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Found 17 results

  1. No gathering today in Teamspeak, enjoy your forth of July weekend and be safe while you blow shit up! Any reports, questions, suggestions, discussions or updates, please post below over the week. Awards will be processed tomorrow, get them in if you have any.
  2. Xoza

    29NOV14 - Weekly Meeting

    Weekly Meeting 29NOV14 Welcome to the Ordo Imperialis community meeting! This is a place where we discuss all our chapters, what’s happened this week and plans for the next week. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them after most our chapters reports. This last week has been a little slow due to Thanksgiving. I hope you have all have had the chance to enjoy it. Remember, this is our last few days of Black November, the time of Ordo's anniversary. This is a time to make changes as needed, a time to step up and focus on continued development on the chapters and increase activity and recruitment. Spread word, make a mark and represent the community and chapters proudly. Arma, DayZ, Minecraft, Starmade, Space Engineers, Rust and RenegadeX servers are all available for our members, if not, we can get them. Follow our social media and front page, link - logo's are available on the right column on the front forums page. These sources are very important to the structure and construction of our community and networking so join us and help spread the word. If you want to contribute, feel free or let us know! A few new games have come up recently; despite our continued devotion, duties and effort to our current chapters, there are always interests in other games, new potential chapters, even chapter revival. Keep your eyes open for great opportunities! There are a lot of gamers and groups out there across the generations and realms that could use the guiding light of the Imperium! It's honestly disappointing and sad to hear some of the stories and experiences other really great players encounter trying to be part of something. Join us and be part of something "Be a member, not a number!". Chapter command, please post next below with the chapter you represent titled on the first line.
  3. Recording Oct 18, 2014. 42nd week of Adventus Registrations & Applications, steady but could be a lot better. Updates on chapters. - TOR, doing their thing, pushing HM's and conquering the galaxy aboard the ISS Vesperia. - ArcheAge building up the guild, making objectives and planning for some pretty epic events. - Wildstar progressing on their raiding, megaserver merge happend this week. - Private game servers still going, regular activity. Looking into a Rust server and getting DayZ modded. We have other servers available for other games, just find us for the information. - D&D group over-populated, looking for another GM! and other gaming updates! Go, burn the Imperial cross upon our conquered lands, hold our banner high, It stands for you, this community and our accomplishments together!
  4. 2012 ☩ 2013 ☩ 2014 I will keep recordings as long as possible space permitting, then remove the oldest. By 6 months, the original .wav file will be deleted, I hold on to these in case anyone wants an original. If you have any not in the archive, please PM it to me or whomever is the archiver.
  5. Due to the technical issues we had today, the community meeting has been rescheduled to the same time tomorrow. Sunday the 15th at 6PM PST / 9 PM EST / 2 AM GMT.
  6. Xoza

    18NOV13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings available Here. (Previous recordings added as well.)
  7. Xoza

    12OCT13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings available Here. 42. Ordo Weekly Meeting 19OCT13.mp3 Summary New World of Warcraft ChapterNew Rank Structure
  8. Xoza

    12OCT13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings available Here.
  9. Xoza

    05OCT13 - Weekly Meeting

    Sorry, a little bit behind on the posts and lost some recordings, others mixed up, but got it all figured out. Recordings will always be available Here. If it doesn't show up by the day after the meeting, poke me a reminder, I get busy with other things sometimes and get distracted!
  10. Xoza

    07SEP13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings Here (if it's not there, give me time to prep and upload it)
  11. Xoza

    31AUG13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings Here
  12. Xoza

    24AUG12 - Weekly Meeting

    (Sorry got a bit behind.) Recordings Here
  13. Xoza

    17AUG13 - Weekly Meeting

    Recordings HERE Awards System InstallmentRegister on Forums!Chapter / Game UpdatesSW:TORPlanetside 2FFXIVPayday 2Teamspeak Channels
  14. Xoza

    11MAY13 - Weekly Meeting

    Since we've no community meeting this week, use this thread to discuss ideas, matters and post any updates or relevant information... I'll start... 6 new forum registrations this week... More ArmA? (details from ArmA command?) Neverwinter's rolling and recruiting, well done. Star Wars picking up more again on teamspeak. Planetside activity growing every week. Planetside 2 and Star Wars Updates this coming week that I know of. Forums are more public now (use member/enlisted section for more private info) Use the Calendar for planning events, everyone can use it. Keep an eye out for training in your section, don't forget to RSVP to em. Other sections encouraged to create similar events throughout the week. Now go play Planetside 2, like we usually do after a meeting! Facebook Google+ Steam Twitter Youtube
  15. Daeshana Sapeur

