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  1. Arkon Soderstrom

    Best Book You Have Ever Read

    The Hunt for the Red October- Tom Clancy Patriots Game- Tom Clancy The Poet- Michael Connely
  2. Arkon Soderstrom

    Favorite Song(s) & Artists D:<

    Mayhem- Freezing Moon Gorgoroth - Revelation Of Doom And other metal stuff
  3. Arkon Soderstrom

    Alliance Navy and the Iron Symphony

    ....That cant be possible...Must be some kind of Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. Arkon Soderstrom

    Epic new clip epic
  5. Arkon Soderstrom


    And then you found razor blade in your candy :P?
  6. Arkon Soderstrom

    Problems with Uploaidng Avatar

    Sometime the files name cause a probleme...If it have any space in the name rename it.That worked for me
  7. Arkon Soderstrom

    Promotions! 10/05/08

    Congratz guys!
  8. Arkon Soderstrom

    Profile Pic Wont Load...

    Wont work D: Edit: Was the title of the file being somewhat too long
  9. Arkon Soderstrom

    Profile Pic Wont Load...

    So i've been trying for about 2 hours to get my profile pic to load on the forum but seems like the website wont let it load...I checked the Pic state to see if it was a probleme of size but its not...Any idea what i should do to fix that and make it work?
  10. Arkon Soderstrom

    I miss this show -

    I've never seen this of all my life but it look damn weird...and funny
  11. Arkon Soderstrom

    Live webcam from LHC test area

    Your true on that Know but it can create other funny stuff>_> Strange Matter is a good example...its someway worst than a Blackhole... Or the LHC could just go boom and create a nuclear disaster in Swiss
  12. Arkon Soderstrom

    Live webcam from LHC test area

    The LHC diablo(Or Large Hadron Collider ) is a particle accelerator...And possibility is that if it fuck up it create a black hole ;p
  13. Arkon Soderstrom

    Suffer not the Kani to live.

    >.> Thanks god im different and im not a kani
  14. Arkon Soderstrom

    Promotions - 07/30/08

    Congratz to those who got promoted
  15. Arkon Soderstrom

    Why did you join Ordo?

    I tought of joining Ordo back when i was in the Mercz when i've seen Caine Toll in Ordo outfit running around badnarik.(The one with a big beach)I filled an apps and gave it to a recruiter but just never got a response so i tought i would re-try later.Until then i joined many other army but each time i couldnt find what i was looking for. An army somewhat active with great comradeship and competant leader. ;P So i decided to re-try to join during i was a VG NCO cause of all the drama occuring and caused by Chris.
  16. Arkon Soderstrom

    Intus' Signature Template [1] [Closed]

    E-3 Sesquiplicarius Terra Green
  17. Arkon Soderstrom


    Why the title is Artye...?
  18. Arkon Soderstrom

    I demand pictures . .

    o_O...Nice fursuit :o There is even the blue eye on it
  19. Arkon Soderstrom

    Promotions/Merits - 06/19/08

    Wtf :o You gave me the same promotion!!! Im already E-2!
  20. Arkon Soderstrom

    lol Vanguard trying to recruit me

    [12:40] Antiochus Aeghin: practice [12:40] Antiochus Aeghin: train Two lie Cause A)Vanguard Never train or Practice B)IF you got money and are 2 month old you can be NCO:O
  21. Arkon Soderstrom

    The official signature request thread

    I want one too:O Just IM when you will be free for that Lestat
  22. Arkon Soderstrom

    Character Pictures

    I so much want one:/ but i need to find someone who would draw my character .Someone good
  23. Arkon Soderstrom

    Intus' Signature

    Would make myself a sig:/ But too lazy to go back on Photoshop. So i want one plox:o
  24. Arkon Soderstrom

    Character Pictures

    Those are badass:P
  25. Arkon Soderstrom

    Character Pictures

    Your an artist gunau :o So much talent

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