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    Shooting Brazilians, squirting people with water, crouchwalking, blowing up Brazilians, squirting Brazilians with water.
  1. Dempster Duncker

    Ordo Weekly Meeting - 09JUL11

  2. Dempster Duncker

    Day Off Shenanigans <3

    [media] [2011/07/04 14:48] Dempycakes (dempster.duncker): friggen dragons up in this [2011/07/04 14:48] Arokh Takakura: JUMP ON [2011/07/04 14:48] Arokh Takakura: DEMPY [2011/07/04 14:48] Arokh Takakura: WE'LL BE LIKE THE NEVERENDING STORY [2011/07/04 14:48] Kimmy Maktoum: :U [2011/07/04 14:49] Dempycakes (dempster.duncker) shouts: YEEAAAHHH [2011/07/04 14:49] Dempycakes (dempster.duncker) shouts: FAALCOOOOOOOR [2011/07/04 14:50] Kimmy Maktoum: RAWR CLOUDS D:<
  3. Dempster Duncker

    Rogyapa Flight

  4. Dempster Duncker

    Dingo Pictures presents James Cameron's Titanic

    This is like how my brain actually works. In cartoon form. I should probably see a doctor and take ritalin or something idk.
  5. Dempster Duncker

    ITT: Rule Abusing

    I disagree with what's happened to you as well, to a certain extent. It's despicable for someone to turn on you and then proceed to demonstrate the same activities or characteristics in which with they defamed you. Hypocrisy is an annoying, disgusting and immoral thing. I'm completely with you on that matter. However just because someone is a hypocrite, it doesn't take away a person's access to the same fundamental rights as everyone else. As said before there's a time and place for things, and some people in the group just plainly like to have a certain amount of order and civility, which is totally acceptable and respected. Whether or not they uphold their own ideals is another matter and isn't really up for discussion with an open audience. The best advice I can give is just to ignore it, and keep a mental note to not associate yourself with or approach the person in question unless absolutely necessary. If it continues to bother you, approach an authoritative figure in the group and discuss your grievance privately, and not in an open forum. Will it do you any good? Maybe, I can't say for certain. But it's far better than airing your frustrations in public which will undoubtedly cause more harm than good for both parties involved.
  6. Dempster Duncker

    ITT: Rule Abusing

    I've written at length on this topic directly to command several times in the past, mostly because I revel in mischief and try to explain my actions and what motivates me to act certain ways. It's a very controversial topic when discussed within a highly structured social environment with definitive regulations on behavior, however there is always a "grey area" when it comes to actually applying those regulations. As Ruin stated, there's always a place and time for these things, and the way to handle the situation is never clear cut from case to case. Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy being mischievous, the law or regulation is always the end-all definitive last word in all cases, the only matter of whether or not the law or regulation is applied is if someone decides to act upon them. This is simply put that anyone, at any time, can decide that they don't particularly approve of an action another is doing, and depending on their morals, disposition and sadly, sometimes self-interest, they can either turn a blind eye and play along with what's going on, or they can apply their right to report infractions. It sucks, but it happens, but it's the right of every individual to do so. It falls upon the person causing the mischief or disturbance to be accountable for their own actions, and be responsible enough to realize that they are, in fact, breaking the law or regulation, and that at any time they can be subject to corrections and/or punishment. I don't mean to sound like a complete stiff or a rulebook thumper, as I'm probably the worst role model for upholding regulation, but the subject is always in the back of my mind. I often cause a LOT of disturbance whenever I'm on Titan, but I know that there is a time and place for such things and it helps to keep mental notes on who does and does NOT appreciate my antics and to respect their stand on such things. I don't like turncoats either, but I realize that it can happen and I just deal with it the best I can when it does. And it's happened quite a few times! Vulgar language or teasing is never a good idea, but it's easily digested in smaller groups with close friends rather than a large audience of people who may or may not know the person speaking. We're a huge group with a wide variety of ethnicities, morals and cultural backgrounds, so it never hurts to be civil even if others are not. It's twisted, it's ugly, and often times completely unfair. But that's the law, and that's the way it works. Sorta. jesus christ tl;dr grey areas are a mess
  7. partnered himself on SL.

  8. Dempster Duncker


    I tried to retire once. Aryte rejected my resignation and said my fifty year term of service wasn't finished yet. I will be 80 years old.
  9. Dempster Duncker

    was bored

    Is this why he wears an eyepatch?
  10. Dempster Duncker

    was bored

  11. Dempster Duncker

    ArmA III

    Alpha. Six. Target that... Man. Eleven 'o Clock. 200 meters. Oh no! Six is... Down! I can still hear the broken radio chatter in my sleep from the previous two installments. Amazingly fun series though. I had a LOT of fun with the EVOLUTION multiplayer mod for ArmA II.
  12. Dempster Duncker

    The day at the beer hall.

    I smiled so hard I think my face broke.

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