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  1. Silver Meridoc

    Eliminator/Eraser: Banned

    I think its sad really, we gave them that trust and that chance to show us they could fight fair, and they go about and throw dirt in our eyes. Personally that just annoys me, we shouldn't have to go and take the gun apart piece by piece cause that takes our time away, giving us more work. Though Tsume's example is a good idea to use for anything that may deem it necessary, the whole fact we have to do it really hinders the "benefit of the doubt" we give people with sketchy guns and that they aren't Spamtastic or broken
  2. Silver Meridoc

    It's done! :)

    It was so epic...i shat bricks but seriously folks, MJ did good on this, i plan to sit down with him and interview him for the thoughts he had on this film. From what he told me there was a lot he wishes he could change and plans to make a second one in the future. All in all the movie was a masterpiece
  3. Silver Meridoc

    It's done! :)

    w00t, that should be epic to see
  4. Silver Meridoc

    Mercz Suck

    I agree with you Kristian, people have talked to me off sim and always go "OMG your in ordo? i want in" and even a few applicants who have spoken with me always say that ordo was their first choice (exactly how you put it, they find other SL militaries inferior.) I went to Ordo because MikeMurdock was an officer here, so i wanted to be with him, if i hadn't been introduce here i probably may have joined Mercz or 39th or maybe one of the many other militaries. Honestly i don't consider them inferior, they just do things differently then we do, I've been to the Mercz base, and i frankly find some of their methods to actually be interesting and i wouldn't have minded joining them. The sad thing is too many people see us as the cream of the crop and use us as the "best SL military" example. Whenever people ask me about joining militaries, indeed i say ordo, but i always make mention saying that the Mercz, or the EU or the Alliance Navy are all good choices, sadly few ever listen to anything after "Ordo"
  5. Silver Meridoc

    Letter from Taffa Markova

    Ah i love how he says "respect thy enemy". Its true, always respect the enemy, the moment we dont is the moment we lose. Epic letter, i really liked reading this
  6. Silver Meridoc

    Quick note on Ordo Picks

    Personally i thank everyone for taking this into consideration. indeed its all on database, but we all cant gain access to that easily, i admit i always have trouble trying. Making a simple dossier of your merits makes giving you more a bit easier
  7. Silver Meridoc

    Eliminator/Eraser: Banned

    That's always a fear im sure that is dawning. People will never really give up from greifing a sim, and knowing now that we have banned his second gun, I'm sure he will try a third (though knowing this now, I'm sure it would fail)
  8. Silver Meridoc

    Quick note on Ordo Picks

    One thing i find very annoying is when i want to do Merit/Award recommendations, i tend to forget just what merits people have. I know this sounds silly, but its becoming rather problematic in my opinion. To help, and this is optional, its useful to put your Ordo rank, uni designation, branch, merits and awards in a Pick choice in your Profile, that way people can see what you have received and don't give you doubles.
  9. Silver Meridoc

    Newcomer's Obersvations

    Thanks a ton for this man, in my opinion you deserve something for taking the time to write this observation. In truth i agree fully with what you are saying, in general Ordo is a fun and well organized military, and as Aryte had said, these sort of things are always welcome to help grow this community
  10. Silver Meridoc

    Eliminator/Eraser: Banned

    Good to see it banned. That weapon has caused serious issues and having fought against it i find it a very unpractical and unfair weapon. Tsume's report clearly shows my thoughts were correct on how cheap this weapon is. Geodan must have done something when he showed it to Niiya to get it cleared. Thats the only reason i can see since Niiya would never miss something like this in a weapon.
  11. Silver Meridoc

    Mother's Day: Vote!

    As cool as it is, part of me says its not really needed. I can understand is mothers day, but its not a real big holiday. I mean yeah we spend time with our moms and take em for dinner, but most of us probably wouldn't need to have a sim closed just for that, in fact i agree with Ribena, most of us would be offline and spending time with our moms
  12. *hugs and cuddles* heya mike -3 hope all is well

  13. Silver Meridoc

    A weapon the ordo needs

    Hehe, i saw that episode, the key behind that weapon is a bit of surprise and protection. Israel built another Corner shot Grenade Launcher/Pistol/SMG weapon, it was meant to provide cover fire while protecting the operator. This one, as the episode said, was to surprise the hostiles and then shoot them.
  14. Silver Meridoc

    Reminder: Responsibility of Defense

    I agree with Sera, and if you look at other past reports i wrote, i made mention of the laxity of defense. Its not something to joke about, I've seen it in late hours how I'm usually the only one on the wall (save one or two others) while everyone else seems to yander inside the outpost. Myself, Rei, and Justice all commented on this matter, its something that just cant be ignored, people need to manage defense at all times, even if there are only 5 people on sim.

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