    01OCT11 - Ordo Weekly Meeting

    ~ORDO IMPERIALIS~ OFFICIAL DOCUMENT **********Weekly Meeting Log********** [18:00] Aryte Vesperia shouts: Meeting start. As a reminder: all questions, comments (etc) are to be held until given the opportunity to speak. When that opportunity is provided, be sure to raise your hands. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the meeting. [18:00] Aryte Vesperia: Statistics Members: 310 Cadets: 6 Applications New: 10 Accepted: 2 Denied: 4 Review: 6 Combat Defensive: 113 Offensive: 19 Allied Assist: 0 [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Diplomatic report this evening: 39th command submitted an apology and wishes us to reconsider our alliance. We will mull upon it, but as of the moment, they are still to be considered neutral. Otherwise, no major changes to note. Activity is steady across the board. As a side note: I have no pre-typed crud this evening, so enjoy me doing this on the fly. Lol. [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Unit reports this evening? [18:02] Hollowmengitus Yifu raises hand for Terra. [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Yifu. [18:02] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: COHORS A: > A-I, Invictus: Invictus held a training early this week which turned out pretty well, if by chance maverick didn’t hold his training course yet do expect a notice to be sent out fairly soon about him trying to test trial his shotgun lecture. Next week I would like to see more raids participated in so get raiding! DO ART! [18:03] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: > A-II, Evalidus: We welcome our newest member, Dresden to your our squad and we would like to remind that we still have slot open. If you are interested please contact either Huttser Ishelwood or Awanken Wasp. Be quick or be square mates, cheerio ! *pinky up tea sip* [18:03] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: > A-III, Insidiae: Absolutely nothing going on here. We are just a group of people who blow shit up. Don't look this way, go about your day. Good Job Ordo. Love, Bracket. [18:04] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: > A-IV, Praescius: Greeting all, A-4 been fantastically active throughout this week meeting up the requirements for raids. Balling in doing raids and all such. Tiridates has send the picture to both Keller and Agares thanks for both posting on the forums. Next A-4 Telepads are out, the newest A-4 squad gear thats soon going to be issued. Other then that if you want to join A-4 Please speak to Afevis Sodertelge or Ookamiwulf Lemton [18:05] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: > A-V, Saevitas: Standard Week for Saevitas other than a possible forecast for Syrup and butter in the future; It has been a pretty standard week. Next week should see the possibilty of new inductation of members within Saevitas. [18:05] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: COHORS B: > Pr0wer: Pretty constant week as following the previous weeks that came, not too much to report this week within the centuries but we do have a couple of statements that are needed to be made. As usual, we want to make sure you have the resources to grow so please feel no bother in coming to any of your COs/XOs or Cohor B command if you have any issues or questions in your career path here. Also please do try to keep active if possible and attend century planned events as it takes plenty of time to devise activities! Finally as usual, attend ART on Sundays because it makes Aryte a happy wolf. [18:05] Hollowmengitus Yifu shouts: MISC.: Ensure to participate in ART, as Pr0wer said, otherwise you'll be speaking an entirely different language in combat later down the road. [18:06] Hollowmengitus Yifu: That's all from me. [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Next? [18:06] Ethan Schuman raises his hand for Astra. [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Schuman. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: Our report for this week starts off on a sad note. Rykiana Ferina, second in command of Reapers flight, is going through some very tragic family matters. We wish him well, and hope for his speedy return. Our regular flights have been relatively quiet this week, with a few of our members commited to other more important priorities. In spite of this, Flight Night had a good turn out. Letalis has had a good week this week. Even though Scarlet's video card melted like some crazy woman in her 40s watching Justin Bieber perform, Addison has more than adequately picked up the slack, taking a few raids out as well as hosting some training activities. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: Speaking of training, the massive number of capital ships in the pipes got me thinking the other night about a potential new entrance reform. Current pilots would be unaffected, but the entry reform would require new pilots to first pass orientation training, and then earn basic certification in three "specialty" classes. The classes would be fighters, attackers, and capital ships. Fighters and capital ships are pretty self explanatory. Attackers are one or two crew aircraft designed for air to ground combat. Initial certification for Astra active duty would require basic certification for the Phantom (fighter), Thanatos (attacker), and Liberator (capital). In addition to this, pilots would be required to earn expert certification in at least one path. In the past, Astra has been all about fighter combat, requiring members to be ace pilots before expanding into other areas. With the proliferation of surface to air defenses in Terra, as well as increased allowances for air to ground, I'm of the opinion that w [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: e can back off slightly on our currently mandatory fierce fighter training to the extreme that we do, in order to allow people who may not have otherwise been able to pass that standard to enter Astra and specialize in our support roles. All pilots would still be held to very high fighter performance standards, though, so don't think for a second that we'd be slacking off. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: All of this is still in initial discussion, though, so it likely will change. However, the important thing to note is that we're going to be implementing some changes to make Astra a more welcoming environment for new members. Stay tuned for more. