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  1. Arken Soothsayer

    Poll: Snow vs. Soil?

    I'm a snow man. Not a snowman. With a white variant of the armor it could be cool. Though I wouldn't mind rolling sand dunes.
  2. I think you're terribly badass. D:

    And I don't even know you. ;_;

  3. Arken Soothsayer


    Just saying hello here. I've been in and out of combat in SL for some time, never part of any group, tho. Some of you may remember me from eslewhere, either putting bullets in me or takin' a few. And some of you wear my stuff haha. Some people around the grid think I'm "mean" but I'm usually just a 'to the point' kind of guy. Currently in Phase III of pajama wearing. Looking forward to more training any time, but the sooner the better.

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