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  1. Netzeom

    Forums Roleplay Guide

    oh god lol.
  2. Netzeom

    Forums Roleplay Guide

    i'd love to do some D&D anytime!
  3. Netzeom


  4. Netzeom

    New movie discussion

    I dont know about the rest of you guys but im all set for Suicide squad!
  5. Netzeom

    Pokémon GO

    Team Valor follows our code.
  6. Netzeom

    The ORDOCAST Returns: Episode 1: IT RETURNS

    this is amazing lol.
  7. Netzeom

    Kavia's ... Whatever it is!

    NICE :D love the art
  8. Netzeom

    Eight Years

    Hey there, i'm one of the new recruits, been here for about a month now, truthfully i don't know you at all but what ive read it seems like you are a loyal kickass who likes to get shit done and for that sir you are my friend
  9. Thank you very much for this helped me figure out which of the 3 secondary stats (absorb, defence and shield) to be working on more :)
  10. Welcome to the community Netzeom! =)


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