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  1. The Lunar X via @NASA #Space #Astronomy Daily Pic.

  2. IC 4628: The Prawn Nebula via @NASA #Space #Astronomy Daily Pic.

  3. Whirlpool with Comets via @NASA #Space #Astronomy Daily Pic.

  4. Aurora over Jupiters South Pole from Juno via @NASA #Space #Astronomy Daily Pic.

  5. ✠ ✠ Wish to reward others for their work or missing an award you believe you've earned? fill out a member recognition form! ✠ Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirements and activity levels. If you have, please contact an officer so we can discuss it and provide direction. Keep up the good work! ✠ Contact an administrator if you are seeking elevation in the community, looking for a leadership position or special duties. There's always tasks to be done and positions are open. ✠ If you need any help at all, contact your chapter leadership, staff member, or any officer, they're here to help you enjoy your gaming community experience. ✠ Please remember to visit our social media, other members, other chapters and communicate, it's painless. There's a place for everyone here, discover yours today. [Portal] [Google+] [Facebook] [Reddit] [Steam] [Twitter] [Twitch] [YouTube] [Awards] (Awards are currently out of commision, we will be bringing them back as soon as we can.) N/A [Promotions] If your rank is inaccurate in Teamspeak or on the Forums, let us know so we can fix it. Rank progression is as follows. C-1 = Joined the community / forums and made a welcome post. Enlisted (Assigned due to duties or otherwise a member of the community for...) E-1 = 2 weeks. E-2 = 6 months E-3 = 1 year E-4 = 2 years Warrant Officer (Assigned due to leadership) Officer (Selected by the Imperator) [Misc] (What is AP? / Where can I spend AP?) @Achtai - 33 @Afevis - 33 @Agares Tretiak - 33 @Aldotsk - 150 @Alice Rosanberg - 135 @Amandalorian - 33 @Angelin01 - 33 @Aussie John - 48 @Bonne - 128 @Calohar - 37 @CaptainFishSticks - 33 @Ciscozero - 78 @Crimson Nexys - 108 @Cummies - 116 @Dread Lord Nalzarion - 48 @Erro - 45 @Exious - 37 @fatalitywolf firehawk - 33 @Gato - 97 @Gavrielloken - 41 @Harley Quinn - 67 @Hemunculous - 33 @Hesruk - 60 @Hiro Tenkai - 252 @Horton - 41 @hulkman - 96 @humonculus - 33 @Ifrinne Calionne - 41 @Ilyana - 33 @Indy - 202 @Iolair - 33 @Ixxa - 82 @Jexl - 36 @Johann - 33 @Kavia - 97 @Keeneal - 33 @Kenjiro - 33 @Kiasha - 67 @Kishoshima Dragonash - 41 @Kohen - 87 @Kyle - 33 @Loki Cramer - 33 @LtPinetree - 33 @Lyahn Tia - 48 @Martyn Lam - 33 @Meeloh - 33 @Nakita - 33 @Netzeom - 60 @NovaLancer - 48 @Odin047 - 496 @RaidPanties - 33 @Ravennse - 78 @redkungfu - 48 @Reina Xavalien - 33 @Remandred - 33 @Revenus - 123 @Rob7878 - 33 @Robertshrop - 33 @Sanja - 45 @Siylas - 40 @Soma - 33 @StriderXIX - 385 @Tavi - 33 @Thectelo - 70 @Tiridates Mikadze - 33 @Trophy - 78 @Tsume Xiao - 33 @Valos - 41 @veli - 71 @Versusia - 33 @Vinnie Lei - 33 @WhoBurns - 45 @Wolf Shaman - 37 @Xevrand - 68 @Xoza - 112 @Yuki - 33 @Zero Winters - 33 Check out all the cool things you can buy with your AP! You can even trade AP with others. (Don't forget to recommend awards and document activity in a log, anyone can do it! More awards with more entries!) ✠ ✠ If you don't have an account nor are a member, we can't recognize your achievements. Help build the community, get involved. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.
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    Eve Online