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: That's all from Astra for this week. [18:08] Agares Tretiak raises his hand. [18:08] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Best wishes to Mr. Ferina. [18:09] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Tretiak? [18:09] Agares Tretiak shouts: The Praetorian Auxiliary now has an official procedure for being admitted to its ranks. I will be posting it on the forums, under the FAQ in the policy section. The Guard itself has been a bit quiet due to my recent troubles with my video card, but as you can see, I'm back, and we'll be going back to my previous plan of things. That is all for now. [18:10] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. [18:10] Aryte Vesperia: Any additional reports? [18:10] Drasamax Python raises hand for the IEA. [18:11] Aryte Vesperia: Ms. Python. [18:11] Drasamax Python shouts: From myself for The Imperial Education Administration: Some Schola and Armatura classes held this week. Even I dusted off my books and held some Schola ones. Ludi is still quiet but Ludi Deacon Awanken Wasp is trying to collect NCO-A Magister's availbility times to create some sort of more organized teaching schedule. (Hint hint those who still might have not replied to his notice on it.) Otherwise keep up the teaching! :] [18:11] Drasamax Python shouts: Several new cadets this week in Schola: Nanaki Lordhunter, Gabrielle Kristan, jemima Clowes and Ardarious Resident. Some have been progressing but some are still Phase ones, so Schola Magisters if you can catch them online get this taken care of. There is also a lot of people who still need Armatura classes or Ludi classes that come online almost every day or close to it, so don't forget about them as well. [18:11] Drasamax Python shouts: I recently put this up today, Zero and I are going to be picking out a new Armatura Commandant(Director) out of our current active Armatura Magisters. I went ahead and posted something to explain the role and narrow down our list if Armatura Magisters post that they are interested and simply make life easier on us. It can be found here: That is all from the Imperial Education Administration. [18:12] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Final call for additional reports this evening. [18:12] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt) raises wing for Munitorum? (Unless Aryte wanted to talk about development or something.) [18:12] Aryte Vesperia: Go ahead, Mr. Karlfeldt. [18:12] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Hi, I'm Mark Karlfeldt, the current XO (soon to be CO) of Munitorum. From now on I'll be handling development reports during the general meeting to prevent Aryte bungling up over details. [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): > Astra Covalent PDW & Perseco SMG It was decided this week that instead of the Perseco replacing the Magpul PDW, it would instead be the machine pistol Mesh model that Hugo Reitveld graciously provided to us. It is currently just about fully scripted, pending animations and testing. It will be using the new unlockable upgrades system to boost attributes like the magazine capacity, accuracy, and the ability to attach a suppressor. Later these upgrades will be managed by the new vendor, but for now, you'll probably have to ask an officer to manually assign them and deduct QP. ( [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): However, this means that the Perseco needs a new home. As it won't be the replacement for the Magpul, we're looking for another purpose for it to fill. You can view prospective roles and vote on them in the project thread. ( [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): > Praescius Telepads Xoza has been hard at work on producing these, and much to my amazement, he has them near completion in a matter of two weeks. You've probably seen them already being used on Titan and the occasional raid - the blue or red glowing disc on the ground which you can click and teleport around. Or, if you're silly and don't use a Mesh viewer, it's a blob. This will probably be released next week for use in Praescius, but this doesn't mean that if you're not in the squad you'll never get your hands on it - if you have 300 QP to burn, and the express consent of the squad CO (in this case, Afevis), you can unlock it. Do note however that it does require either Medium or Heavy authorisation to deploy, or consent of the OIC. Next step, the Saevitas flamethrower! [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): > Malice Gunship/HUD Update Both still going well in their testing phases. Several bugs with the HUD have been identified and squashed by Tsume, and we're probably going to lop off the extraneous portion of the HUD due to complaints about how difficult it is to place it in other locations on the screen. Other than that, steady as she goes captain. [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): > The Munitorum Forum After receiving various questions about how people should go about using the new Munitorum forum, I've realised that I wasn't quite clear on what its' purposes are. I'd like something clear - Don't be afraid to post. Everyone has the right to a say on how development is run, and we welcome all input and suggestions. If you have input on a specific ongoing project, please feel free to post it in the respective project thread. If you have a suggestion for an entirely new project, go ahead and post it in the Suggestions subforum. The worst that could come of it is nothing at all. [18:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): As for developers, please do try to make the occasional status update post on whatever project you're currently working on. Even if it's "Still in testing, fixed X and Y.", it still lets people know that the project is making progress. [18:14] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Finally, I'm considering forming a union and going on strike for fairer working conditions with less people threatening to do me bodily harm and/or lock me away in dark places. That is all. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Very thorough. As a note: Munitorum will be handling the weekly "Development" update henceforth. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: All righty, moving right along. Not a great deal to go over this evening, partly as I barely had time to see how many raids we had, let alone firm up topics. Haha. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: NEVERTHELESS . . [18:16] Aryte Vesperia: First up: [18:16] Aryte Vesperia: > Reminder on Intentional Friendly Fire [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: Team killing, whether out of jest our malice, is not acceptable under any condition outside of training. This is something you are all quite aware of. So let's stop having, y'know . . "chase X member around with a baton, oops I killed 2 other people while trying to kill him." [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: Or. [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: "I blew myself up with a detpack, but since it was, y'know, inside the base, it took out two other people too." [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: If you want to kill eachother, we have both Chronus and the killhouse to accomodate. Failing that, host a raid or a training. [18:18] Agares Tretiak: (Or NJ) [18:19] Aryte Vesperia: I've been rather lenient on it as of late in the spirt of taking it in jest, but I definitely do not want to see it spiral. It's a base level regulation that must be followed, even if the parties mutually involved intend to play around. Other folks wind up in the cross fire. [18:19] Aryte Vesperia: That said. I won't be permitting leniency on it any further. This is the blanket warning~ [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: Next up . . [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: > Military Expo [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: As a foreword, a big thank you to everyone involved in getting it set up. We hopped into it really last minute and still managed a pretty awesome display. [18:21] Aryte Vesperia: Major kudos-- Nikki, Tsume, Agares. Forgive me if I am forgetting anyone. [18:21] Agares Tretiak: Kristian. [18:21] Aryte Vesperia: Noted. [18:22] Aryte Vesperia: Secondly, I'd encourge everyone to go check out the expo. Especially to support the host, Markulio. He's footing the bill for the sim and purchased it solely for this expo. Very cool of him. [18:22] Aryte Vesperia: Encourage, rather. [18:22] Aryte Vesperia: However, I do warn folks . . it's crawling with trolls and people who generally just don't like us. It was griefed pretty hard core yesterday. So just keep an eye out and avoid entertaining people trying to pick fun at you. [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: Next: [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: > Raid Leadership [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: Two parts to mention. First: someone brought it up to me yesterday that having raid classes would be awesome. And I agree. I used to teach them, but ART has really taken that time away from me. As such, I don't foresee any raid classes starting in the near future. