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  1. Xoza

    PC Upgrade

    My current is 6+ years now I believe... so, yes.
  2. Xoza

    PC Upgrade

    Is this to say that AMD has heating problems? AMD AM3+ FX™ 6100: 6-core w/Corsair H80 16 Gb Corsair DDR3 GeForce GTX 750 Ti more on my twitch channel
  3. Xoza

    Setith Introduction

    Welcome Sethith. There's always someone online in SWTOR, just let us know when you're on. Feel free to jump into Teamspeak or contact us via forum chat.
  4. Xoza

    Fable Legends

  5. Xoza

    Fable Legends

    Fable Legends Got beta access yesterday, will probably play around with it tomorrow. NON-DISCLOSER AGREEMENT (NDA) IS IN EFFECT DO NOT DISCUSS OR DISPLAY GAME CONTENT, GAME FEATURES OR EXPERIENCE WITH THE GAME OF ANY KIND UNTIL IT IS LIFTED. That means no streaming, no pictures or media of any kind, no discussion of features and refrain from allowing others to watching you play.
  6. Xoza


    Welcome to the community @Sehna
  7. Xoza

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Welcome back Heavy! We'll have to group up some time.
  8. Xoza

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    If you purchased on Steam (even if you didn't I think) Open UPlay Open friends list Click Add Friends Click Import Friends from Steam Select All Add Win!
  9. Zesty Chicken Meatloaf (inspiration) I acquired a lot of ground white chicken meat from somewhere and this is what I figured out to do with it. 1 lb Chicken (or more, ground) 2 eggs (beaten) 1 1/2 cup Breadcrumbs (3 slices of bread in a blender) 3 tablespoons of Salsa (I added 1/2 cup instead) 2 tablespoons Ranch 1 package Taco Seasoning 1/2 cup Cheddar (to top after baking) Sour Cream (on the side) Grease loaf or cake pan. (when it's all in, it should a minimum of 1 inch thick) Preheat oven to 350° F (175° C). Mix all the ingredients well except the cheese and sour cream in a large bowel. (Don't be afraid to make a mess or get dirty. Add flower if you want to thicken it up a little, I think I added no more than 1/4 cup). Transfer bowel contents into pan. Bake for 1 hour. Top with cheese. Serve sliced with tortillas, salsa and sour cream.
  10. For all those starving gamers out there. Here's a thread dedicated to recipes and how to improve your game in the kitchen! Post all your links and tips in their own thread (update the thread with new links or information) and post each recipe in it's own separate thread with a title to indicate separation. I started cooking after watching a few shows with Gordon Ramsey and as I was looking for something that was affordable and quick to put together instead of the optional fast food. Cooking can be challenging but fun like gaming, especially when you have various equipment options that can improve speed and efficiency. I strolled around thrift stores and kept an eye out for appliance sales at a local markets to fill the necessities. Now, let's get creating!
  11. Xoza

    Vandrik introduction

    We'd be glad to have you and help out. Odin047 or Firefox would be our contact for BDO. You can find them on Teamspeak or on the forums here. What's your contact information in-game?
  12. Xoza

    Vandrik introduction

    Welcome Vandrik, let us know if you need anything. You're in the guild and everything?
  13. Xoza

    Why so Serious?

    Thanks Joker, welcome!
  14. Xoza

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    Four live action videos by popular YouTube channels in contribution to The Division.
  15. Xoza

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    I'll be there!
  16. Xoza

    Post Your Desktop

    Windows 10 Span Wallpaper is epic! (3 monitors). I had to shrink down to 32% so it wouldn't be massive..
  17. Xoza

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    I like em all. Except that Admin rifle..
  18. Xoza

    Moshi moshi.

    Welcome to the community!
  19. Over the last few months now, I've been streaming regularly to with OBS. With the right settings, anyone with a semi-decent upload (at least 1mg) should be able to stream without network impact. You don't have to have a camera or a green screen but it's nice to offer that connection to your viewers, we even have an Ordo stream if you don't want to make your own. Twitch also stores several recordings for you on their servers for a few weeks, depending on length and size. Unregistered viewing has ads, unless you're Turbo. Last month I also contacted Twitch about helping set up an Ordo team. Teams are a more centralized member stream, like MLG's or The Utensils, something we could easily do, but would need more dedicated streamers! Since teams are still supposedly in testing and partner based they responded with information about their subscription program and aren't taking applications at this time. Subscribing and turbo streaming are paid services, so we'll have to wait and see. General streaming though is free enough and provides more than we really need. Livestream accepted our application and has great recording/broadcasting software, but unfortunately just isn't centralized around gaming. If you have any questions about streaming, or wish to get involved more and want to know more. Just ask or discuss here! Livestream Ordo Imperialis Xoza Ordo Imperialis Huttser Keller Odin Xoza (if you have your own, post it below and I'll add it to the list.) + [The Ordo Imperialis]( + [Awanken]( + [Dascede]( + [Deum "Rudy"]( + [Esva]( + [Fire Fox]( + [Huttser]( + [Jam Roller]( + [Keller]( + [Kishoshima]( + [Kares]( + [Kavia]( + [Kullastia]( + [Layla]( + [Odin]( + [Streleks]( + [Tisa]( + [Violet]( + [Xoza](
  20. Xoza

    Terminator's Gaming Corner

    I was wondering what games you played. HurtWorld looks interesting.
  21. Xoza


    Interesting, post more information, videos and screens if you can, or can find any that's relevant.
  22. Xoza

    Gloria Victis Forum?

    It's under Chapters > Auxiliary > Gloria Victis
  23. Holiday Giveaway. Post below entertaining and on topic media to enter the drawing! It's that time of year, when there's gifts and cheer. Starting Dec 13th we will be giving at random to one poster, one game per day at the end of the day from a list of five they can choose from for the next 12 days. On the last day, We'll hand out an additional 6 games! Info / Rules (required to be eligible.) Post below entertaining and on topic media to enter the drawing! Ordo Imperialis member or recruit with ingame experience of two(2) months. Member must be in good standing with the community. Must have logged into Teamspeak in the last month. Follow / like / join our social media. (available in colorful icons at the top right of the forums) Once you choose your reward, it's yours to do with what you like. Post once a day to gain one point per day. Winners lose three points after accepting a win. You may pass or reject a win but lose one point. Any attempt to circumvent a fair drawing will void your chances of winning. Even if you're in doubt, enter anyway! It would be nice to have you along and It's free! If you would like to contribute to our list of games, please gift them to Xoza and we'll include them. Pass on the word to all our levels of membership, more donations and participants, the more we'll give out. (info/rules are subject to change) The final drawing will take place Dec 25th!
  24. Xoza

    Where did these cobwebs come from....

    I could get you a copy of SWG...

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