    Okay people, let's get some communication going. I'm Amarr, faction doesn't matter however I guess a lot of people are Caldari (sp?) F2P doesn't allow you to use other faction's ships, so if you intend to F2P for a lengthy period of time I'd think about your future race ship options. Firefox has a Corp called "The Ordo Imperialis", Nakita is holding a corp called "Ordo Imperialis" I prefer the latter, but the former would be a great place to get friend names. Post your pilot names so we can add each other! (This is a pretty long thread also, you may be able to find some names if you read back.) Xoza Shadow
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    I'll move it, just tell us a little about you. :)
  8. REDESIGN IN PROGRESS ◢ ◣ The Ordo Imperialis Codex Imperialis ◥ ◤ ▶ Table of Contents Change Log Chapter I: Introduction Chapter II: Getting Started Chapter III: Legionary Structure Chapter IV: Chain of Authority & Command Chapter V: Constitutional Protocol Chapter VI: Universal Citations of Merit ▶ Change Log 08JUL14: Revision 01MAR14: Updated application link. Corrected OSWO description. ▶ Chapter I: Introduction The following document serves as the basic codification for the military combat gaming community known as the Ordo Imperialis. The materials listed herein are available for public view and shall be treated as unclassified. All members, affiliates, and potential applicants to the Ordo Imperialis are expected to understand and abide by the contents of this document. Questions relating to materials may be directed to the presiding Tribunus officer corps. Individuals wishing to pursue enlistment within the Ordo Imperialis are encouraged to read this document in its entirety. After which, an application may be found at the following web address: ▶ Chapter II: Getting Started The following chapter outlines the basic experience and expectations that an applicant to the Ordo should be prepared for. ➡ Mission of the Ordo Imperialis The Ordo Imperialis is a professional grade virtual military combat organization. Founded originally as part of the Second Life Military Community, the Ordo founded in 2006 has years of experience in combat gaming. The Ordo aims to provide a regimented, respectful atmosphere for anyone wishing to serve within a stable, efficient group. Personnel of the Ordo are to hold loyalty to one another, honor, discipline, and dedication to the highest of regards. All members are expected to serve within whatever duty assigned with pride and distinction, without exception. The Ordo’s slated goals are to exert military excellence at all times and produce a respectable foundation for the gaming community. To be a member of the Ordo Imperialis is to be part of a continuing family with traditions and values that have been born through years of experience. From cadet to commander: every Ordo member is held to high regard and respected as a brother at arms. ➡ The Process Application: In order to initiate one’s career, the first step is to submit an application. To do so, you must access the web form: As a general rule: an individual who takes time to answer each question on the application honestly and thoroughly will have a far greater chance of making the cut. Upon submitting a complete form, the application is put into a queue for review. Wait times vary dependent upon current loads: expect to wait at least two business days, but typically no greater than five. Be patient, it's well worth the effort and feel free to contact us with any questions. Most applicants will be contacted by a member of the command staff; please be certain to respond to inquiries, as failure to do so will delay or result in a failed application. In the event that an application is deemed unacceptable, a denial letter will be sent detailing the reasons. After which, an applicant will be provided the opportunity to reapply after seven days. In the event that an application is deemed acceptable, the applicant will receive further instructions and enlistment invitations. Schola/Trial Period: Upon entrance to the Ordo, a new member is subjected to the Schola program. Schola is, for all intents and purposes, the Ordo’s “basic training.” Schola is designed to provide cadets all the basic information that he or she will need to survive—additionally; it is an opportunity for command members to review the cadet thoroughly for any issues that may inhibit their participation within the group at a proper level. The Schola period can be separated into several phases: each has a particular focus. Overall, Schola is typically conducted over the span of several days. Scheduling a phase may occur in two fashions: at random or on demand. Random classes occur based on instructor availability and will be announced over the group via notice. On demand classes occur based upon cadet request—to make a request, simply find an online instructor and send them a message. Induction: Provided all phases of Schola are completed at a satisfactory level, a cadet is graduated and inducted into the Ordo Imperialis as a full member. At such time, the cadet will be awarded the rank of [sG-1] and granted access to all group