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    See, since these forums are . you know... by xoza I can't upload files. I made some basic addon stuff for people coming into wildstar. And also some of our vets should also look into these addon packs. *cough wong* I'll go into the explanation of each in a bit once I get some free time but for now to get to the addons you will need to log into TS and go to the wildstar channel. Right click > open file browser. The "Basic ordo addon pack" is what I would say all quality of life improvements. Important, on perspecitve you want to open that up and turn everything off. Specifically turn on the ones you want. The more customization pack will.... give more options and overall improve your Wildstar experience
  2. Hoedown

    All things Rune-ing.

    Haiii I'm Hoedown. So first of all, I do not have all the information. This post will be getting longer and more comprehensive the more time passes and the more input I receive from y'all. As far as runes go, for any class, I can confidently say that you don't really need to worry about it until you hit level 50. The runes I will talking about will mostly be for the raid level gear. So where to begin. There's alot that has changed and I'll attempt to break it down into pieces for you. I will be refering to this link frequently so please click it and have it open.</p> <p><a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href=""></a></p> One important distinction to make in drop 6. Runesets are based off each individual item. For example you cannot get 6 tier bonuses if you have 3 in helm and 3 in gloves. Needs to be all in one item. This spreadsheet has every runeset compiled into one easy to read document. How to use: Its a google doc spreadsheet. At the bottom of the page you'll see - General, Augmentors , Fusion, and all the classes. General - are runesets that can be used on any class and can be crafted. Augmentors... drop from augmentors which as a guild we havent cleared. I dont think any of us have the runes. Fusion - this I will be explaining later but for now just know that they are important and thats where you find them. Class sets. I'll explain in detail later but the jist of it is these are rare and you shouldnt plan to have them for a month or two, at the earliest. STEP ONE - Class specializations. The first thing you need to do is do your homework and check out which stats you will need to be stacking and what the soft caps are. I'll update this when I have more information so please post or PM me so that people dont have to track the information down, it'll just be in one convenient location. I'll tell you the priority for stalker tanks, seeing how we have so many of those 1st: Crit mitigation to 85% so you don't get 1 shot and die due to a boss critting you. 2nd: Every slot after that should be base health. Gives you the most bang for your buck 3rd: Next priority will be deflect chance seeing how they made the scaling increased by a lot and stalker tanks scale with deflect quite 4th: Glance, will help mitigate some damage. Not the highest priority. Now with these different stat priorities comes choices. Each class is different as I said so again make sure to know what you are looking for. Noone is going to be perfect at the start. I would say do some homework and YOLO all the way to the crafting station. With the different stats you'll have to be picking out which runesets you want that will help the most. I'll keep using stalker tank as an example as it's what I know the most about. So as I said earlier, stalker tank's first priority is getting the crit mitigation up to 85 %. So here is where we whip out our handy dandy spreadsheet. Go to the general tab and since this is for tank, scroll down to the section where it says . Complicated I know. You'll see that each set has bonuses for each power ranking that you achieve. You get 1 power rank for a regular rune and 2 power ranks for an exceptional. The goal here to rune your gear with the most optimization. After analyzing the runesets I quickly see that the best set for crit mitigation is Alleviation... But hoedown... why Alleviation? Because you dumbass it has crit mitigation on two of the power rankings, most importantly on the final one which gives a pretty sizable boost. On top of that it has health boosts. Yum. So we've picked out our first set. Great that brings us to... STEP TWO - picking runes You'll notice quickly that you will not need as many runes overall to rune your gear. Accessories no longer can hold runes and your gear that can indeed hold runes can only carry a maximum of 5 now. Now then, we have to take our runeset(s) and get them into our gear. Let's continue on with Allevation. On the spreadsheet, Allevation can have 3 possible runes. Life slot: Health. Earth slot: Armor. Logic slot: Crit mitigation. You look at that and then refer back to your original list of desired stats. 2/3 are on the desired list of stats you are looking for. If you are lucky the set(s) you are runing will have all 3. Back to s. tanks. I will be runing for crit mit and base health. Sweet. So with both of those being exceptional I will have a total of 4 power. I need two more. Now a good thing to remember here is you can't have the same rune in your gear twice. This rule doesnt apply to exceptional vs non because they are the same thing in the eyes of carbine, minus how much power they give. Armor has 5 slots. Two are being used for the exceptional Allevation and one most likely will be used for a fusion rune (if that piece allows for it). Leaves two more slots. The trick here is to make lower quality runes(power level 100 instead of 120) for the same set and stick them in. The lower quality runes will give less stats, but count as different runes and therefore can complete your set while never making you rune for things you dont want. STEP THREE - Slotting Let's just say these runes are going into a helmet. So on my helmet my slots are as follows: Life, water, earth, logic, life. We picked out that we will stick in plvl 120 exceptional life: base health and logic:crit mit as well as regular plvl100 life:base health and logic:crit mit. Since this is a helmet you have to leave one slot for your fusion rune. This is important, fusion runes can go into any slot. It doesnt matter what the slot is, a fusion rune can go in there. Alright so we need to have 2 life slots, 2 logic slots and a wildcard. So in our example helmet we have 2 life and 1 logic. For sure we need to roll only one slot. You do this by one of two ways. Option a. Spend your plat to reroll. This can get expensive and will give you a random slot. You can reroll as many times as you want but you have to keep going until you get the one you want. Option b. Spend monies and get service tokens(??). These cost [insert amount] and will allow you to roll a slot or all your gear idk, someone help me out here havent dont this yet.... to w/e you want. MOVING ON . I also am unsure of if runes are more powerful in the first slot still. And does it matter which slot the fusion goes into? All questions I'd like answered. STEP FOUR - ...... STEP FIVE - PROFIT by killing all the bosses
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