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  1. Carrious Darbyshire

    Upcoming Conventions & Plans?

    Why not? I'm like an hour away.
  2. Carrious Darbyshire

    Upcoming Conventions & Plans?

    I live in Jersey. If you can handle yourself with a pool cue and aren't afraid of women or marinara sauce, you can meet with me. If you are embarrassing I'll pretend I don't know you and leave.
  3. Carrious Darbyshire

    Reflection, 9/11 Where were you?

    I was a sophomore in high school. In most of our classes they suspended the normal curriculum and took some time to explain to us all what happened and why. What it represented, what would happen after. When I saw it on TV I thought it was some sort of movie at first. I had no idea how to react. I couldn't comprehend at the time what was going on, I was blissfully uncaring about a bunch of angry men in some burning sea of sand.
  4. Carrious Darbyshire

    Confirming: Vanguard

    That means that it was not an option to attack.
  5. Carrious Darbyshire

    Planetside 2

    You're making giant schemes and trying to construct another machine of war. That's adorable. What the horde working in tandem has proven is that the weak links will drag you down. It happened before, it'll happen again. You may not have been there for ArmA with us, but this was brought up earlier in this very thread. The way around this is to divide people into individual squads with surgical strike targets. Simple and effective. When people are being stupid and slow it will slow down their squad but not everybody else. Thanks for telling me how all plans go out the window when shit hits the fan. Had no idea. ;p
  6. Carrious Darbyshire

    Planetside 2

    All of these chiefs and no indians. Looks like Custer's going to win.
  7. Carrious Darbyshire

    Battle Buddies

    You can't check every part of your body for ticks.
  8. Carrious Darbyshire


    I did give a Schola class on George Reisman.
  9. Carrious Darbyshire

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

  10. Carrious Darbyshire

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    I just had a nerdgasm.
  11. Carrious Darbyshire

    I suppose it can't hurt to start here.

    Hello and welcome to the forums. I hope your stay with the Ordo Imperialis is warm, friendly, and full of delight. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask. Reach out to one of our officers and we would surely love to help you out! <3
  12. Carrious Darbyshire

    An Introduction is in order.

  13. Carrious Darbyshire

    The Awesome song thread!

  14. Carrious Darbyshire

    Post Your Desktop

    Yes. Ha!
  15. Carrious Darbyshire

    Post Your Desktop

  16. Carrious Darbyshire

    Post Your Desktop

  17. Carrious Darbyshire

    Quotes of Win

    [21:38] Carrious Darbyshire: Evening, Wolves. [21:38] Wolves Nakamura: Evening, Carrious [21:38] Carrious Darbyshire: When this dude behind me is done with the class you two will be in the same phase. [21:38] Carrious Darbyshire: After that we can get the two of you caught up to Ciel. [21:39] Carrious Darbyshire: Then finish you off like Republicans at a French Tribunal. [21:39] Wolves NakamuraWolves Nakamura smiles "I am French, sir" [21:39] Carrious Darbyshire: Perfect. I know it should have been Royalists. I'm tired.
  18. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    I'm stuck in NC until this car gets fixed. All that I have been doing is working on a farm, drinking moonshine, and playing Dragon's Dogma at my friend's house. If anyone around the Fayetteville, NC area want to hang out, it could be baller. I have no money and car, though, so you're going to have to drive me around, give me food, and pour beer down my throat. Maybe feed me grapes too. I Ffffing love grapes.
  19. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    I'm afraid to play you in games, Ron. You're going to trick me into an RTS and push my poop in because I suck at those and you do not. Games I naturally excel at: Fighting, vehicular combat, air combat, action/adventure I.e. Dragon's Dogma. Games I am generally ok at: Platformers, RPG's ( They take no talent to play. Let's be honest.) Games I am sub-par at: FPS, RTS Games I Ffffing reek at: Racing. I still love F-zero. I just suck at it.
  20. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    It makes no difference what soul calibur you pick up. Aryte knows the pain I inflict in that franchise. (Corey was nearly crying at Nando's, man. Though I suppose he's kind of a pussy anyway.) I also recall your bold claim of shooting me down in your F-22 before you found yourself torn to ribbons by my Fokker's spandaus, Quartz.
  21. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    All your claims of facing me in fighting games are invalid. You will learn hopelessness. I'm also not going to the beach, Kiara. As much as I like Hatteras.
  22. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    Are any of you good at fighting games? I'm tired of everyone playing like women.
  23. Carrious Darbyshire

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    NOPE. Come hang out, Ames. I have, well. I don't have moonshine anymore. I have alcohol drenched blueberries. Also, never knew lone.
  24. Carrious Darbyshire

    The Zombie Survival Thread

    I agree, Cyphre. I'm not an exterminator, I'm a survivor. I really would only kill them when I was moving and my movement was discovered.
  25. Carrious Darbyshire

    The Zombie Survival Thread

    Maybe. Most of you people are more of a liability than a boon. The good news is you all eat too many cheetos for me to want to eat your meat. Melee is a needless risk. I would have a trench knife just in case; but, if I'm using melee in a fight I'm probably already dead. I would focus on range and go somewhere rural, moving near people only to kill them and take their things before fading away.

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