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  1. Okay, we'll schedule the wipe for Jan 1, 2016


    Export any work you have that you want to keep. (Stations included, if you can't save stations, let me know).

    I will personally upload any work you want to keep to the new clean server.

  2. Administrative Divisions

    Sections of community management and general operations.




    ▶ Office of Imperial Affairs

    • Director/s: Afevis,
    • Duties: Affairs, Diplomacy, Education, Human Resources, Legal, Logistics, Membership, Security
    • Specialties: Arbiter, Agent, Ambassador, Counsellor, Diplomat, Guardsman, Instructor, Operator

    Imperial Affairs encompassas the general well being and stability of the group and structure. Essentially as the community’s human resources division, it handles internal affairs, security, personnel management, standards, policy and enlistment. This office may assist or request assistance of other offices on account for similar duties, example, Imperial Estate works with members economic accounts.

    Other duties may include internal or external affairs, diplomacy, investigation, research and more. These agents of more sensitive matter follow a strict training and code to best accommodate the task. Any specialists may be recruited by the Imperator, director of Imperial Affairs or any other authorized section leader within as needed.

    Imperial Affairs also handles training, doctrine and study. This section is one of the least seen as important, but is one of the more unique divisions and a community necessity. These instructors focus on passing training, education and knowledge to others in aim to improve everyone’s skills in various areas whether it be gameplay, leadership or community operations. All members are required to have a basic understanding of community operations and structure which will be provided. Scientia est quaedam potentia intelligentis.


    The Magister of training and doctrine section may appoint instructors as needed. Instructional material and courses are to be made available in any form for all chapters and divisions to assist in the continued cycle of knowledge and progression in the betterment of the community and its members.



    ▶ Office of Imperial Estate


    • Director/s: Kavia, Wolf Shaman
    • Duties: Analyst, Assets, Commerce, Events, Marketing, Operations, Supply, Treasury.
    • Specialties: Accountant, Broker, Coordinator, Manager, Marketer, Promoter, Staff.

    Imperial Estate is responsible for maintaining the community's assets, treasury, commerce, marketplace and supply. Focusing on assisting in the overall structure and state of the community. From ensuring daily operations, assisting with policy, moderation and staff duties to managing and analysing the community’s assets and needs.
    Staff may be recruited and appointed by the office as needed. Division leaders are appointed through a Central Command approval process and Administrators are appointed by the Imperator or based on necessity and recommendation.
    Accountant's formulate plans to assist in increasing community values to accommodate expenses, holdings and market. They are tasked with maintaining this community market, maintaining the economy, distribution and scheduling of awards and giveaways.
    Accountants may be recruited or recommended and selected based on interest by the Estate Office. It is recommended that each chapter have an appointed individual to assist in the accommodation of the chapter’s interests.


    ▶ Office of Imperial Technology

    • Director/s: , Xoza
    • Duties: Accounts, Development, Information Technology,  Moderators, Permissions, Projects, Research, Systems
    • Specialties: Administrator, Moderator, Developer, Designer, Programmer, Scripter, Web Manager

    Information systems and Technology facilitate the modern day community’s lifestyle. This office holds primary responsibility of maintaining the community's technological assets from our online servers, forums, teamspeak, information systems and accounts in addition to projects, research and development therein.
    Members of the Imperial Technology Office are appointed by the Imperator only based on necessity. Staff or affiliates may be recruited to assist in organizational or development duties.
    Projects heads our research, design and development of various projects, assets, programs and intellectual property. Projects are proposed by all divisional offices and sorted accordingly then maintainers, designers and developers are selected or volunteer to take up these projects to assist in evolving the community.
    All projects will be backed and funded as needed by the community based on available assets. All project contributors will be properly and professionally referenced and documented. Contributing members may volunteer for any stage of a project or selected by the project manager. Lead Design: Esva, Project Management: Xevrand
    Projects may include media design, video, audio, imagery, programming, game design and much more that requires staged development and a team of dedicated members to create a seamless system for the use or benefit of the community as a whole.




    If you have any questions, please contact the director of the office you have questions about.

  3. ✠ Wish to reward others for their work or missing an award you believe you've earned? fill out a member recognition form!
    ✠ Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirements and activity levels. If you have, please contact an officer so we can discuss it and provide direction. Keep up the good work!
    ✠ Contact an administrator if you are seeking elevation in the community, looking for a leadership position or special duties. There's always tasks to be done and positions are open.
    ✠ If you need any help at all, contact your chapter leadership, staff member, or any officer, they're here to help you enjoy your gaming community experience.
    ✠ Please remember to visit our social media, other members, other chapters and communicate, it's painless. There's a place for everyone here, discover yours today.

    [Portal] [Google+] [Facebook] [Reddit] [Steam] [Twitter] [Twitch] [YouTube]

    [Awards] (We will be meeting with staff this month to determine missing awards and may distribute some without announcement.

    • Aldotsk - [Comrade Support]5 *cited for dedication and support of members and community goals. [AUX]
    • Aldotsk - [indoctrination]15 *cited for continued support and dedication to the progress of the community and it's members. [AUX]
    • Esva - [Pathfinder]10 *cited for original and renewed exemplary service and exploration in the deployment of ventures. [TOR]
    • Hyron - [Comrade Support]5 *cited for dedication and support of members and community goals. [AUX]
    • Kishoshima Dragonash - [Diplomacy]15 *cited for devotion to group relations and contributing to a positive community image. [COM]


    [Misc] (What is AP? / Where can I spend AP?)

    Check out all the cool things you can buy with your AP! You can even trade AP with others.

    (Don't forget to recommend awards and document activity in a log, anyone can do it! More awards with more entries!)

    ✠ If you don't have an account nor are a member, we can't recognize your achievements. Help build the community, get involved. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.

  4. It would only reset the galaxy, players should still have their blueprints.


    The reason being that there's a lot of mess around and a lot of damage. The galaxy is pretty torn apart in core areas. I want to wait though for a few more months, stations need to be updated with new rails and turrets and I'd like to actually get a good pirate threat built up.


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