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  1. Jam

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    You can forget about my previous post, I changed my motherboard and everything runs perfectly now! Never going back to Gigabyte, it's the 2nd board I've gotten from them and I've had so many issues, I'm back to Asus!
  2. Jam

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    Hey guys, I've gotten a second graphics card as well as a new power supply this week, which I've been trying to get working in SLI without success. My system specs: Motherboard : GA-Z87X-OC CPU : I7-4770k Ram : 16gb 1800mhz Corsair Dominator Platinum GPU: EVGA GTX780 Superclocked (2) PSU: EVGA 1000W 80+ Gold SSD : Samsung EVO 500gb Soundcard: Soundblaster ZXR Capture card: Avermedia Live Gamer HD So since I made the upgrade of the new PSU and the 2nd GTX780, it seems like my other PCI cards (Soundblaster zxr and avermedia live gamer HD), which is really odd, because a 1000W power supply should be PLENTY enough to run these, prior to this upgrade I used a 750W power supply and hadn't had any issues. My motherboard also has an extra 6-pin power connector for PCI cards only, which is optional and I've got it plugged in. But going back to the main issue, I have the two cards installed, they are both working properly and both are detected in my Nvidia Control Panel, I've made a complete driver reinstall after putting the second one and I have tried with two different SLI Bridges (One of which was brand new) and I cannot get the option to activate my SLI (Maximise 3d performance) in the driver. It's not just that the buttons not "clickable", it is not there at all, look at the screenshot in spoiler field. I have updated my motherboards BIOS, I've swapped the cards and still can't get it to work. Both cards are the exact same model/part number. Halp.
  3. Jam

    Hey guys!~

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Jam

    Hey guys!~

    Hey guys, I'm a new member of the Ordo Imperialis' Wildstar chapter and I figured I'd post an introduction so I'd get to meet a few more of you guys :) IRL : I'm a 21 years old gamer, currently living at my own place in Montreal suburbs (Yes I'm a french Canadian and I learned English pretty much from my years of playing Diablo 2 as a kid). I studied to work in IT Tech support, which ended up being a field of work I'm not quite interested in having my career. I've been working for two years in a alternative energy and battery business, basically I'm specialised in the installation, calculation and troubleshooting of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, as well as the sale of battery of any kind. In Game: I've started playing online multiplayer RPG's with Diablo 2 for about 3-4 years, then moved over to a game called 2moons (Dekaron for europe/korean servers) for about 3 years as well, before starting WoW, which I've played for around 4 years. I've been expecting Wildstar for a very long time and I'm still amazed at how good the game is, I think i'll be on this for a very long time. I'm also very fund of Battlefield games for PC, I see you guys play it also and I'll probly join for a couple games! My big focus on Wildstar will be to do both competitive PvP and progression PvE, which I'll all be recording for youtube videos/montages and possible stream.
  5. Welcome to the community Jam! =)


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