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  1. Man, I remember Priest, If I can do anything to help, let me know!

    Season 1 isn't out on DVD and season 2 is only two episodes in. Torrenting season 1 and burning it onto a DVD to send him would be easy. Sending him a new episode as they come out every week or so would be amazing though.

    They keep a close eye on those kind of things though. You would have to know someone about to deploy to his area to get it there.

  2. Easy enough, I'd be willing to run three myself. However I'd rather give the opportunity to run them to those whom never have. If you've never run a raid before let someone know, we'd love to help out, observe and give a bit of constructive criticism. I'll ensure we get at least three out of my own, or under my observation by Saturday.

  3. [01:48:53] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: a/s/l

    [01:49:08] (COM): Liam Macalroy: 72/T/Cuba

    [01:49:09] (COM): Xoza Tyron: you first

    [01:49:34] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: 4/A/in a box

    [01:49:42] (COM): Teron Gray: !!!


    [01:50:52] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: What, im 4 years old, Asexual because i can copy myself without anyones help and im in a box

    [01:51:01] (COM): Rei Kuhr: So what are you wearing?

    [01:51:08] (COM): Christoph Batra: lol Rei do not go there

    [01:51:21] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: Mostly aluminium .. some gold .. plastics .. copper

    [01:51:28] (COM): Rei Kuhr: I want to hear you scream like my 48.8 modem when downloading a jpeg

    [01:51:35] (COM): Liam Macalroy: >_>

    [01:51:41] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: dust ...

    [01:51:52] (COM): Christoph Batra: It only screams like that because your on dial up Rei

    [01:52:03] (COM): Rei Kuhr: Otherwise it'd be a goat

    [01:52:09] (COM): Liam Macalroy: lol wat

  4. I've always been an electronic fan. Its funny growing up and seeing people hate, and talk crap about its predecessors only to later love its later forms. More entertaining to hear those that say they don't like electronic, when clearly their favorite music these days is crafted in or based off these styles.

  5. City of Heroes is not yet fully F2P (aka new free accounts can't be created yet). But all already active/purchased accounts have been converted into "premium player" accounts and most of them have been reactivated so far this weekend. :D. A few of us already play on occasion and have started a Supergroup for Ordo on the Freedom Server, let me know if you want in.

    edit 27SEP11: City of Heroes is Free to Play for all current and new accounts now :D

  6. hey, throwing asteroids is the best way to eliminate a race, just watch out for those two that may get away.

    (Unless it's the I-MOD that Seven of Nine made, but then again, Voyager don't count in my book. )

    and.. VOYAGER IS CANNON, don't be hatin

    I prefer to avoid the more common terms and ideas from other sources and stick to more basic stuff, mixed a little with new ideas. Think.. Freespace 2, Freelancer, our current day tech, and other sci-fi geeky stuff.

  7. Pre-Ordered long ago, will likely get lifetime membership if they offer it.

    PvE/RP Server (I MAY try PvP)

    Republic (I could make a Sth, but it won't be my main character)

    I intend to play and enjoy, but SL is still my primary. I don't think I'll even join a guild to avoid getting 'too involved'

    (Lets avoid comments about others preferences...)


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