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: I do invite my accomplished raid leaders to take the task, if they so wish. I'd be happy to help. Otherwise, I do encourage anyone interested in raid leadership to simply give it a shot. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: The first time is always scary, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. Take a mentor with you--whether that's myself or another raid lead. I'm always willing to lend a hand if time permits. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: The best training for raid command is to /lead raids/. Class can only teach you so much. Go get your hands dirty. Our policies are structured in a way to protect you, especially if you're a new raid lead. Gaining approval as an NCO ensures you have an officer who can back you up. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: So, again. Get out there. Have fun. Expend all your options if things get rough. Don't be scared-- although you should aim and strive for victory (call in that officer if things look bad), you won't be flogged if you don't "win." [18:28] Aryte Vesperia: Any questions about that? [18:28] Daeshana Sapeur raises her hand. [18:29] Agares Tretiak raises his hand. [18:29] Aryte Vesperia: Ms. Sapeur? [18:29] Daeshana Sapeur: Does that extend to numerii who wish to try out leading a raid in New Jessie as well? [18:29] Aryte Vesperia: With proper approval, sure. [18:29] Tandem (zerowinged.vasiliev) raises a hand. [18:30] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Tretiak? [18:30] Agares Tretiak shouts: Don't be afraid to ask other officers about tips, guidance, or oversight. I'm pretty sure many would be willing to assist you, but we can't do so if you don't ask! [18:31] Aryte Vesperia: Definitely. [18:31] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Vasiliev? [18:31] Tandem (zerowinged.vasiliev) shouts: More of a cooment on Daeshana's question. If you need someone to watch over that, let me know - will be right there if I am available. As Agares said, ask officers to overlook as well. [18:31] Tandem (zerowinged.vasiliev) shouts: comment*, rather. [18:32] Aryte Vesperia: Awesome, thank you. [18:32] Aryte Vesperia: All righty, moving on. [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: > ART Session [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you to Terra for pimpin' out my ART classes. [18:33] Aryte Vesperia: On another note, a big shout out to the first Tier 3 class graduation last week. We had a strong turn out and a great session. So thank you to everyone who came and participated. [18:34] Aryte Vesperia: As Terra noted: please do participate. ART is becoming the norm, rather than exception. The materials are critical to know, especially if you're seeking membership in an elite unit. Tomorrow at 5:00 will be your next opportunity to participate. So come on out and have fun with us. :] [18:35] Aryte Vesperia: Annnd lastly: [18:35] Aryte Vesperia: > Keynote - Development [18:36] Aryte Vesperia: It is important to take into consideration the situations under which our development group primarily works in. For many, it would likely be a concept that is largely overlooked—our developers are a pretty unsung group of heroes. The intent of this discussion shall be to point out the elements of Munitorum that are not quite apparent. [18:38] Aryte Vesperia: Foremost, we must considering the reality of development: our team works out of the goodness of their heart. Each individual is entirely volunteer and seeks compensation only through group means—quality points, demonstrations of commitment, etc. Each developer donates a great deal of time and effort without receiving a dime of real “pay.” On some occasions, an individual could easily devote over a dozen man hours on a project—spending their own funds on uploads, texture tweaks (etc)—only to find the element in a queue for weeks. [18:38] Aryte Vesperia: Developers are managed relatively loosely by a Munitorum management system, which allocates resources and maintains a basic understanding of quality. On top of that, Munitorum management ensures distribution of work to ensure members aren’t overburdened. [18:39] Aryte Vesperia: To be realistic, Munitorum works on a needs based contract and, for all intensive purposes, answer only to their direct management and the Imperator. As such, it is not a requirement or necessary in any sense for developers to entertain or put up with critique of their work by those outside of that hierarchy. Beta examinations excluded. By that, I mean: every contribution deserves equal respect. If it is accepted for Ordo use, it has passed our base metrics. [18:41] Aryte Vesperia: There is no room to down talk developers or speak ill of their development: without Munitorum’s selflessness, we would be no where close to where we are today. Every developer, no matter their skill, deserves respect and reverence. It is not an easy task to give up your free time to build pretty things without monetary compensation, when, given the commercial market . . . same pretty things could turn a profit. Developers are, in every sense of the matter, some of the most dedicated and devoted people we have. [18:42] Aryte Vesperia: As such, I remind everyone to be grateful for the contributions we receive. Regardless of personal opinion on how something looks or performs, it is still someone’s hard work, donated selflessly to the group. You can, of course, raise concern to the proper channels if concern exists—the proper channels are Munitorum’s CO or XO, or the Imperator. What shouldn’t be occurring, however, is sitting around muttering how “X” could be done “this way” or “this would be better.” It’s demeaning to their intent to assist and undermines their desire to contribute further. [18:42] Aryte Vesperia: In short. Respect our developers, or learn how to do it yourself. Haha. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: That said. Thank you all for coming this evening and humoring me as I fast type this. It's been a good week. Surprising that our activity has been so high-- but I'm not complaining. Keep up the good work. Let's keep pushing those raid numbers up and keep the momentum high. Promotions will be up tomorrow, per the norm. I'll be around for the majority of the evening, but I need to run off and grab some food here after the meeting. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: Go beat up the AN or somethin'. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: As always, thank you for your time. [18:44] Aryte Vesperia: Dismissed! [18:44] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute. ~As quoth by my hand on the First of October, 2011~ ==End of Log==
  16. Tala Spingflower

