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    Kenneth City, Florida
  1. Wolfe Hardin

    FireFox is bored NO I'm joking. Really... All I ever see on MSN are stories about how to please your man or for men to avoid the "I've got a headache" excuse at night. I swear, at least 3 a week on those topics are front and center. Keep an eye on the portal, they have a bunch of sub-sites for tech blogs and information. too. Oh, and imgur can be fun as ong as you don't delve too far into the tasteless stuff.
  2. Naw, you can leave it. I giggled. X3

  3. :> *ill remove it if you want*

  4. I see what you did there.

  5. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [17:14] (COM): Keller Teichmann: What does Lilium want? [17:15] (COM): Maverick Garfield: hopefuly an ass kicking.
  6. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [16:53] (COM): Wolfe Hardin: its a plantronics GameCom 377, they're HUGE. Cord is nice and long, thick too. Durable. Should take a beating. [16:54] (COM): Ron Bleac: Wolfe, I don't want to hear you say ANYTHING about beating when your display name is still Wolfe Hardon.
  7. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [17:04] (COM): Keller Teichmann: Also, there is one thing cooler then muskets. Lever action rifles. Saw True Grit last night and really want one :[ [17:05] (COM): Mark Karlfeldt: Lever actions are for cowboys, and cowboys are gay [17:05] (COM): Keller Teichmann: Mark, I am gay. [17:06] (COM): Maverick Garfield: Mark can't figure out a lever action since it's not a pump. [17:06] (COM): Mark Karlfeldt: I'm suprised you know how to operate anything more complicated than a fork you fat american
  8. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [18:23] Liam Macalroy: why do you look like you have downsyndrome? x_x [18:23] Zack Teichmann: I AM JUST SPECIAL [18:23] Liam Macalroy: you look worse than Bronny Jahvo [18:23] Liam Macalroy: :<
  9. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [19:54] Wolfe Hardin: I'll be back in a few minutes. I need to get the junk out of my trunk so I can get my tools in to work tomorrow. [19:54] Ron Bleac: ROFL [19:54] Ron Bleac: WOLFE [19:54] Hollowmengitus Yifu: "get the junk out of my trunk" [19:55] Ron Bleac: "So I can get tools into work tomorrow" [19:55] Wolfe Hardin: I'm not kidding, I have a bunch of empty boxes in my trunk
  10. Wolfe Hardin

    Quotes of Win

    [18:30] (COM): Vilkacis Mason: WE HAVE LOCKER ROOMS!? [18:31] (COM): Vilkacis Mason: And to think, I've been changing out in the open. [18:31] (COM): Wolfe Hardin: He doesn't want people to see his ball bearings as he changes. [18:31] (COM): Aryte Vesperia: LOL
  11. Wolfe Hardin

    Internet Service Provider Survey

    I had Knology but their service went down for about 2 months, and they wouldn't credit me for it because It "worked" enough to them. Anyway, I'm on Bright House Networks and Road Runner grabbing the Turbo package of 20Mb down and 5Mb up for $40 unlimited. So far its been reliable, and their support call center is about 15 miles away so you can actually understand them. Lovin it so far.

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