functions. ▶ Chapter III: Legionary Structure [CENTRAL COMMAND] [Office of Imperial Affairs] [Office of Imperial Command] [Office of Imperial Dominion] [Office of Imperial Estate] [Office of Imperial Technologies] [Office of Imperial Training & Doctrine] ➡ [DIVISION COMMAND/S] [DIVISION] DIVISION PERSONNEL ELITE UNIT PERSONNEL SQUAD / TEAM PERSONNEL SUPPORT / SPECIAL SERVICES ➡ [DEVELOPING COMMAND/S] [CHARTER] EXPLORERS & PATHFINDERS ➡ [ARCHIVED COMMAND/S] ➡ [CENTRAL COMMAND]: “CENTCOM” or the Legionary Council provides strategic and administrative oversight to all community chapters and divisions within the Ordo Imperialis. All major policy and structural decisions are implemented at this level. As part of the function, CENTCOM houses multiple unique organizations that provide extraordinary services to the community at large. These include: [Office of Imperial Affairs]: “OIA” oversees the internal and external security of the organization and maintains the the induction process for the Ordo Imperialis. Investigation and reconnaissance duties of this department also ensures a conducive and safe environment for all members past, present and future. Additionally, they are responsible for adjudicating offenses, fulfilling unique tasks and maintaining order within the community. (Analysis, Enforcement, Intelligence, Justice) [Office of Imperial Command]: "OIC" encompasses the general membership of all leadership personnel. These individuals ensure the activity, stability and operations of their respective sections of various levels. Ranks SG4 to SG6 serve under this section. (Tactical, Events, Frontline, Wartime) [Office of Imperial Dominion]: “OID” provides the command and control element to the elite combat teams and Imperial guard of the Ordo Imperialis. Through their dictations, the general level of prowess expected for competitive, reputable, scored and diplomatic portions of the group are set. They serve as apostles and aegis of the Ordo’s might in performance, defense and legendary stature. (Aegis, Dominance, Guard, Indoctrination, Shield) [Office of Imperial Estate]: “OIE” provides management, support and assistance to the communities entitlements, treasury or commerce and development. This includes the Imperial exchange, distribution of Imperial assets or allotments and development or acquisition of equipment or finances for the use of the Ordo. (Assets, Development, Evolution, Exchange, Exploration, Quartermaster, Research, Supply, Treasury) [Office of Imperial Technologies]: “OIT” manages all of the information and server systems the Ordo has implemented. Including, but not limited to: game server administration, forum management, and web presence. (Administration, Information, Technology) [Office of Imperial Training & Doctrine]: “TRADOC” has the distinct honor of producing training materials that impact the group at large. Furthermore, personnel from this department implement programs and events in the respective gaming chapters to enhance the prowess of all members in various areas and forms. (Education, Doctrine, Instruction, Training) ➡ [DIVISION COMMAND]: "DIVCOM" staff stand as our most notable personnel dedicated to the development and progress of the Ordo’s gaming chapters. Activity, sub-ranking, recruitment, staff and structure is ordered and maintained by these members to bring enjoyment and organization to our members on a familiar setting. DIVCOM members may hold a service grade respective of their activity, depth of structure, chapter or division participation and membership levels in addition to being provided assets based on chapter or game type. Larger chapters may also house their own internal structure features, including but not limited to additional support or special duties and elite or alpha squads of which a member can participate in to enhance their experience.. ➡ [DEVELOPING COMMAND/S]: The Ordo Imperialis supports all members interests in developing chapters and their potential leadership. A commander may hold a service grade respective to their leadership of a new chapter and goals. While developing chapters may start small, we make an effort to provide what is necessary to make it a success and reward equally. ➡ [ARCHIVED COMMAND/S]: At times the interest of a game or chapter falls into an inactive state. Members and staff may often find other ventures or the chapters game state changes to a point many no longer find it viable or sustainable. These chapters are put in a holding state and archived for future potential. ▶ Chapter IV: Chain of Authority & Command ➡ [‘Enlisted']: Line member for the Ordo Imperialis. The mainstay of the organization, encompassing the typical player. Within the organization, enlisted status encompasses the service grades [sG-0] to [sG-2]. [sG-0 - ‘Recruit’]: White-shields -- an initiate position within the Ordo. Utilized as the trial period for new inductees. [sG-1 - ‘Legionnaire’]: Standard member, holding the full right and authority to participate in all group functions. [sG-2 - ‘Veteran’]: A seasoned enlistee with understanding of group functions and operations of over six months or as an NCO for over three months. ➡ [NCO; 'Non-Commissioned