

  7. 18 in 5 days. Never have I dreaded a birthday more.

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    2. Faardor


      downhill from when you have to move out of your parents house, Leach off them as long as you can and fill up your savings account.

    3. Lanny Ansar

      Lanny Ansar

      You're not truly an adult until you can rent a car. Just sayin'

    4. DeumDeorum


      *my opinion* not a man till you can rent a hooker/striper

  8. The chief rabbi is back

    1. AxaraBlue


      About dang time! WB dear!!!

    2. Xoza


      YAY, best B-Day present evar!

    3. Raptor
  9. Happy birthday man

  10. Kavi this is a shout out to you. I can't tell if you've been messaging me on steam or not, cos I vaguely see your name pop up before my PC crashes, but Ive been having a lot of PC issues. Faulty video card and fucked up thermal cooling system. If I dont respond on steam assume Ive crashed. And I cant seem to play SWTOR because of my damn PC :(

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    2. Angelin01


      @Kavia I can't. Live too far away. I would have to email it to him and my upload speed isn't good either.

    3. DeumDeorum


      Don't worry Kavia and Angelin, I'll help you setup a emulator to partition half your computers for him. We can use Xoza's computer as the central proccessing unit and dedicate commands to your comps as extra cores. :P love you guys

    4. Raptor


      Just hire me a hitman so I can kill whichever Dell fool built my PC.

  11. Raptor

    Xoza, Imperator II

    Grats mate.
  12. I'll be back soon lads, won't be long now.

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    2. AxaraBlue


      I don't give him shit about that. v.v I'm hurt! My feels are hurt!

    3. DeumDeorum


      ahhh sowwy kavi..... :)

    4. Huttser


      Bro, hurry the fuck back

  13. Hello great pub ally, we wish to defect!
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    2. DeumDeorum


      I just realized i need to get that picture again with the Master conspirator title.

    3. Raptor


      I shoulda put on my republic's most wanted title, see if they still accept our assistance in their just fight for justice.

    4. DeumDeorum


      ;) definitely

  14. It's wabbit season!

  15. Raptor

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 02MAR14

    Seriously though well done everyone, well deserved all of you.
  16. Release the doge!
    1. AxaraBlue
    2. Lanny Ansar

      Lanny Ansar

      God damn it, been playing this for like an hour and a half...

  17. Oh how I love the London Underground and their strikes.

    1. AxaraBlue


      Their strikes? What did you do now?

    2. Raptor


      I threw a driver off the train and now they're protesting. Can you believe that?

  18. Raptor

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 08FEB14

    Clearly obviously definitely directed at me. ;)
  19. Raptor

    The ^< v Game!

    ^ sexual harassment < sexually harassed v i'm comin for you
  20. I think it was mgs-greyfox that said it on the TS the other day, but more random "fun" events in the various games (I'm suggesting in ToR mostly its because it's what I play, it's probably easier to set something like that up on there and it's what he intended when he first put the suggestion forward). Things like scavenger hunts, mini Olympics, fun challenges, with prizes or awards or god knows what else.

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