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  1. lazaford

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    If I may I wouldn't mind Resident Evil 5 Untold stories and Thank you
  2. lazaford

    Ordomas 12 Day Giveaway (2015)

    Hope you guys enjoy this one.
  3. lazaford

    Glorious Passing of Days

    Thank you kind Sir!
  4. lazaford

    Glorious Passing of Days

    Good Morrow fellow men's and women's, Laza is the name Gaming is>.> <.< um....I like to play all games everything from the time of swords to the time of guns. If thou art want to play you can find me in teamspeak I have all sorts of entertainment for thou art to share...If there beith more information needed please let me know I had no idea what to write but, "Hi I'm new" - Trickfoot December 12, 2015 >.> <.<

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