Officer']: Veteran members of the Ordo Imperialis. NCO’s have command authorities and the ability to enforce group expectation. Furthermore, they may often be entrusted with handling matters of importance as necessary. NCO status is noted at service grades [sG-3] to [sG-4]. [sG-3 - ‘Specialist’]: Reputable members of the organization and the start of leadership. Limited command and enforcement authority. [sG-4 - ‘Commander’]: Line officers, involved in command and control on the field. May either command an entire element or a portion of an element beneath a senior officer. ➡ [CO; 'Commissioned Officer']: Top tier members of the Ordo Imperialis. CO’s have a significant amount of time in service and experience within the group. Individuals at this level are typically entrusted with leading an entire chapter or elements of the community. CO status encompasses the service grades [sG-5] to [sG-6]. [sG-5 - 'Commissar']: Flag officer, with either CENTCOM duties or control of the larger chapters within the community. [sG-6 - 'Imperator']: Supreme command, overseeing all CENTCOM functions and group operation. ▶ Chapter V: Constitutional Protocol The following is to be considered constitutional law, setting the general foundation by which a member of the Ordo Imperialis operates. All other regulation originated within the group must abide and fall within the scope of the following materials. ➡ [Title I] Standard of Authority It is necessary to adhere to the orders of personnel in enumerated positions of power. Furthermore, commissioned officers shall bear the explicit right to create additional policy or provide the necessary extension of authority for another individual to create policy. ➡ [Title II] Standard of Brotherhood It shall be the expectation that members of the Ordo Imperialis support other members of the Ordo Imperialis against the actions or accusations of outsiders. It shall not be acceptable to aid or abet others in seeking the detriment of another Ordo member. ➡ [Title III] Standard of Respect Members of the Ordo Imperialis must afford all individuals, whether another Ordo member or not, appropriate reverence and politeness. It shall not be acceptable to demean or attack others in a malicious manner. ➡ [Title IV] Standard of Integrity All members of the Ordo Imperialis shall be expected to exhibit sound integrity in all interactions. This includes, but is not limited to exercising sound decision making and exhibiting honesty. ➡ [Title V] Standard of Order To maintain civility and a professional atmosphere, members of the Ordo Imperialis shall be subject to a system of justice. Although variance will exist based upon severity of infraction, most events shall be afforded three stages of action: informal warning, formal reprimand, and expulsion. ➡ [Title VI] Standard of Information It shall be the responsibility of every member of the Ordo Imperialis to ensure information intended for privileged access to Ordo members shall remain accessible only by Ordo members. Additionally, all personnel are expected to maintain a general sense of understanding of ongoing actions by routinely reading any publications within the group. ➡ [Title VII] Standard of Communication The Ordo Imperialis provides multiple avenues of communication with other members. All of these areas, unless otherwise excepted by enumerated personnel, are intended for use by only Ordo membership and respected allies. ➡ [Title VIII] Standard of Community To ensure a proper atmosphere, discussion within the Ordo Imperialis should be pertinent and within scope: controversial topics (such as religion and politics) are not permitted within any venue, unless in a reasonably private area with unanimous agreement from all present parties. Furthermore, all elements of conduct by the Ordo shall not exceed a general rating of PG-13. ➡ [Title IX] Standard of Allegiance The Ordo Imperialis generally does not and will not prohibit any individual, except staff, from participating in other community gaming groups. However, the Ordo shall expect that members of the group do not participate in other community groups directly opposed to any Ordo interest on any platform. ➡ [Title X] Standard of Merit All members of the Ordo Imperialis should feel welcome and of value to the community as a whole without a sense of worthlessness while dedicating beneficial time and effort to the group and others. Anyone of true potential, should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts of various levels. In turn all members should dedicate their full potential to the community and it's goals. ▶ Chapter VI: Universal Citations of Merit An individual within the Ordo Imperialis may earn merits, medals, achievements, marks or points in response to performing outstanding feats for the good of the group. Contained below is a complete list of awards available to all personnel. If a merit is part of a series, only display the most prestigious of the merit-- this will be clarified by the presence of letter designations after the merit number. Marks, points or achievements can be awarded in addition to denote events or activities. ➡ Awards marked with “*” may