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  1. PvP is as simple or complex as the gamer chooses, in this guide I will cover the bare bones of PvP by looking at core mechanic. CORE MECHANIC: Core mechanic refers to a rule set, it is literally the game engine. It determines how the game plays and in understanding the core mechanic we can go a long way toward understanding a little bit about each and every one of the classes in the game. This is important in PvP because we can use this basic knowledge to help us securely navigate PvP in the game. All abilities in the game fall into one of four categories: 1) Instant 2) Channeled 3) Cast 4) Conditional 1 - Instant powers come into effect the instant you use them. 2 - Channeled powers come into effect the instant you use them but require you to continue to use them until they have run their course. 3 - Cast powers must be charged for x amount of time before they come into effect. 4 - Conditional powers are rare but an example is Kolto Overload. You use the power on yourself and when your health hits thirty percent or less the power applies itself, becoming active, and rapidly heals you back to thirty percent of your total health and will repeatedly do so until the powers duration expires. If you are already under thirty percent health it in stead acts as an instant power and commences healing you to thirty percent of your total health immediately and again will do so until the powers duration expires. This knowledge falls under the category of core mechanic because all powers in the game operate via one or more of these categories. In knowing that all the classes use their powers in these ways, we can see how tactics can be devised to help protect ourselves from our oppositions attacks. An example of this would be channeled powers. If at any point during a channeled attack, line of effect is lost between the attacker and their target, the attack immediately ceases and any future effect that would have come about is lost as the remainder of the power is wasted. The easiest way to break line of effect if you happen to be the target is to find something larger than you are and place it between yourself and the aggressor. Put simply, get behind something. A large rock or a pillar perhaps, maybe a ramp or some stairs. Unfortunately other players do not count as cover, even if they appear to be larger than you are so no -operation meat shield- and hiding behind your teams tank(s). -------------------------------------------------- The last time I wrote a guide there was a response provided from a guild member who suggested I break my next guide down into sections so it's not overwhelming as there will be a lot to read so I will conclude this post here and provide additional information via new posts. My next post will expand some more upon the topic of core mechanic.

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