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  1. Aww, just went through there this last weekend on the way to Washington, do this on occation, I believe I have family there, or nearby, but that's all I know. And STEEL! I was just in Seattle! -.- *sigh

  2. I am saddened I was not asked if I wanted to donate :[

    Id totaly have thrown in on those badasses

    Agreed :/ I sent him something though a few months ago when I was in his area. He should scan them and show!

  3. I tend to have a lot of interesting but crazy dreams, its one of those things that bring about some creativity...

    Last night kinda short as I don't recall a lot of it as I didn't write it down right away. Went to hang out with a friend in a 'darker' side of town, his friends congratulated him as we entered a warehouse? they captured me and placed me in a cell, I was some type of celestial being and they were demons, my 'friend' some fallen type. I eventually escaped.

    Another dream I was attempting to rent rooms out in this tiny house that had like 8 rooms in it, I have NO ideas how they fit in there, but I still kinda recall the layout and may draft it just to see it plausibility.

  4. Had a dream a few nights ago, I went to some medical center in what seemed to be a somewhat futuristic city to undergo a kind of rapid plastic surgery where I could change my facial features and hair style/color within a short amount of time, the staff was nice, helped me pick the options and began the operation. After waking a short time later the operation completed, I left the center it was dark, and the streets began to fill with zombies, the medical staff also zombies... I took refuge within the medical center barricaded the place and armed myself with various equipment.

  5. Im too spoiled with having played SWG in its prime days before the great shit .. I dont like most mmo's after that.

    I have to second that, I'll probably play because its Star Wars, but I probably wont put the time into it I did back then. I will be playing a Jedi as my main however.

  6. Oh man, I played CoH a lot back then, I remember when PB's came out, was probably one of the first few to 50 on my server as a group of us grinded it out. PvP was epic back then as well, stalkers couldn't touch me, had a hard time killing them mind you, but I was the distraction while the blasters sniped em after they attacked me XD.

  7. sir, little sense that makes... Not quite looking for a translation, thanks though. most my dreams i use for inspiration in art and ideas in and out of SL. as screwed up as some may seem to be, i can always make something out of it.

  8. As an empire I would also expect there to be a lot of people who don't particularly want to serve or were forced to searve, complain, avoid duties, for there own reasons, or Rebels against thine empire. As well as those whom serve loyally, I'm a Roleplayer and at times I wish there was more in Ordo. I think we should exaggerate more things through RP, negatives and positives.

  9. Few days ago, from what I recall I had this dream I was guarding some vehicle/military/weapons conference of some type. A large plastic toy colored truck (yes the one's kids play with in sand boxes) quickly drove up and backed into the hanger, A man jumped out and linked a trailer of equipment to the Tonk Trunk and jumped back in. I drew and started firing at his truck as he sped off. Apparently plastic vehicles tires are hard to stop...


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