be unique and only obtained through special or retired means. Medals [The Imperators Star]:100 Awarded for paramount sacrifice and selflessness for the betterment of the Ordo Imperialis. Recipients of the star will be listed in the star holders roll and be entitled to a unique designation and identity element. This merit is seen as the highest attainable award and distributed at the discretion of the Imperator only. [Champion of the Imperium]:35 Cited via nomination by a senior officer. Champions are living symbols of the virtues and morals of the group. [Architect of the Imperium]:30 For individuals who contribute toward the development of Ordo assets on a grand scale, putting in a great deal of time and effort. To be eligible for this medal you must first have the "Architect of Eternity" merit. [Custos]:30 Imperium in imperio. Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. [Corona Argentum]:30 Cited to individuals who are entrusted with command elements and secure decisive victories with and on behalf of the Ordo Imperialis. [Corona Conservatrix]:30 Cited to those who have directly mitigated situations, prevented damage, or protected the overall group infrastructure and sanctity of the Ordo Imperialis. [Corona Dignitas]:30 A badge of loyalty, provided to those who abide by and live through the guidelines of the organization. [Corona Obsidionalis]:30 For individuals who, within the heat of conflict, whether defensive or offensive, perform a feat of valor beyond normal expectations and ultimately influence a favorable outcome that would have been otherwise unobtainable without their interference. [Corona Vallaris]:30 For individuals who are denoted as the most-valuable asset during any given deployment. Recommendation for this award is based upon irregular feats in activity that exemplify someone as being worthy of taking the title as "most valuable". [Warlord]:30 Cited to members noted to sacrifice all their time and efforts to effectively projecting the might of the Ordo Imperialis abroad. In addition to which, it is necessary for an individual to demonstrate repeated involvement or leadership in decisive victories. A holding individual affirms in being a major influence in the outcome or leadership of any strategic or tactical situation of quality. Merits [Administratio Service]:25 Cited to individuals who have been confirmed and notated as being eligible for Administratio service of any level or whom have served as a ranking and notable leader for an extended period of time. [Ordo Achievement]:25 For those whom have accomplished a feat worth noting or made considerable contributions in support of the Ordo Imperialis, whether that is longevity of service without conduct concerns or dedicating one's self to duty on any level of community. [inquisitor]:25 Granted to those who have demonstrated prowess for investigating and handling cases of internal importance relating to the prosecution of harmful individuals. Granted to only the most senior and seasoned of investigators, regardless of branch or rank. The title indicates a keen eye and unshakable dedication to the Imperator in their efforts to maintain the organizational purity of the Ordo. [Praetorian Service]:25 Awarded to individuals whom have earned the right to serve within the Praetorian Guard or the Praetorian Guard Auxiliary. [Guardian of the Watch]:25 Available to members who are noted to continued dedication to the security of Ordo personnel and its territories. In addition to which, repeated involvement or leadership in decisive maneuvers are required. [Vir Egregius]:25 Serves as a general nobility role as an Imperial 'knight' class of membership. Individuals may earn this designation through compulsory in-statement after two years of service, through attainment of senior officer levels of authority or may be granted at the discretion of the Imperial office for outstanding feats or presence. [Architect of Eternity]:20 Awarded specifically for design and development of Ordo Imperialis assets. Given to those whom have dedicated their repeated time and efforts toward constructing for the organization. This may be also awarded for the construction of theory, ideology, policy or assets. [Master of Honors]:20 Cited for the acquisition of a large array and/or top tier awards. [imperial Historian]:20 Bestowed based upon extended service under the education administration or based off continued contributions of developing and documenting the competency and history of the community. [signifier]:20 Awarded to a notable member of the month selected by the officer council based upon an individual’s demeanor, contributions and conduct throughout. [Myrmidon]:15 Available only as recognition for continuous exceptional individual combat prowess, talents or leadership and professionalism in any engagement on the field of battle. In addition any individual listed as completing tier 3 in ART or similar advanced tiered training program. [Diplomacy]:15 For individuals who provide a positive image externally to other organizations, whether on official assignment or in the commission of day to day activity. [indoctrination]:15 Cited based upon