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Found 19 results

  1. Grand Theft Auto Online
  2. Xoza


    [media] Another MMO by Trion Worlds
  3. Raeshlavik

    Crowfall I'm planning on rulling this game when it launches... If you're an old Shadowbane or Ultima Online PVPer, if you think offing your opponent should allow you to desecrate his corpse and take his stuff, if you feel making stuff in game should be the basis of economic and political power, or if you think building a kingdom from blood and sweat and defending the same from some of the most hardcore killers to ever wield a pixel sword is your cup of tea, check it out. The full reveal is tomorrow - you might find what these guys have planned to be interesting. ;)
  4. Xoza

    Valiance Online

    Valiance Online [media] Still, very much alpha. Newer videos available at their site and they picked up the City of Heroes animator last month!
  5. Xoza

    DC Universe Online

    [media] DC Universe Online Since SoE is offering their full round of games now for one flat fee, I figured it'd be time to present this as an option. While it's not City of Heroes, a legendary game that I would have loved to have a chapter in, it's still a pretty good, action packed, powerful feeling kind of game. I don't know everything yet about the game, even I'm still learning some things, but I play it every now and again, It's also free to play in good amount, it doesn't feel F2P. I have a max level on both sides, of which are not hard to acquire (took me a week or so, casual playtime), its largely endgame gear, on duty missions ('dungeons') and events that make the game. You're free to look how you want, its got housing and bases and plenty of cool things to do. It is different than your average MMO, but I think it's fun. You can get it on steam too. Mentors (hero/villan) Superman / Lex Luther (meta powers)Wonder Woman / Circe (magic)Batman / Joker (tech)Powers (all of them can DPS, but each one has specific roles they can fill as well) Control (restoring group power and locking down enemies)GadgetsMentalLightQuantumHealing (healing, duh)CelestialElectricityNatureSorceryTank (tanking that damage & being a distraction)EarthFireIceRageMovement (your travel power at level 1)AcrobaticsFlightSuperspeedWeapons (combos with your mouse buttons) BowBrawlingDual PistolDual WieldHand BlastMartial ArtsOne-HandedRifleStaffTwo-HandedShield
  6. Xoza

    Black Desert

    Black Desert [media] A Korean MMO still in development, in line for a North American release as well likely later after Asia. It's another fantasy MMO, but look at that character creator!
  7. MikeMurdock McMillan

    MechWarrior Online There will be also a 360 version as this as well and from the look of the battlemechs and time period it will be not only pre-clan invasion ,but i think it might take place in the Fourth Succession War. Opinion?
  8. The Lord of the Rings Online There seem to be a few individuals who have played or still play now and again, "Lord of the Rings: Online". With enough interest, The Ordo Imperialis is always ready to support it's members and assist in setting a little something up for them. At the moment we're looking for more information of what interested individuals have in characters, on what server/s.
  9. Xoza


    ArcheAge Online [media]
  10. Magicka Wizard Wars [media] Free 2 Play - Early access available on Steam
  11. Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon - Online [media] GRO isn't a bad game, much better and more tactical than Black Ops! Streamed some, you can find some recordings on my twitch profile.
  12. Xoza

    Everquest Next

    [media] Be among the first to experience EverQuest Next Landmark by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. Packages include premium items, access to Alpha and Beta and your name in the credits! Watch the Video About Landmark | Community | Apply for Beta
  13. Xoza

    The Repopulation

    The Repopulation [media] [media]
  14. Deadmon

    RIFT: Storm Legion

    I know theres already a thread for RIFT but I just wanted to pass on the news that as of JUNE 12 RIFT will be free to play, I played RIFT for a while and I thought the game was actually pretty fun. It wasnt amazing but I definately enjoyed the game. Seeing as its free now, It may be worth looking into.
  15. Firefly Online Coming soon as a mobile platform game. As if tiny empires wasn't bad enough...
  16. Xoza

    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes [media] Free 2 Play MMO - Available: June 3, 2013
  17. Xoza

    Star Conflict

    Star Conflict Pretty epic, round/objective based game, feels a lot like World of Tanks, Freelancer, Freespace, Eternal Silence and some other games. Free to Play, On Steam, YUPlay account based. Choose Empire... of course.
  18. Xoza


    Dungeons & Dragons - Neverwinter [media]
  19. SalemAdams Wobbit

    Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

    I was actually on YouTube earlier, and then I saw this from the BBC. [media]
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