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  1. There are great ways to implement and adapt characters stories and groups subtlety and creatively without repercussion or suspicion. :tongue: Not saying we should, but we're not without options, open options always bring about a great story, as well as allow others to adapt there own though minor modifications. I wrote my own story galaxy in light of this concept.

  2. I personally think we need more story implemented, there are some that do enjoy a little bit of role-play. I've built galaxies myself, I would move it out of the milky way, thats just another tack that could hold back a bit of expansion and ideas. Configure or build something unique.

    I like the map, though I think a bit more transparency on the colors so one could see the layout of the galaxy behind it. If you need some unique or even random names for races/planets/locations/individuals let me know, I seem to be damn good at putting them together.



    <=====================Extend to this length=========================>


    **********Imperator's Weekly Meeting Report**********

    Name/Rank/Division: Xoza Shadow (Tyron) Astra XO


    DATE: 09APR2011




    Members: 321

    Cadets: 14


    New: 14

    Accepted: 2

    Denied: 3

    Review: too many.


    Defensive: 119

    Offensive: 21

    Allied Assist: 0

    *Imperator Aryte Vesperia*

    ACHMEM HEM~ Obligatory starter, as always: welcome to this week’s meeting. Per the norm, please be certain to hold all questions and comments until provided the opportunity to speak. Interruptions will result in dismissal from the gathering. When you are provided the chance to speak, be sure to /shout/ your comments or questions—otherwise the recorder may not hear you. Thank you: let’s get to it. Diplomatic notes this week . . please don't shoot RCU. Thank you. Unit reports this evening?

    > Ethan Schuman on Astra:

    Astra's report will be brief this week. I'll start off with activity. Our nightly Grand Melees have been a huge success, and the ability for non-Astra to attend has really increased enthusiasm. We've had quite a few Terra people show up, and even a few non-Ordo. As a reminder, anyone allowed into Titan is allowed to participate, so bring friends! They start at 8:00SLT every night, and usually run an hour or so. The sim is closed during this time, so we won't be interrupted. I would also like to welcome Zrazor into Astra, and welcome (back) Sosarin as well. It's great to have them both on board. Sosarin and Zrazor are going to be responsible for increasing interest in Astra, and trying to get our inactive pilots to start coming around again. They've only been working together for a couple days, and we're already starting to see people come back. We'll keep our fingers crossed, and hopefully see more people coming back to active status. That's all from Astra this week.

    > Hollow Yifu on Terra:

    EVERYTHING IS GOOD, CAP'N. But in all seriousness:

    From Burrwolf for Antesignani: Good week for Antesignani! Sunday we did joint training with a single Astra pilot, as well as hosting more Impromptu training throughout the week. Friday we had an outstanding fight after a few hiccups, landed in Out of Control with 17 defenders vs 7 Ordo. A2 brought glory to Ordo by crushing the 2-1 odds! We’re still looking for more members, please contact your local A2 Fennec CO or Sergal XO for details… Would you like to know more?

    From Afevis for Insidiae: Insidiae kicked some major ass in the community this week by racking up an amazing 55 raids. What is to come next? 75? 100? THE WORLD SHALL NEVER KNOW!..... (Or will it?) In other news, the squad is full and steaming along very nicely, compared to what it was. The current members have provided so many man hours to ensure that Insidiae becomes a shining example.

    From Eriksson for Invictus: A little bit of a slower week this week, but not to worry! Invictus went on numerous smaller scale squad raids and managed to be extremely successful in all of them. In the next week we expect to remedy the 'slow' aspect of the former by organising a great deal of raids -- of which I look forward to partaking on! In other news on our little recruitment department in the squad, we now have two(2) slots open for fresh blood! So if you're looking to join on in, then -now- is the time to inquire with the Invictus CO: Eriksson Foxtrot! Last on my books to report is the weather! Today I anticipate it'll be cloudy with a heavy shower of drop pods and bullets! That's all for the weather report! Back to Imperator Vesperia, who will bring you all the meeting!