presentation of an individual's confidence and faith within the organization. This merit is provided to those who exhibit zeal and passion for their duties. [Alpha Contubernium]:15 For any individual who has obtained membership within one of the Ordo’s elite or special operations groups. [Ace Pilot]:15 Awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves as a competent, dedicated pilot or similar activities within the Ordo Imperialis. [Dominatum]:15 Recommendation for combative leaders, based upon significant victories in which several participants continually face overwhelming odds or unfavorable tasks and still remain victories. [Homeland Defense]:15 Awarded to those who tirelessly provide extensive security on and around Ordo Imperialis territory or assets. [Castorum]:15 Recommendation for homeland administrative duties, based upon significant and continuous supportive actions and responsibilities of various levels. [Marksman]:5 Awarded to individuals with outstanding prowess in engaging targets with “excellent” grade levels of accuracy and timeliness. [Mechanization]:10 Earned by those who are proven capable or trained to pilot or operate mechanical portions of an arsenal such as mastery with vehicles or equipment. [instructor]:10 Cited to individuals within the organization whom have served actively as a notable instructor, contributed constructive training media, or held a number of training events within any section. [Combat Prowess]:5 Awarded to those who continue to perform above merit and demonstrated exemplary talents above the standards on the field of combat. [Recruitment]:10 For those who have showed their prowess as an exceptional recruiter of quality and long term members for the Ordo Imperialis. [Comrade Support]:5 Awarded to those whom have upheld the members and allies of the Ordo Imperialis on and off the field of combat or denoted as performing above and beyond the call of duty in the manner of volunteering and providing assistance within the community. [Medicus]:5 Awarded based upon an individual’s demonstrated capability to act as an effective supportive or medical classed individual under overwhelming conditions. [Prior Service / Exodus]:15 Awarded to individuals who served within any of the organizations leading up to the Ordo Imperialis Community, such as: the Ordo Imperialis SLM, Novus Ordo Imperialis, the Venuma Coalition, or the Alliance Navy II. [Armatura]:10 Awarded to individuals who successfully complete multiple or advanced training activities and/or operation education program. [black November]:5 Awarded to those who were enlisted within the Ordo Imperialis during its reopening in November of 2007. This merit may also be awarded to those whom are active members of the organization at the time of anniversary events. [Good Conduct]:10 Awarded to those within the Ordo Imperialis whom have been recognized as an individual that is devoid of drama and other problem causing natures. [Pathfinder]:10 Awarded as a commendation for exemplary services in the exploration, employment and foundation of new, unknown or retired territories or ventures. [Extended Service]:10 Awarded to individuals who have reached each year of continual service within the Ordo Imperialis. [Ordocon]:10 Awarded to individuals of four(4) or more who participate in an organized Ordo offline event. [basic Training]:5 Awarded to all individuals who complete the basic standards of instruction or enlistment, denoting their induction into the Ordo Imperialis as a full member. Retired / Special [Gladiator Champion*]:15 Awarded to the top or winning participants of a sanctioned tournament. [Gladiator Victor*]:10 Awarded to the upper tier participants of a sanctioned tournament. [Gladiator*]:5 Awarded to participant of a sanctioned Imperial Tournament [Operations Stalwart*]:10 Awarded to all participants of the operation conducted by the Iron Symphony on 30NOV08. [Operation Vivec*]:10 Merit for participants of the extended campaign over the course of the summer of 2009. [Operation Aegis*]:10 Militant Collective disband merit; awarded to those who participated in the major combat operations on 03OCT09. [Operation Persecutus*]:10 Awarded as a campaign ribbon for those whom contributed to the assault on the Militant Collective, carried out during the week of 02FEB08. [2142 Campaign*]:10 Awarded to those who have participated in the extended campaign against the 2142, created as of 06JULY08. [Operation Thorn*]:10 Awarded to participants of the campaign against the Alliance Navy on 12JULY08. [Operation Fluffy Kittens*]:10 Awarded to participants of the major TAC assault operations during the week of 18SEP10. [Operation Fallout*]:10 Awarded for participation in the Alliance Navy campaign of 2011, taking place from 01OCT11 to 23OCT11. [Righteous Purge*]:10 Awarded for campaigns against the forces of Chaos. [New Jessie Occupation*]:10 Awarded for participation in the New Jessie campaign of 2012 [W.A.R.*]:10 Awarded to participants of any sanctioned operation with the members of the Waterson Allied Republic. ▶ Signed by the Office of the Imperator
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    Eve Online