    10SEP11 - Ordo Weekly Meeting

    Note: Loki wanted to grab the log, but couldn't. [18:01] Aryte Vesperia shouts: That said. Let's get to it. Meeting start. Please hold all IMs to me and ensure you wait until the opportunity to interject before doing so. Failure to may result in summary execution/removal from the meeting. [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: > Statistics Statistics Members: 315 Cadets: 4 Applications New: 10 Accepted: 0 Denied: 2 Review: 8 <--- Combat Defensive: 97 Offensive: 21 Allied Assist: 0 [18:02] Aryte Vesperia: Diplomatic notes this week: all’s quiet on the western front. No major changes to be noted. Combat and activity remains at a steady pace. As Tactica will detail, there have been a couple additional groups to the world. This week, we did interact with one—Tyr. Thus far, the group appears to be an entertaining venue to battle. Mr. Huszar of the Merczateers indicates their region is open now and they still have interest in pursuing friendly combat with us. We will definitely continue on this avenue once I mend my computer situation. On that note, I broke my primary computer yesterday. It should be mended shortly—no change in activity on my part, as I have a back-up that I can use to remain connected. [18:03] Aryte Vesperia: Unit reports this evening? [18:03] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) raises his hand for Terra. [18:03] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Foxtrot. [18:03] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: From Pr0wer for Invictus: "Invictus had a pretty standard week for the most part, slight drop in activity (thank you warhammer >:/) and school. With that being said next week should hold more promising with raids and trainings." [18:04] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: From Awanken for Evalidus: "Activities has rised a little bit even though couple massive games just got released, kudos ! Evalidus would also like to welcome our newest member (coughcoughfngcoughcough) Andriste Nesiote to the team ! We also finally released the first version of our Handbook so kudos to everyone who participated on making it happen ! SWEET ! As always if you have any questions or inquiries about Evalidus, contact either Huttser Ishelwood or Awanken Wasp!" [18:04] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: From Bracket for Insidiae: "Bracket is back from his week of no internet, we'd like to welcome Mackenzie Macbain to Insidiae! She loves to blow stuff up, and felt Insidiae was a good home. If you have the same love of blowing things up, please contact Krow Ames or Bracket Crowley! Attempted to make a space marines, reference, but all I could think of was WAAAAAAAAAGH!" [18:05] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: From Ookami for Praescius: "This Week Praescius been regularly taking parts on raid, New upon equipment wise quote from Agares, Tiridates has completed the Armor concept, but sadly he lost his internet connection so we're still waiting on that. Other then that we have a lot open slots for members to join so just contact Afevis Sodertelge or Ookamiwulf Lemton." [18:05] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: From Stirn for Saevitas: "This week has been dedicated to preparing for next week which will be dedicated to joint trainings with B-1. YES TSUKI YOU NEED TO DO WORK! Although as always, anyone is welcome to participate, so if you're interested send Stirn Aurotharius or Singularity Phenomena and IM for the dates and times." [18:06] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: For /Cohors B/ from the almighty Thatguy Andel: "Looks like an average week for Cohors B. Inactives have been moved to Cohors C from B-II. Tsukiyomi has been hosting a few things here and there for B-I; B-I guys, make sure to get your raid in, it's only one raid a week. As you see, I'm back with a new laptop. I'll be here and there getting things done as well as speaking with a few people about Cohors B to see where we need improvement and so forth. Thanks to Pr0wer for keeping things in check while I was gone, and another thanks to the B CO's. I'm glad to say I came back proudly. :]" [18:06] Kiwi Foxtrot (eriksson.foxtrot) shouts: That thusly concludes the Terra report for this week. Thank you! () [18:06] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Next? [18:07] Ethan Schuman raises his hand for Astra. [18:07] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Schuman. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: This week has been quiet, but it's the calm before the storm. As I mentioned last week, the Malice gunship is in progress, and Nikki wants to have a beta out no later than Wednesday. Once the beta is in our hands, Palaestra will begin work on a training and qualification course. At the same time, we'll work on getting approval from New Jessie to use it there, so that when the project is complete, there will be as little time as possible between when the Malice hits the armory and when you guys are terrorizing troops on the ground. Now, for that to happen, you'll need to have the QP stored up to unlock it. On top of the base gunship unlock, the Malice will also a have a few levels of upgrades that you can also unlock for even more ass kicking powah. The only way to get QP is to be active and to participate, so GET ACTIVE AND START SAVING NOW. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: In other development news, after having a bit of an epiphany and a good idea (that I made sure to have verified by a third party to make sure it wasn't just something that SOUNDED like a good idea), the Liberator is receiving a total rescript, with the mods I had made for the original enhanced version going out the window and being reworked to comply with the new flight style. Visibility has always been an issue for Liberator pilots. In order to combat that, and to make flight much smoother, the new Liberator flight engine locks horizontal, so it won't pitch up or down. In addition to this, the Liberator will now fly in third person mode by default, allowing for MUCH greater visibility. The commander of Letalis (Scarlet) seemed pleased with the change. These concepts are something I want to test, as the fleet ships also need flight cores, so I'm using the new Liberator as a test bed to try out new ideas before moving on to them. [18:07] Ethan Schuman shouts: Activity will be picking up this week, as we want to present opportunities for pilots to earn QP for when the Malice goes live. A few infantry raids will be going out, some of those led by Letalis members. We'll also be conducting some larger scale acvitivies in Chronus as we begin to take advantage of it. The purpose of these exercises is to start to revive unit cohesion that has dropped off somewhat over the past few weeks, so people will feel more in tune with each other and be able to work as teams when it comes to deploying both air to ground support and air superiority tactics in the same engagement. Advance notification will be given for the more intensive activities, so keep your eyes open and look to your flight and squadron leaders. [18:08] Ethan Schuman shouts: That's all from Astra this week. [18:08] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Additional reports this evening? [18:08] Kyra DeAllura Kitsune (kyra.vixen) raises her paw for Tactica. [18:08] Aryte Vesperia: Ms. Vixen. [18:08] Kyra DeAllura Kitsune (kyra.vixen): Well, we have a new military this week, brought to our attention courtesy of RobWolf Dragovar! Tyr, located in a homestead, appears to be open for battle, and has initially been classified as an E-8 target. Please welcome them in out usual fashion. The Republic of Germany has also seemed to pop back up on the radar. We don't yet have a region for them, but as a heads up, we should have another target Soon®. They've been tentatively slated as an NCO target, per their prior classification. A few reopenings this week. The Merczateers have appeared to have reopened relatively recently. Likewise, CDF has emerged from rebuild, with their new region build looking like a corridor-type-esque build, the path from the spawn to their base being divided into three sections. This concludes this week's relatively quiet Tactica report. [18:09] Drasamax Python raises hand for the IEA. [18:09] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Ms. Python? [18:09] Drasamax Python shouts: From myself for The Imperial Education Administration: A few Schola classes held since last week, along with even more Armatura classes held than Schola. As for Ludi some NCO-A classes were held. Schola Director Bracket Crowley is back as well for those of you who may not have noticed. As for Armatura Director Typhon Perun he seems to have vanished for over a week now without any kind of notices on why. So if you have something you usually go to your Armatura Director about please forward it to Vice Commandant Drasamax Python or Commandant Zero Itamae till he shows up again, whenever that will be. [18:10] Drasamax Python shouts: Other things to note in the IEA: We're currently thinking/planning on a project for expanding the IEA to allow custom classes as some kind of filler for downtime in normal IEA teaching activities that will be handled by a new special department in the IEA. However nothing is official yet these are just ideas/plans we want to try when we actually get it sorted out. [18:10] Drasamax Python shouts: A recent special addition to Ludi courses was made. Portuguese Classes which will be run by Radryl Allen. You may have taken one of these before when they were not a formal class but now they are. They will teach you some basics on the language and how to handle speaking to Portuguese hostiles/visitors etc. Very useful as we tend to get a lot of hostiles/visitors that speak the language on a day to day basis. There is currently a sign up posted on the forums for those interested. It can be found here: [18:10] Drasamax Python shouts: That is all from the Imperial Education Administration. Note: My Birthday is on September 13. :D I also made those Ordo Digi-grade Combat/Dress boots which I don't think Aryte put in the lockers yet so if they aren't you can IM me if you want them. [18:10] The Astra Bunneh (rykiana.ferina) raises a hand for Chronus Dev team and the I.N.N [18:11] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you kindly. And no, I haven't yet, Drasamax. [18:11] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Ferina? [18:11] The Astra Bunneh (rykiana.ferina) shouts: Its unusual for me to do weekly meeting reports but I have two for you this week ... ==Chronus== On behalf of the Chronus Development team I am happy to report that full scale development will begin as of tomorrow. Up untill now we have been thrashing out the details with the various departments of Ordo to try and put together a sim plan that benefits all while still giving a great and fun enviroment for training, so I would like to thank everyone who gave comments, suggestions and came up with ideas. We would like to ask however if anyone has any itemns, objects, trinkets or keep sakes on Chronus to please go and pick them up otherwise this time tomorrow you may find it in your lost and found folder, so please be aware of that. The sim may not be accessbable for training for a few days as we get hip deep into construction but dont worry we will try to make it as brief as possible so you guys can get back in and start blowing things up....if you dont blow yourselves up before hand. Astra Palaestra Training [18:11] The Astra Bunneh (rykiana.ferina) shouts: ...and hopefully in a few days once we get the rezzer there "Armatura" will still be able to be done on Chronus. That is all from the Chronus Dev team.....for now ....except for some complamentary music ==INN/OrdoCast== As we all know tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9/11, It would be appreciated if some volunteers