    From Thatguy for Cohors B: I would like to first congratulate Pr0wer Miles for gaining the position of Executive Officer (XO) of Cohors B. In his place as the Commanding Officer of the third Century, Liberatrix, Stirn Aurotharius has gracefully accepted to take up the vacant spot. Transfers will be moved by the end of this weekend and activity will be picking up as well. PRF's have been kept up as well as the current activity. Big plans for Cohors B are in the thinking, which will be announced at a later date when completed. Myself and the rest of Cohors B Command are looking forward to yet another great week, full of activity and prominence.

    That's all for Terra.

    > Corsi DeAllura on Tactica expressing with a paw-painted sign "Prepare for massive text"

    This is going to be long so for this weeks Tactica report, I want to start off by addressing the Tactica Board and why certian militaries are where they are on the board. As well as a general note about them. First of all NCO Targets. These targets are good for a starting NCO on a raid they can relax on. Nothing overly stressful. For example. Raven Raiders is a base where the objective is so close to the spawn doors it's unreasonable without teleports. So in general we go there to have fun shooting and occasionally make a good attempt at the objective. But when you head there, if you can't launch the nuke, no one is going to go yell at you. In dealing with defense command, they are always willing to work with us and talk to us. Bans there are almost non existant or in the rare case they do ban someone, the ban never lasts for long. This is the general idea on an NCO target. A nice, fun and relaxing raid. The Praepositus targets are for the most part in name only. Since E-8's can attack both Praepositus and NCO targets at will, it seems redundant to have them seperated. So lets look at a Praepositus example target. Black Scorpion Mercinaries. In our dealings with them, the defense is almost always willing to work with us. They are polite and handle everything structurally and in the chance a ban is placed, it gets lifted. Sounds like an NCO target like Raven Raiders. The difference here is the objectives where they may be very difficult, they are possible. In the past with some command they have caused us political issues. They were once an Imperator level target. The other reason is they have strong allies now. X-Corps. These are the people from Worlds Aetheist Warriors who were also a Praepositus and an Officer target. And unlike Raven Raiders, they use an extensive amount of armored turrets that almost everyone there has access to. With all these factors, it is felt that a raid leader needs to take a little more thought into leading a team there. Officer targets are not in name only. Not by a long shot. These are groups that either we have not attacked before or only minor dealings with them, or we have had political dealings with them. They tend to place a ban quite easilly or they have very powerful allies that we want to take that extra bit of caution in assaulting. Lets take an example or two from here. First, Coalition Order. Copper Shelter is the defense leader and if you know that name you know why it is an Officer target. The group may not place a ban too quickly but in a group that is mostly made of ex teen grid transfers and black talon members, it is best to deal with a great big helping of caution. Second for them is CATI. CATI is a member of The Anvil Coalition and thus they can and have called in Vanguard for assistance. Or 2142 as some of us have seen in the past. It is almost expected for them to call in for back up and fill the sim against us thus shutting down teleports. The objectives are nearly impossible at that point and things can get very stressful there if you are not careful. So again you would want to have an officer there if even for the sake of overseeing things and giving suggestions. Now for the big ones. Imperator level targets. These are, 2142, ARK, Grim Troops, and Chthonic Syndicate. If you would notice, three of those groups are TAC members and can thus call on each other for help. Or even Vanguard. So right there you want an officer present. The raids there are either very stressful or very politically oriented. Using the example of ARK, the base is set up in a thunderdone fashion. The big issue there is that the defense has jetpacks that can seriously outmaneuver anything we have or anything anyone else on the grid has. So attackoing there you are very likely to face extensive odds even if you outnumber the defense. In the past we have been on the receiving end of a great deal of 'Beta test' weaponry like unmanned turrets and now medic teleporting is banned there. All in all the raid there is highly stressfull and would warrant Lord Vesperia's presence if not his direct influence. Lastly in reading the board. Yes yes lots of colors and a bit of confusion To make it simple as we can, use this rule in looking over the board. If the text is in Green, It's an NCO target. If it's in teal it's Praepositus, Yellow means Officer (Even RCU as our Neutral) and Red is Special. It is either Blockaded like Valor and VG which their icon on the board will be greyed out, or it is an Imperator level target which you will need permission from the big boss to go hit anyway. The only thing you need to worry about from there are if the icon is Black or in the shape of a cross. Ignore all other colors. Those are for Tactica members to reference quickly. Black means they are dead. The cross means they are rebuilding. So you can't hit them. Raid leaders I would like you to keep all of this in mind and really take a keen watch over what level of raid you want to assault. And if you think a base should go up or down on the board, feel free to consult myself, Kyra Vixen or any officer about why. We can discuss it with Lord Vesperia from there. And that is the Tactica board made simple. Moving on, activity on the board this week has been rather light but significant. Perhaps the two biggest ones are base closings. Kratus Mepita has died and completely closed their doors presumably for good. Also the group R.A.I.D. has closed out of Revenge of Time. No new militaries unfortunately but one moved. Silver Hawks have a new sim and is open for assault. Sierra mountian is open and we have had two raids out there. In rebuild is unfortunately a pair of NCO targets, Exercito Brasileiro and Elysium Korps leaving Raven Raiders and Silver Hawks alone as our NCO Targets. As a late note, word came in today that New Jessie is rebuilding and a temp build set in place in the meantime As we speak the admins are probably cleaning up the sim after they Phys delinked it. Tactica has one slot open for people that love alot of paperwork and want to better the Ordo and raid teams by sacrificing youself ... Excuse me ... Devoting your time to the team. That will be all from Tactica this week.