    If I delete my character, can I create another with the same name?
  10. Xoza

    Eve Online

    I'm stuck at a point in the introduction training thing, waiting for Eve staff to fix my account. Is there a way to merge an Eve account with the Steam account? Why are they separate? When did Eve come out on Steam?
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    Eve Online

    Started playing last night, Choose the Amaarr(SP?) Empire. Does that matter?
  12. Xoza

    Eve Online

    Just waiting for it to go F2P so I can actually spend time learning and get some guidance from seasoned players.
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    New to the guild

    Welcome Scab! Let us know if you need anything. Look forward to working with you.
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    Meeting 29OCT16

    Messaged in Steam Messaged in Teamspeak Messaged in Teamspeak
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    Meeting 29OCT16

    Add me, I'll get it to you. Sent Will get it to you when you're back from your 'trip'. Everyone else, if you haven't chosen anything yet, you still can but there's no order anymore, first come first serve.
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    Meeting 29OCT16

    Distributed Distributed Gav?? Distributed
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    Meeting 29OCT16

    Order of choosing based on time in service. Please post below and do so in decent time as others will be waiting on you. Wolf Shaman Xoza Odin Gavriel Crimson Kyle Kavia Hulkman Netzeom Stulti_Zero Ciscozero Bonne Zeus Redkungfu HiroTenkai Game Vault Options 1993 Space Machine Action Henk ActionHenk Age of Empires II HD Edition: The Forgotten AudioSurf Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche Battlestations: Midway Bejeweled™ 3 Beware Planet Earth! Bionic Commando: Rearmed Borderlands and Borderlands DLCs:The Zombie Brink Call of Duty®: Black Ops III - Multiplayer Starter Child of Light Chroma Squad Colin McRae Rally Crawl (Early Access) Cthulhu Realms - Full Version Daikatana DeadCore Defiance Deponia Doomsday Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition Deus Ex: Invisible War Deus Ex: The Fall DiRT Showdown Doom Classic Complete Epistory - Typing Chronicles Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Fran Bow Front Mission Evolved FTL: Faster Than Light Galak-Z Garry's Mod Ghost Recon Phantoms E3 Avatar Ghost Recon Phantoms Starter Pack GRID 2 Drift Pack Grid 2 Spa- Francorchamps Track Pack GRID Autosport Drag Pack GRID Autosport Road & Track Car Pack GRID™ Grimdawn Gunpoint Guns of Icarus Online Gyromancer Half-Life 2 Halo: Spartan Assault Hero Academy Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Hitman: Blood Money Hitman: Codename 47 Hitman: Contracts Hook Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number I am Bread JumpJet Rex Just Cause Just Cause 2 Just Cause Collection Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Kholat Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Life Is Strange™ - Episode 1 LYNE Magicka Wizard Wars Exclusive Staff and Blade Max Payne Complete Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Midnight Club 2 Mini Ninjas Natural Selection 2 Nosgoth Veteran Pack Nova-111 Nuclear Throne Odallus: The Dark Call One Finger Death Punch Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Operation Flashpoint: Red River Overlord Raising Hell (Expansion) PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition Bundle Papers, Please PAYDAY 2 Electarodent and Titan Masks PAYDAY 2: A Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack Planet of the Eyes Planet of the eyes Platformines Poi Poi Psychonauts Quake Live™ RAGE Random Access Murder Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony Resident Evil™ 5 Ridge Racer™ Unbounded Bundle Rise of the Argonauts Risen 2: Dark Waters Rust Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package Sentinels of the Multiverse Sheltered SMITE Loki Pack Spaera (Early Access) Star Trek STAR WARS™ - Knights of the Old Republic™ Star Wars™ Jedi Knight Dark Forces II Star Wars™ Jedi Knight™ II: Jedi Outcast™ Star Wars™ Jedi Knight™: Jedi Academy™ Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II - The Sith Lords™ Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ Star Wars™ Republic Commando Star Wars™ Starfighter™ Star Wars™: Dark Forces Stardew Valley StarForge Starward Rogue Starward Rogue Steredenn Stikbold STRIDER™ Super Hexagon Switchcars Technobabylon Tharsis The Binding of Isaac Collection The Forest The Last Remnant The Ship - 2 Pack The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut THOTH THOTH TIS-100 To the Moon Tomb Raider I Tomb Raider II Tomb Raider III Tomb Raider: Anniversary Tomb Raider: Legend Tomb Raider: Underworld Town of Salem Toybox Turbos Train Valley Train Valley Warhammer Quest Wasted World of Tanks Invite Code World of Warships Bonus Content World of Warships Closed Beta Key Yosumin
  18. Xoza


    Too late! Muahahaha it's not that bad..
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  20. Xoza

    Old topics turning new!