could write some words of rememberance that will be read out before the start of the Ordocast. Please no stupid or derogatory comments cause they wont get read and i will rage face at you. Its a serious matter so please stay serious about it. Also we will have aryte on the show so any question you may havefor him send them to me on a notecard. That is all from the I.N.N/ Ordocast Team [18:12] Friendly Neighborhood Curia Guy (kishoshima.dragonash) raises hand for Curia [18:12] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you, Mr. Ferina. [18:12] Aryte Vesperia: Holy crap. Everyone's got a report tonight. Haha. Mr. Dragonash? [18:13] Friendly Neighborhood Curia Guy (kishoshima.dragonash) shouts: LOL Thank you Sir From Curia. Added Afevis to the roster, so now we have a new slav.. I mean guy to help us out. Thanks for comin aboard Afevis.. Id also like to make note that Genesis Ronmark is back (if you havent noticed) and in the Curia ranks, as is Kith... Glad to have you guys. One last thing and I'll Shaddap, Curia's looking for staff, people serious about applying and genuinely interested drop me a note (IM) in the forums. Thats all I have, now back to your regularly scheduled meeting. [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. :] [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Any additional reports? [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: Excellent. Moving on . . [18:14] Aryte Vesperia: This week’s meeting will be a degree shorter than the norm. I will be foregoing a keynote in order to get back to tinkering with my computer. Otherwise, I just have a couple quick notes. As such, be sure to use this additional time to go get some raid action in! Or I’ll be sad. :( I am speculating ART will still occur at its regular time tomorrow, 5:00. However, there is a possibility it may be postponed or cancelled, pending outcome on my computer. I will give a heads up on the forums by 4:00 if there is any change. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: As a side note, if I randomly vanish, it's because there's a doomsday storm outside. Lol. [18:15] Aryte Vesperia: First up, development: [18:16] Aryte Vesperia: Disembodied is hammering away at a TI related project; something inspired off the current Warhammer craze. I won't detail it in specifics for the sake of not spoiling it. After which, he will be moving in to handle the squad mods before tasking back to more major building plans. [18:17] Aryte Vesperia: Our fleet vessel has been modified to a classification of a gun cutter, much to Mr. Tretiak's pleasure. This is based upon the fact that. . well, you can make stuff much larger now. Thank you, Mesh. [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: Malice gunship, as Mr. Schuman mentioned, is going quite well. It will be field-able in the not so distant future. Furthermore, Ms. Gregoire has pledged that she has resumed activity on completing the replacement primary combat HUD. [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: Next: [18:18] Aryte Vesperia: > Reminder: Senior NCO Status / Promotion Exams [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: Foremost, I want to remind folks that there are some unwritten mandates for the senior NCO ranks-- well, I suppose they are written, just not under the promotion policy. Please be certain you drop me a list of your current roles/past positions in the Ordo if you're seeking E-6/7 (and are currently an E-5). [18:20] Aryte Vesperia: It's not "required" in totality, but it will certainly help. [18:21] Aryte Vesperia: Additionally, Terra command is looking for folks to receive letters of recommendation for E-7. You'll want to see your respective CO or the command staff (CO/XO/ADJ of Terra) to get one. [18:22] Aryte Vesperia: In other news. Promotion exams. If you're lookin' for additional authority, definitely do not forget to take the minimum promotion examinations. Remember, they /are/ minimums. If you complete them, it's a flag for us to consider you for promotions, not an immediate elevation. [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: The higher that the position you are reaching for, the more competitive it does become. So, certainly get out there and make your presence known. We're looking for proactive senior NCOs and folks in it for the long run. [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: Neeeext: [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: > Organized Game Nights / Space Marine [18:23] Aryte Vesperia: This is all over the forums right now. The calls for a Space Marine chapter has been heard. Haha. [18:24] Aryte Vesperia: For those of you who are Space Marine players, we will definitely organize some semi-routine beat-downs. Color coordination will not be required, haha. [18:24] Aryte Vesperia: But not everyone plays Space Marine . . so we definitely will try to push this effort in to other popular games. Maybe even ARMA2, so Blaze will be happy. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: HM. Well my lights just flickered but I didn't lose intertubes. [18:25] Aryte Vesperia: That's my que to run away before I fry my other computer, rofl. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: Okay you guys. Good week. Thank you all for your continued efforts. I will be back this evening, I speculate. I am a little crippled without my primary computer, but, still around. [18:26] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you to all the raid leads. Keep up the good work there. Don't forget to get some scheduled events for folks. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: Uhh that said. I will set you all free. Dismissed. Promotions up tomorrow. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: Be good. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: Eat your wheaties. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia: Dismissed. [18:27] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute.
  17. Anlysia Gregoire

