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  1. I'm currently on the US West Server

    I haven't spent any money on their stuff, I do the missions though irritating at some times it doesn't matter if you win or loose you still end up unlocking things.. I'm not to fond of the timers on the weapons, but by the time it expires I've unlocked a better one anyway and have tons of money to play with. There are other things you can do, and I believe there next 'big' update will fix/add a lot of things. However, I didn't play the non-free one, so I'm not sure how different they are now. There are a few limits on some things, its understandable, just got to be creative.

  2. So, as per usual every weekend, I cruise around the internet checking status on games I'm waiting for, or just looking for new things out there to try, and I found APB Reloaded. Its kinda an MMO / Shooter that's like GTA4+SaintsRow & it's free to play.

    Downside however is its ALL PvP, I tend to enjoy PvE more, but I think of this as Battlefield type game, and we do PvP daily anyway in Ordo so I'm not minding it so much anymore. And it has TONS of character options. I have to say out of all the games I've played, this one takes the cake for custom creations.

    I myself obviously went Enforcer.. because we are Ordo after all. Bring Order to the Chaos of the streets!

    Figured I would post this because its a good short, don't have to spend a ton of time to play kinda game.



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