    Hmmmmmmmmm hobbies... I used to be into a few things but just focus on gaming now. I guess when it really comes down to it, I enjoy creating and building things for people and planning events.
  21. Xoza

    Battlefield 1 - Early Enlister and First Wave

    Sorry, don't own the game and it's not part of the vault unless you buy it for early access or some BS. I did what I could though!
  22. Xoza

    Battlefield 2142

    Hopefully... We may have to configure it a little but we do intend to get one going.
  23. Xoza

    Tirent's Intro

    Welcome Tirent, everything looks good. (I need to update the codex.)
  24. Xoza

    New movie discussion

    Wife just went out to see it with a friend, will have to ask her. Eh, I'm not in a hurry, I can wait.
  25. Xoza

    Forums Roleplay Guide

    Forum Roleplay Guide Work In Progress, please make suggestions below. What is Forum based role play? Forum role play is a slower more lengthy type of turn-by-turn, post-by-post based role play. According to Wikipedia there are several styles of forum roleplay, genre's and preferences. Forum and chat role play were one of the first forms of role play and has played a major part of much of the world's entertainment and media today. The type of story, participants, environment and preferences are dependant and mediated by the host of the thread and continues by them and player characters (PC), or participants afterward with in character (IC) posts or actions carrying on a story. How does it work? Forum based role-play starts off as an application process, where the original poster (OP), host (H), a designated mediator (M) or game master (GM) starts a new topic with partial story details including environment, genre and what kind of player's they may be looking for. Players post in accordance with the host's application process and after applications are closed and players accepted, the host starts the story of to which the players may react or respond to through the posting in the thread. Are there any rules? As a given, every poster are expected to follow the constitutional protocol set in our codex unless deemed acceptable by the role of the story or approved by the game master/s. Other rules are generally set by the game master/s of the story or thread in the first post/s. Posts usually consist of actions that take no longer than five (5) minutes to complete depending on the situation at hand. How do I get started? a Game Master? Game Master's are the originators, mediators and tellers of the story. They set the environment, challenge the participants and create goals. They also make sure the story is going the right direction, ensure balance and following of standards. They'll usually play a story character or multiple non-player characters (NPC's) to help the story along. Game Masters may let a story run it's course with only a little intervention or they my be heavily involved with goals or story directionals but they should always be prepared though to keep the story rolling for a good amount of time and have something prepared for the participants on a regular basis until it is ended or closed. If you'd like to take part as a game master, don't be afraid to do so, all you need is a rules, direction, environment and genre. Starting a role play thread consists of posting this information, with a request or application process for users to apply for a few days that you may look over and accept based on character or story needs. Once you've accepted a group of players, you may either post in the original thread, or start a new one with previous post reference links and start the storyline. a Player? Players may post under roleplay applications to a game master's request. The duty of the player are to play a character whom is immersed into an environment and genre the game master has set for the players. The separation of in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) should always be followed to separate one and the other by the use of ((OOC)) separation and bring a solid story to not only the other players and game master, but to other readers. This is your chance to play your part in an ongoing story in your own way. Since forum role play is generally a lengthy experience, you may be involved as much or as little as you like. Keep in mind, the more creative and active you are, the more successful you're likely to be and epic the story may become around who you are in the story. Approved players may post directly to the designated thread in response to any nearby action or previous post in the timeline of the story. Posts should be in reasonable increments to allow other players to respond or to allow the game master to push the story along. If a player no longer wishes to participate in a thread permanently or temporarily, they may role play being removed from the story or the game master may do so as they deem necessary. Permanent death is not a prefered way to remove a character from a story, as reintroduction even as an NPC may be possible.

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