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    Being an free runner - flips, tricks and stunts.

    Creating life on paper - anthro, anime, and cartoons.

    Lighten up in the community - making friends, meeting strangers and helping those in need.

    The power that is within these hands - showing what I have that makes me unique.

    Being myself - Twisted, hyper, dumbfounded, lost, and energized.
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    Beyond the Skies
  1. Euro Zapatero

    Pools of sketches

    I'll smother you guys with the new and somewhat old, as usual. Zyko's Bust. Who is that..? Yes, huge boobs. SFW Soon to be reference sheet. An odd moment. NSFW, cropped. Blast from the Past. Zyko's first look, this was about.. 2 1/2 years ago I believe. 3rd Year of Drawing. So there you guys go, 2 new, semi-new and fricken old.
  2. Euro Zapatero

    Quotes of Win

    [P] Captain Xegras: Just got told im being sent to a FOB for six months in afghanie land XD Euro: FOB? [P] Captain Xegras: Forward operating base Euro: Oh, ouch. [P] Captain Xegras: Eh lots of pay and get to work on my studies and body [P] Captain Xegras: aint so bad Euro: True, got an up side as well as the downs. [P] Captain Xegras: Plus if its a dutch or isreal FOB >.> More men then women :D Euro: ... Euro: YOU FAG Euro: lolkiddin [P] Captain Xegras: FUCK [P] Captain Xegras: i mean women then men Euro: AHAHA [P] Captain Xegras: Wow Euro: Qouted. Mind you we are both in the USAF, just an fyi.
  3. Euro Zapatero

    Quotes of Win

    Mission complete!
  4. Euro Zapatero

    Pools of sketches

    OMG CLONER Enzo .mD One new and an oldie that I haven't shown yet.
  5. Euro Zapatero

    Quotes of Win

    After the loudspeaker announcement of lunch being served. [08:47] (COM): Euro Zapatero: WOOHOO LUNCH [08:47] (COM): Maza Rau: We get to eat? ;-; [08:47] (COM): Maza Rau: Best day ever. SEE WE HUNGRY
  6. Euro Zapatero

    Lost Planet 2 (360)

    First boss, I also died, but the 2nd time we won. Anyways, add me name is Euroven and hopefully get a co-op going.
  7. Euro Zapatero

    Lost Planet 2 (360)

    Need some people to go gargantuan fighting.
  8. Euro Zapatero

    E3: 2010

    lololol at MW3, there is no IW anymore. NEW SUPER SMASH?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT YEAH.
  9. Euro Zapatero

    Monster Hunter 3

    Love the fricken game.
  10. is getting Death by PowerPoint for a whole week.

  11. Euro Zapatero

    Pools of sketches

    Fix'd try now.
  12. Euro Zapatero

    Pools of sketches

    Hand-to-hand readiness Yes his hands are small, I get it, fucking hands.
  13. Euro Zapatero

    AC 2010

    Add me to Negative, unable to go due to my CDCs; I must thank my supervisor being a supreme dick about it.
  14. Euro Zapatero

    Praetorian Guard Trials: The Initiates

    Congrats fagts, and noticed how more than half of them were Officers. XP
  15. Euro Zapatero

    AC 2010

    Don't know but more leaning to not able to, just ask some questions to one of the sgts, he says most likely ill have to stay on base to get ny cdcs knocked out, really wish I can go, even if it became a yes I would need to get a room with someone so more problems ontop of more.

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