    *Imperator Aryte Vesperia*

    > Updates

    Development updates for this week: UCA “Terrain digiboots” addition completed and released. These may be worn with any of the armors. They are intended to compliment the existing boots, to give personnel the option to wear heavier, more “battle friendly” footwear. We will eventually revisit the project to include more formal dress wear, however at the moment Disembodied Hand has moved on to work on a larger assignment. An alternative Tyrant turret is in testing stages—the “Tyrant – Dictator” variant replaces the primary cannon for a huge chain gun. When released, the “Dictator” class will give armored units a more anti-infantry (and anti-air) friendly vehicle option. Some time down the road, we will be adding a multi-rocket variant and a lighter main gun with infantry carrying capacity to the Tyrant line. Titan development fairs quite well. Looking to releasing the M29 .44 revolvers and the M200 rifle here in the next week. I have been playing with both over the last few days. Although largely novelty with the low rate of fire: there is really nothing quite like running around shouting “.44 MAGNUUUUM~” as you defend the base. Additionally, bolt action rifles are beyond masculine. As soon as a replacement Adjudicator model is complete, it will be express-laned through scripting. I am very eager to see the old weapon retired and moved off shelf. Corsi, go ahead with the IEA report, belatedly.

    > Corsi DeAllura on IEA

    From Zero Itamae: Many new instructors brought into the IEA, filling up all remaining slots. There will be a test run of our new heavy weapons course with Invictus tomorrow to smooth things out before putting it to use. The heavy weapons course covers all the strengths and weaknesses of heavy weapons, promotes balanced use of them with other weapons, and when it is appropriate to use heavy weapons. Completing the course will grant the individual the HW badge, as well as the ability to use underslung grenade launchers during light armaments. As for other developments in the Ludi, the Artillery course will likely be put up for use in a week or two after a quick tune up by Corsi. Awanken has been working on a class that deal with the use of all the utility packs and such, which is quite far in development at this time. Both of those will hopefully make it out this month. With the extra Ludi courses coming out this month, we'll need instructors to handle them all. Anyone who is currently an instructor can easily apply, otherwise if you wish to apply and have not been an instructor, you may still try for it, just message me whenever for interest.

    *Imperator Aryte Vesperia: Moving on.*

    > Raid Challenge

    I am going to toss out a little challenge starting the 16th of April, lasting until the 23rd of April. The unit with the highest number of successful raids will receive a special QP award at the end of the challenge. To qualify: must be at least four participants to the raid and the raid must last at least thirty minutes. We are starting on the 16th to give commanders time to prepare and make plans. Due to personnel numbers, Astra will qualify as a unit on its own, unless Ethan Schuman would rather separate it into flights or what not. It is important that this remains an Ordo projecting its power event, with a goal to achieve as many solid raids as possible—rather then a unit event attempting to best other units. Keep it as positive and productive. Competition, if healthy, is great. But be certain not to demean your fellow members. I really look forward to seeing how often we can hit the field. I have a feeling the community is going to get tired of getting attacked that week. Please be respectful of any wishes to hold back and pay especially close attention to regulations. We do not want to be seen as “bullying.” Good luck and have fun!

