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  1. Violet

    [Ordo] Awards/Promotions: 17AUG14

    :O Thanks <3! anyone got any PC issues, come to me! Just ask Roy <3
  2. Violet

    Streaming tips discussions and updates!

    Oh and if its any extra help? You need an overlay/graphics for your stream? CALL ME! (Shoo Xoza!)
  3. Violet

    Streaming tips discussions and updates! Performance Tips to start! Option A) You have a powerful computer and money to pay a 3-month subscription ($9-15) to can handle XSplit Broadcaster, this is the best broadcaster and most popular one out there and is used by a majority of pro gamers as well. It offers properly coded and fully working plugins and you often don't find yourself going all over forum posts to try and fix some third-party crap like Open Broadcaster (or OBS for short). Obtion B) You don't have a powerful computer or money to pay a subscription and streaming is a hobby you will not likely attempt to make money off or take very seriously? OBS is what you need but your options are limited. What you put on your stream nowadays is very important, especially since Google are taking over Twitch and they just Ffffed up by muting *any* music you put on your stream VOD's, essentially there's *no* point at all in recording what you watch unless it goes on YouTube because no one's gonna remember it and it's going to have no music either. XSplit allows you to properly scale and import your own graphics, video, animation, and webcam to your stream while OBS will have plugins for this but I found them extremely buggy and unreliable. I do not like unprofessional software, you may be a different person who actually doesn't mind but that's just me and no judgement :o! Ok key performance tips (and I can only offer this for XSplit because I don't remember the kind of settings OBS gives you) Firstly, regardless if you pay for XSplit or not, you're going to be using 720p even if you have an absolute *beast* of a computer. Why? Because unless you are featured/partnered streamer on, your quality options are limited to Best, which means people who have crappy internet can not tune into your stream and by the off-chance that it lags them to hell because you're streaming 1080p quality @60 FPS? they will not be able to tune down your stream quality and save them some bandwidth and lag. 720p is your friend until Twitch stop being assholes. Personally? we're in the 21st Century now, laptops to run 720p are not expensive even AMD's worst stuff can do it and I am an Intel/NVIDIA girl... dont judge! but if someone can't load 720p, then that's their problem not yours. You can't keep everyone happy right? keep this in mind because its very important especially when you get a ton of viewers. 720p (that's a resolution of 1280x720) HD and depending on your PC's power you will run the standard 30FPS in streams or you can knock it slightly to 40 or even 60 like I do. Do this by going into the View - Resolution/Framerate tabs on XSplit.Next you want to go into your Broadcast tab and link your XSplit to your twitch stream via. the code it gives you. It'll ask you to login and verify it's your stream blah blah you'll be fine :)! Then go into Tools - General Settings and check these things, the rest is optional in terms of performance/preference: Enable Virtual Camera Output, Enable Optimized Render, Enable Game Source, and check your microphone or your PC's stereo mix is selected as the recording source. Don't worry about people not hearing you if you speak, XSplit has volume for the game it is linked to and volume for your chosen microphone so you can choose to run both or mute one another. After you added your stream to XSplit 2 points above this tip, go to your Broadcast tab and click the gearbox symbol on your stream's link. Now this is the important page so listen up! 1) Make sure your country is set to the closest location to your home as this affects your stream quality and speed as well as your own net performance while streaming. Unless you have a beast of an internet connection ( you will not be able to stream to places like USA while living in the UK. You can also tell the server to ingest your server before broadcasting, this will mean the program automatically selects the best latency location for you so you can stream at the best performance and quality. 2) Birtate & VBV Buffer are the backbone of your stream. Before I explain what these are, just incase you have no idea what your internets download/upload means, I will explain quick or you can just skip to #3. 2.5) Download speed determines the speed in which you can download things from external sources, servers, websites, file transfers, you name it. To find this out you can go to and take a test. My test says: 160mb download, and 12mb Upload. Upload speed is the important one, this is the part of your internet which does all the work. When you send a file to a friend you are uploading it aye? this means you need to donate part of your internets upload rate so your friend can connect and download that file from you. Works the same way with streaming extreme it's not a file... it's something much more powerful. Decent Upload Speed for high quality streaming is at least 3-3.5mb or higher. Remember having a powerful upload is fine, but TOO much upload can be bad as well. You need to find your internets sweet spot and stream. Since I have 10-12 upload I can afford to donate half of my upload to my stream and nobody besides those who have poor download speeds will lag (of course as mentioned before, twitch can fix this by giving normal streamers QUALITY options... dicks) So lets say your internet is 20 download and 5 upload, decent, love it. Your sweet spot is around 3-4 upload or if your sister is complaining because she can't facebook in all that lag? knock it down to 2.5 at minimum. If she complains anymore she lieing so go educate her the Violet way! :O Your bitrate is the upload speed and it's measured in kbps (Kilobytes per second). XSplit currently only allows a bitrate and VBV buffer cap of 5000 (1000 Kilobyes = 1megabyte). So essentially 5 upload is the max you can use regardless if you are a featured streamer or not. Set your VBV Buffer and the Bitrate at the exact same value but make sure it's your nets sweetspot. To further the example earlier, it would be 2500 (2.5) at minimum but this depends on your internet. If you don't know your nets sweetspot just send me your speedtest results in a reply to this thread and I'll tell you. 3) Ok we've sorted your upload rate, now we need to set a few more vital options which make that little extra edge in stream quality. Keyframe Interval set specifically to 2.0 and ensure your Mode is CBR and Strict CBR is set to ON. A known bug with XSplit is that your keyframe interval changes its value sometimes, if your viewers complain about unusual levels of lag or your Twitch Dashboard doesn't say "Excellent" (Green light) for stream quality, go into your XSplit settings again and just quickly change your Keyframe interval to 3.0 and then set it back to 2.0. Even though it says 2.0 it isn't really at 2.0, you will find this fixes those odd laggy days that you can't explain. 4) Audio is encoded by upload bitrate as well, how much you donate means higher quality sound. I have mine to the maximum of 192, for standard net connections I recommend 128/160 and of course if you are a member of XSplit (paid membership license), grab the AAC LC HQ codec and 44.1 KHz stereo format. 5) Lastly always interleave audio and video in one RTMP channel and saving recordings is entirely your choice but it's pointless unless it goes on YouTube. Viewer ratings should not be stressed over, nobody just pops out as a 1000+ popular streamer ok? it takes dedication, it takes work and utter devotion. You have to marry your channel ok? I have near 400 viewers but that took me two years. If I had actually cared to use a webcam or microphone (very distracting on starcraft), like 75% of my viewers wanted me to, I would of probably been one of SC2's most popular female players even today but it depends on you. Who are you? Do you care for fame? Do you care more about what you get out of this or what they get out of this? Have the right mind set when you go into streaming, because you're the star and they're the Ffffing papparazzi. I personally have something of a grudge against some girls who think webcam/mics is a good way to flash how big their tits are and they give girl gamers a bad name in the streaming community but some are actually ok. - One bitch who definitely heeds my example... avoid her, and she is one of the reasons I do not use a webcam or a microphone besides the fact they distract me so damn much. The important thing is, it doesn't matter what the hell they say or think ok? What are they gonna do? post on facebook "hey look this fag is a camera shy fool come laugh at him!" or in my case "This silly G.I.R.L can rot.", and I gave them the finger. ,,!,, dont take shit from your viewers, represent yourself and have fun thats what it is all about. Best advice: You walk into streaming -trying- to be popular? you will be disappointed unless you're some big shot League of Legends player or a popular person in a popular game. I never aimed for fame, and I made 50-60 very loyal streaming friends who are all on my skype and I even made donations regardless if they'd ever seen my face or heard my voice before, I was sure about one thing: They weren't there to see my tits or hear my british accent, they were there to see me play. I hope this helps, if you have any more trouble or don't understand something just find Violet in Teamspeak or go tug on Kavia's sleeve, she will fetch me for you :O after all I live in her kitchen... :(
  4. Violet

