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  1. Blaze Wiles

    Newblood, reporting in.

    Fenrys Hjolda! Welcome to the forums!
  2. Blaze Wiles

    Planetside 2

    Yay! I'm in the Beta now :3 I had a chance to run around on the US East 02 server last night as Terran Republic with Marbles & Co. (at least before 2142 turned up in force on Titan) And I am suitable impressed so far.
  3. Blaze Wiles

    DeathWatch Tabletop

    Simple really, The whole system is based off percentage rolls & 10 sided dice, so at most you need to generate a number between 0 & 100. So we can either use an online dice roller like this one [] or use two physical d10's (which most of us have tons of - I have something like 30+ because of the World of Darkness system)
  4. Blaze Wiles

    DeathWatch Tabletop

    Thank you for that insight Mr. Reisman... Anyway, someone must have gone Imperial Commissar on the telecom engineers, I'm back operational.
  5. Blaze Wiles

    DeathWatch Tabletop

    Normally? This game has just been started up in the last three weeks - mostly comprised of getting the Campaign material together, making sure the character sheets are finished and upto date with the living Errata, ensuring the players know how the game mechanics work, and organising a time that all participants can be online for (which has been the singularly most difficult part - now further complicated by my unforseen telephone problems). I have Teron, Burrwolf, Marc, & Salem set to play, Along with two additional none ordo players to round out the Kill-Teams abilities by filling the last two specific roles, most importantly providing an Apothacary character. I'm not Against someone else joining in, but you'll have to speak to me when my net is fixed.
  6. Blaze Wiles

    DeathWatch Tabletop

    For those of you who are involved with the Warhammer 40,000 DeathWatch Role Play Game I am Game Mastering on the 20AUG12. Due to the Telephone Exchange breaking something on their end I will likely be unable to attend, unless you hear from me by sataday night the session on the 20th has been posoponed (again) till the 27AUG12. Sorry for the inconvienience. For those interested in what DeathWatch is, in short it is a Table Top Role Playing Game, in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, but you take on the role of a Space Marine in the elite DeathWatch within the universe of Warhammer 40,000. The DeathWatch is the millitant arm of the Imperial Inquisitions Ordo Xenos, it's members drawn from Space Marine Chapters accross the Imperium, Hunting down the most dangerouse alien threats to the Imperium. [ http://www.fantasyfl...enmi=Deathwatch ]
  7. Blaze Wiles

    I suppose it can't hurt to start here.

    Hello :D!
  8. Blaze Wiles

    Warhammer 40,000 RPGs

    There is a series of Pen & Paper based Role Playing Games set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 published by Fantasy Flight Games. I have been collecting these books for about a year now, and recently got hold of the core rules and the first expansion book to the Deathwatch Game; The Game that places the players in the shoes of Space Marines of The Deathwatch, an Elite Special Forces Unit dedicated to hunting down and destroying Alien threats to the Imperium. I know several of our members play some of the other games in this series (Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader), and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in getting together either forum side or in SL to run one of these games. ~Blaze (stuck this in offline for lack of a better place to put it)
  9. Blaze Wiles

    Rapid Responce Force

  10. Blaze Wiles


    :D Space Wolves?
  11. Blaze Wiles

    The beta grid!

    All set up, just let me know when I'm needed
  12. Blaze Wiles

    Candidacy Trials Scheduling

    My preferred times will be in order of preference: 1. Time Slot C 2. Time Slot D 3. Time Slot E 4. Time Slot B 5. Time Slot A I can make any slots on any listed day if need arises.
  13. Blaze Wiles

    Soap MacTavish

    Personally causing the most mayhem as humanly possible seems to be the general reaction of just about everyone who's played that level, just to see what's going to happen next or what does this thing do when I put a mag into it. This seems to be the same reason at some point everyone I know with a copy of Hitman: Blood Money has taken the unlockable Minigun (along with whatever automatic weapons they can stuff into 47's jacket pockets) to the Carnival Level with the packed streets and attempted to kill absolutely everything and sat there grinning like the Cheshire cat while they do so. I think people read to far into it half the time x3 It seems like Task Force 141 operates similar to Tom Clancy's RAINBOW Team, since there are confirmed at least British, American and either Australian/New Zealand operatives (the Driver on the Afghan Bone yard level who gets pegged just before you drive into Nikolai's plane, his flag patch is either/or if you look, I didn't go back to check which yet, sorry) probably other if anyone was bothered to check, Canadian, possibly German and French personnel wouldn't surprise me in the least. Which gets me thinking, wouldn't that put the 141 under NATO or UN jurisdiction? especially since the operatives seem to keep some sort of connection with there home countries, the flag patches on the uniforms being evidence of this, though thinking about it why they would be wearing any sort of Identifying markings makes little sense being a deniable ops unit.
  14. Blaze Wiles

    Soap MacTavish

    Brother/Cousin/Clone was my next on my list, I do believe the characters to be so close to have no connection what so ever would be implausible, and yea since the Players character in both games absorbs the content of at least two medium sized munitions dumps and a small artillery base by the time you've made it to the end of the games anything is feasibly survivable, though in terms of story it makes little difference if it is Gaz or isn't so I suppose you pay your money and takes your choice of what you want to believe with Ghost, his voice actor was pretty bad ass I can see why they would pull something along any of these lines. It would be in keeping with the fact if I count a character as my 'favourite' from a movie or game they 90% of the time end up KIA >.> Pvt. Vasquez (Aliens), 'Rain' (Resident Evil), Alvin H. 'Chopper' Davenport (Ace Combat 5), Gaz, I have bad luck in picking characters who might make return appearances, or make it to the credit, it seems. Anyway, I'm now wondering what logic gave Soap a Mohawk in the first place o.o
  15. Blaze Wiles

    Soap MacTavish

    I'm pretty sure Ghost is supposed to be Gaz, don't ask me how, I get the feeling maybe they pulled a 'because we say so' clause to resurrected a character they accidentally killed off the last time though, wouldn't be the first time a character that has been pretty defiantly killed off has been brought back at a latter date regardless of injuries (Teresa Lipan from the Syphon Filter series Took a point blank burst from an MP5K to the what looks like the neck/head and chest at the end Syphon Filter 2 and was brought back latter on). If it isn't Gaz then I'd hazard a guess then the player is most defiantly supposed to accept it is at first glance, but the only way to figure out that mystery would be to corner a member the dev team and ask them. Soap's Pretty Epic as well, and I miss Griggs. But Captain Price is the best, He looks like John McAleese :D

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