    > ART

    Last week’s ART session was really quite fun. I had a great time (as did the participants, unless they were just humoring me). It seemed to flow pretty well and we worked out a few issues early on. Future sessions should be more streamlined and function far better. A couple things we will be sure to change. Foremost, if there are enough participants, we will close Titan so as not to deprive defense. We will be holding another session tomorrow at 5:00 PM SLT. Please be sure to read the primary materials before volunteering. As we will be focusing on the “tier 1” traits, I will turn a blind eye if that’s all you’ve read. Be please be very, very certain you understand the elements that go along with the “tier 1” traits. If you do not, we will be pausing really often during the session to explain expectations . . . which will really detract from the fun parts (shooting at each other). What participants can expect is pretty managed training, with direct feedback as the proceeding goes on. We focus a lot on using shorthand verbage and battle-buddy team ups in the first tier. As things become more advanced, we’ll cover the basics, while heaping additional challenges on top.

    > Combination / Clarity

    A couple quick comments to make regarding third party items. First off, please be sure not to utilize third party movement enhancers of any sort. We specifically control these so as to make our packs pertinent and fair. Secondly, please remember we do have a tier expectation for heavy weapons: if you have not unlocked an equivalent item, a third party version of it isn’t acceptable to deploy, and lastly: the defense doctrine states we do not defend within view of the two shield doors. Of course . . . that’s sometimes hard to avoid, especially near the objective in the corner. Just please use your discretion and don’t do anything silly—like camping the road from the roof. Questions?

    - Question from Corsi: To help enforce that and keep a reminder of what we can use with weapons available. How about one week we only use Ordo Issued weapons and gear? hat statement will likely be getting me glared at but ..

    - Imperators Answer: Haha. I've considered it. We'll seeee.

    - Question from Kaska: Sir, I've noticed some people firing under the concrete barricades, intending to fire under that little gap. Is this allowed?

    - Imperators Answer: No.

    - Question from Vinnie: I've heard some things that had supposedly been said after last weeks meeting, allowing the usage of 0.4 of our jetpack. true/false?

    - Imperators Answer: Not yet. But probable rollout on that, yes.

    *Imperator Aryte Vesperia* Any last questions? Moving on.

    > Kudos to command elements.

    With the utmost sincerity, I remain ever impressed by all levels of our command. From unit leads, to IEA administration, to the officer corps—just, good work you all. The functionality and consistent activity across the board is really admirable. It is really refreshing to have such a fluid, operational command tree. Let me tell you—two years ago, we sure had a command tree, but it was nothing close to what we have now. The improvements are and continue to be exponential. That said. Good . . somewhat short (for once) meeting. Thank you all for coming. I'll be off and on this evening. Got some work stuff to do so I can focus on Ordo tomorrow. But I'll be around. Someone will lead a raid (or else). Promotions up tomorrow. I have like 9249342942394949432943293429 PRFs and recommendations, fml.

    Dismissed. Good night.

    Imperator Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute.

  4. MotoDroid here, glad to see more users out there. Most used apps

    aCar - manage vehicle fuel & upkeep

    APK Manager - manage aps

    Astro - Manage files

    Barcode Scanner - Scan & create QR codes for info/contact transfer

    Droid light (only for motoDroid) - 'Flash'Light

    Financisto - money manager

    Google voice - Text/Calls & more (my primary comm)

    Keyring - Store Save cards manager

    Mobile Defense (beta) - phone location tracking

    Notes - notepad

    Shazam - identify music

    Skype mobile - I'M and receive skype calls

    Taskpanel X - Auto Task Killer

    Tricorder - GPS,Compass,Sunspots,Wireless & more readings / utilities.


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