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Found 2 results

  1. So with ARK:SE in full swing, I'm sure you may of had the thought "I wonder if I can mod this ?" OR you have had an idea of some custom stuff that might be cool or a full modification of the map, UI, Items etc etc. Well you can do it as ARK:SE has full mod support, The trouble is, it's a little confusing if you don't know where to start. So let me give you a helping hand as I've started this process myself, and to say that the set up is straight forward is like saying it's easy to play the star spangled banner under water, using a trombone, while being tickled with a feather while your toes are nibbled on by a baby shark. So just follow this guide and you will be up and running in no time. (Okay slight exaggeration there and you will see why) Step 1: Okay step one is the easiest and longest part of the process. Open Steam and go to Library ---> Tools and look for " ARK Dev Kit" , Right Click and Install. The ARK dev kit is (at this moment in time) 26.3GB of information, so Sit back, get a coffee and a good book and wait for this large chunk of Mod Goodness to download. Step 2: During the download of the ARK Dev Tools, you will need to register and download the Unreal 4 Engine, you can do this simply by going to this link " UE4 Engine " and clicking on " Get Unreal Engine" located at the top right of the screen. This will download the Epic Games launcher. Once downloaded and installed open the launcher, Sign In and download Unreal 4 Engine, you can also snag yourself the new Unreal Tournament game too for free. Step 3: The next step is to sign up to GitHub. (If you already have a GitHub account Skip to step: 4 ) Simply follow the sign up process, And verify your email address afterwards. Once you verify your email address move onto step 4 Step 4: IMPORTANT!!! This HAS to be done, or this will not work at all Once you're signed up with Epic Games & Github, you have to go to your Epic Games profile at Unreal , Log In, And go to your Account. And then click on Profile. Once in your profile there is a little box that reads: " GitHub account name" fill in the field with your github account name then click Save. Once you have done this you must visit the Unreal Git hub page located Here You will see a page that has information about Epic Games, At the top of the Window though you will see: EpicTeamAdmin invited you to join the Epic Games organization To the right hand side you will see a button that reads "View Invitation" Click this and a new window opens that looks like the image in the spoiler below, Just click the button and you are good to go. (IF you don't do this then there's no way in hell you can continue) Step 5: The next thing to do is make a pre emptive strike with ARK Dev Tools and download a necessary Zip file that is needed to make it run. If you try to launch the mod tools without these files it simply takes you to a web page to explain the process and misses out key parts, which leaves you confused, ranting, raving and wanting to decapitate a small stuffed teddy. I know cause that was me so one you have set upo your unreal engine account, your git hub account, accepted the epic games invite and have Unreal Engine installed you can then go to the ARK Dev Kit github page located Here And simply click on " Download ZIP" on the right hand side. Step 6: If the Dev Kit hasn't finished downloaded yet, just leave the zip file somewhere you can remember until it has finished downloading. When it does finish downloading simply extract the zip file into the default install location for that tool, and if your not sure where it is in Steam simply go to Library --> Tools , Right Click on "ARK Dev Kit" click Properties and in the window click "Local Files" and then click Browse Local Files Step 7: Launch the Mod tools and you're good to go. It can take 10 minutes to an Hours for it to all load properly due to all the shades, blueprints scripts etc that have to run so once the splash screen vanishes and Unreal Engine pops up just leave it alone cause if you try to do anything it will hang up, freeze and then come up not responding, so just give it time. Once it's done though ...... HAPPY MODDING And if it didn't work still even after all this leave a message below or send me a message :D
  2. Esva

    ARK:SE - Dino Taming

    Taming Table Hours it takes to tame is based on keeping 100% taming effectivness, to maintain 100% use foods they desire most listed under food needed. This is a summary of the needed resources to tame Dinosaurs and Creatures of ARK:
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