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    WASD, Arrows or Controller?

    I use arrow keys and a track pad
  2. Acheron Gloom

    Planetside 2

  3. Acheron Gloom


    welcom to ordo
  4. Acheron Gloom

    I suppose it can't hurt to start here.

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  6. Acheron Gloom


    Its okay, Aryte. I was pretty sure I didn't have three 21st chromosomes. <3
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  8. Acheron Gloom

    Ron Bleac's art thread

    today ifound my portrair on google imatesges when i googled achweron gloom i appreciate your art ron :))
  9. Acheron Gloom

    The Awesome song thread!

    Gustav Holst is a sexy man mmmm
  10. Acheron Gloom

    Over two years of service?

    Oh, I am over two years now or whatever.
  11. Acheron Gloom

    [Ordo] Promotions: 29JUL12

  12. Acheron Gloom

    Political Compass Test

    http://www.political...=-5.5&soc=-4.41 I suppose it is semi-accurate. Looks closest to Gandhi or the Dalai Lama. I think some of those questions like the eugenics question probably pulled me up some, but then again there are those that pulled me down... I guess it evens out.
  13. Acheron Gloom

    WASD, Arrows or Controller?

    What is the (NINTENDO) Entertainment System? I bet the Xbox 360 is better lol.
  14. Acheron Gloom

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    Does it seem like an issue with the headset as a whole, or does it seem like just the one you got has manufacturing flaws? Also, just making sure you plugged in all 5 analog audio cables + the USB cable. The USB is for power, the 5 analogs are for data.
  15. Acheron Gloom

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    Koss portapros are pretty sexy. They're inexpensive and their frequency response is great. Their impedence is higher than most headphones however, so they can be quieter than most headphones for some people (for the reasons I listed in my first post).
  16. Acheron Gloom

    Computer Support: Questions Help & More

    What sound card do you have, if any? Different headphones have different impedences, meaning that you need amplifiers to power them. Sometimes sound cards aren't powerful enough for certain headsets, which may make them sound quieter/more muddled when in reality it isn't the headset's fault. Most headsets also use simulated surround sound. The G35 and nearly every other headset anyone will ever link in this thread will be simulated surround sound, hence why they include those little USB sound cards with them. Potentially if you already have a sound card you can connect ANY headset and activate surround sound. This would enable you to buy less gimmicky and more powerful headphones. The Razer Tiamat and the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6As are both real surround sound. They have multiple drivers on each side. Even that can be somewhat gimmicky though, so I don't think that should be the main selling. Anyway, keeping all this mind and not knowing what sound card you have, I'd suggest one of these: 1. Logitech G930 2. Razer Tiamat 7.1 3. Turtle Beach Ear Force Z6A 4. Any other headset that meets what you're looking for, because I don't think in the end there will be too too great of a difference and you should be happy with what you get. I personally would really like the G930 though, and it isn't priced too badly. Actually, ideally I'd like a good pair of headphones with a high quality soundcard with built-in headphone amplifier and support for surround sound and other technologies and a stand-alone high quality microphone.
  17. Acheron Gloom

    If you could have any superpower...

    Most simplistic and least powerful: negligible senescence. Moderately powerful: Negligible senescence and moderately increased resistance to harm. Somewhat overpowered: Ability to turn back time but retain the same conscious state. Very overpowered: Ability to turn back time but retain the same conscious state. Consciousness and powers persist into biological death. God-like: My existence is based on my awareness of myself. My position in space is where I will it to be. My biological, or physical, form continues for as long as I will it to, and can be recreated at will, flashing in and out of reality. I can rewind time but not go forward in time (like the above powers). I can will to die.
  18. Acheron Gloom

    New dude checking in.

  19. Acheron Gloom

    Convention Recap 2012

    Well I feel for you then. It would have been a traumatic experience for me.
  20. Acheron Gloom

    Convention Recap 2012

    Be glad you didn't run into this creature: [media=]
  21. Acheron Gloom

    The Last Of Us

    One of the few games that make me care that I don't have a PS3. Sad it will be exclusive, but of course all of this company's games are sony exclusive, so I guess it is expected.
  22. Acheron Gloom

    Alternate Personality

    I declare George the winner. No contest.
  23. Acheron Gloom


    Its becoming lazy. We must discipline it with lag.
  24. Acheron Gloom

    Contest: Pick my plate.


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