    Kavia's ... Whatever it is!

    I didn't poke too hard I hope? :o
  5. Violet

    Violet is here! :P

    Thankyou Jundani, perhaps I will :D! I plan to do some more work soon.
  6. Violet

    Violet is here! :P

    oh by the way Xoza! / :D! Nice to see a fellow streamer <3 follow given to you.
  7. Violet

    Violet is here! :P

    My deviantart isn't quite filled up yet, I'm only beginning my studies this September so I know nothing yet xD but I am a self-training digital painter. If you have any experience in that art I'd appreciate some lessons some time over teamviewer? going to add a few more landscape paintings in August :D Also thanks to all for the kind welcome <3!
  8. Violet

    Violet is here! :P

    :O! YAY! I mean-... Oh i'm happy to be here :P!
  9. Violet

    Violet is here! :P

    Hi :) my name's Violet and I'm happy to be in this guild, heard many good things about it from my 6-year best friend Savrix/Nathan (you all know him!) :D and well this is me as simple as I can make it. Name: Violet Fox Age: 21 Gender: Female Country: United Kingdom Born: Savannah, Georgia Nationality: American/British Mix Studying: Video Game Art Hobbies Gaming 90% of my life! Digital Art (Photoshop, painting, etc.) Roleplaying (Star Wars) Sleeping My 3 Cats and pet wolf! (well he's a black husky with red eyes but I wuv him to bits! xP!) Street Racing (I own a Ducati 1198) My best friends and my greatest pal Nathan :O Pasta (Favourite Food) Coca Cola (Favourite Drink) Pizza (Favourite Take-out) Favourite Games StarCraft II (My main RTS. I played this mainly but recently have had to give up a lot of time on it because of studies resuming soon) SW:TOR (obviously, my casual game) League of Legends (when I feel like it.. but I'm not fond of Team MOBA's) Battlefield 4 (My main shooter, and I have 14 years of professional experience in that genre) Star Wars Galaxies (yes I'm an old old old 8-9 year veteran of SWG, played it from pre-cu to the end of NGE and I hate SOE for what they did to it) SWG Emulator and all the other games I could list would be far too long, but if you name it I likely have played it! :D About my personality, well I will be honest. I'm friendly to everyone I meet unless they are not friendly to me first. I have teeth and claws and I am not afraid to use them. I am a reliable friend and I treat everyone as an equal but I can hold grudges to an extent. I am very loyal to those that are kind, deserving, and just. To those who are cruel, I usually try to find justice for. I can be harsh but fair.
  10. Welcome to the community Violet! =)


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