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  1. Kiasha

    Hello, I am a potato.

    LMAO <3 Welcome to the forums fellow popoto
  2. Kiasha


    Welcome to Ordo ^.^ Hope you enjoy your stay and being a part of the community.
  3. Kiasha


    ^.^ Welcome to the FC.
  4. Kiasha

    Hello ^.^

    - Kiasha or Kia (though IRL it's Jocelyn, but Kiasha/ Kia are what I'm known by) - Your steam profile information. - FFXIV - Birth date should be accurate. - Friend suggested ya'll and I am usually often up for joining active/ fun guilds, and my real interests in gaming is not just grinding.. honestly I'm not big on solo grinding.. prefer doing stuff with others and having fun helping where I can / if I can. - Just help however I can, and participate where I am able. :) - Read it and have been part of a military style guild in the past before. :) I understand.

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