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  1. Teron Gray

    New Years Reflection

    No repeats of that 'Gastric Exterminatus' incident.
  2. Teron Gray

    Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

    I have RA2 and YR somewhere.
  3. Teron Gray

    New Motorbike.

    Evalidus Orange for that extra level of visibility.
  4. Teron Gray

    100 things I learned...

    66. You can't truly trust anyone not under the same banner as you. 67. For 90% of the SLMC, mental/emotional instability is a prerequisite for command positions. 68. You can't fix stupid.
  5. Teron Gray

    Remember when...

    -When Corsi was a distant name never associated with Ordo, or the SLMC in fact.
  6. Teron Gray

    Remember when...

    -Can recall experiencing the Ork WAAAAUUUGH! -Remembers when Vanguard died. -Also remembers 39th BW Ziost. -Can recall Sparta and Bruno McBanhammer. -Remembering Ordo Ventrillo being shared with another gaming group. -Recalls the annihilation of the Militant Collective. -Remembers the betrayal and formation of the Urimach Union. -Was here when the Cohors > Century > Octet system was in place. -Been around long enough to know this is backwards, our elite units were "Century II" Units. A-II 'Invictus', B-II 'Antesigani', and C-II 'Fulminata'.
  7. Teron Gray

    Reminder - Raid Calls

    When volunteering for a raid after a call for volunteers has been made, you do not leave your position until you are both confirmed going and have a replacement for you location. Especially true during a defense, even with just lonewolves; abandoning the line results in compromising our defensive strength. If you bolt for Tactica for the team is told to and cause Titan's line to break, no good will come to you.
  8. Teron Gray


    I just host a world for myself and my friends now and then. Those tend to be best as you can continue more or less where you leave off if the Host doesn't touch it in SP mode.
  9. Teron Gray

    Winning and Losing: The Musical

    Yesterday we had a few combat ops at home and abroad I was personally a part of. 39th engaged us in a training exercise, I believe. We began with our initial light munitions, nigh the entire line armed with rifles and smgs. About half of our opponents had miniguns as force equalizers. Our organization was sharp, we applied suppressive fire and held out fairly well. As 39th escalated to armor and air assets, defense in turn responded with AT weapons, and Nemesis. We had a few moments where the line was breached only for people to maneuver in and push back. Ultimately our friends, while they tried valiantly, failed to make any gains. Many battles at home go this way, with escalation in arms directly responsive to enemy deployments. Could we have stuck with only light arms? With the tank and mech, sure, it would've been tougher but we would've been fine. Air always warrants a dedicated AA response. We have the means to counter the enemy, and they will be used. Offensives go similar, or we have some fights we know will be fierce. Case in point, our Raid on Chaos. Like AN, they don't hold back and use everything from the start. We had air up from the get go, a tank not far behind. All objectives were captured after some intense combat and we were declared victorious, with the final battle being solely in the hands of infantry. Our deployment was more heavy-handed than most but the scenario warranted it. We can push right up to the line, but that is the point in the sense. Rules are 'you can go this far' then you can go that far, use all of that allowance if it is necessary and don't be afraid to do so. With the Lonewolves... They had exceeded their time to attack, and refused to withdraw when requested. Until an EM was available 'GTFOverkill' was employed. Should we really pummel Lonewolves so viciously? In most scenarios no, but when you have a tired and annoyed defense at 4am, it makes dealing with twits who won't leave so you can sleep a bit more tolerable to kill for the 200th time when you do it with gross firepower.
  10. Teron Gray

    Game Character Royal Wedding Invite

    What about Duke, and all he's done for us? D:
  11. Teron Gray

    Battlefield Play4Free

    It's.... Battlefield 2 in a shiny new box?
  12. Teron Gray

    Praetorian Guard Candidate Trials

    I will be without power for a good chunk of the day tomorrow (Friday), Edison is working on the power-lines. As such I will likely miss C block, but may potentially catch D or E. Power can be out until 1800 SLT but last time they did this it came back early afternoon, hopefully that will be the case.
  13. Teron Gray

    Praetorian Guard Candidate Trials

    I am trying. We're playing message tag it seems. DX
  14. Teron Gray

    Praetorian Guard Candidate Trials

    Might have some critical scheduling problems with both Sunday and Monday. Will contact you directly.
  15. Teron Gray

    Praetorian Guard Candidate Trials

    Got a reminder from family last night about a get together I am expected at today, might overlap my scheduled slot.

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