    13AUG11 - Munitorum Meeting

    Pretty raw dump log, dealwithit.gif. [15:58] Anlysia Gregoire: Okay so I'll probably have to vanish for a couple minutes to eat dinner in the midst of this, so let's get going. :x [15:58] Anlysia Gregoire: Keller is always prepared so I'll let him talk firsties. [15:58] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Actually, I'm not. But I'll try to type as quickly as I can! :D [15:59] Anlysia Gregoire: See it's fun because either I get timekill, or I get to stress you out. So I always pick on you. [15:59] Anlysia Gregoire: Go go go. [16:00] Anlysia Gregoire: (Everyone else who wants to talk, write it down now so you don't look unprepared like Keller.) [16:00] Acheron Gloom: I updated my NJ thread with this [16:00] Acheron Gloom: Convex Hull vs 'Prim' Physics Types I was doing some testing with convex hulls and prim physics types because I was bored, and I found that when I tested 90 cubes set to prim or convex hull they both only got physics time up to around 1.1 ms at most. When I tested 90 tubes set to prim they went up to 13 ms of physics time. When I tested 90 tubes set to convex hull they went up to a physics time similar to the cubes. My suggestion is to use convex hulls on bullets, no matter what. [14:24:58] Falcon Linden: Yes, convex hull physics will in almost all cases (okay, /actually/ all cases I can think of) be as efficient or, typically, more efficient than prim physics. If the underlying prim shape was already convex, it won't make a difference in performance. Thanks for asking! Falcon In addition to performance for the sim, convex hulls for simple sets of shapes in a link-set can do as much as cut the prim-equivalence in half. An example is a linkset of boxes. [16:00] Acheron Gloom: theres my update. I also have a few questions for Falcon that he hasn't gotten to yet, considering he has the weekend off [16:01] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I admit I have been busy working on mesh stuff that Mark hasn't seen yet despite bugging me every 5 minutes to see (<3), and been working on updating scripting and shit so they'll be ready to go. Linden Labs hasn't given a definitive timeline for when mesh will be gridwide, but it was pushed out on all the Release Candidate versions (Tigre, Magnum, Blue Steel), and supposedly it'll be completed some time next week, possibly the week after. Regardless, mesh'll be gridwide by September - some 1.0 viewers are trying to port mesh compatability, but otherwise you will be needing to use a 2.0 or 3.0 viewer to actually see and/or upload mesh. [16:01] Anlysia Gregoire: 3.0? That's news to me. [16:01] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): That's what LL's viewer version is up to, I think. [16:01] Acheron Gloom: Yep [16:01] Acheron Gloom: 3.0.2 is the latest beta viewer [16:02] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Firestorm and such are based off of... 2.1 [16:02] Acheron Gloom: its been updated past 3.0.2 a little [16:02] Acheron Gloom: latest firestorm is up to 2.6.9 at their repo, I believe [16:02] Anlysia Gregoire: Oh so it's not an "actual" 3.0. It's just "2.0 sucks so we're gonna start calling it 3.0 and hope nobody notices it's the same". [16:02] Acheron Gloom: nah its 3.0, p. much [16:02] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): There's actually some differences. [16:02] Acheron Gloom: mesh + what not [16:02] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Detachable sidebar, woo~ [16:02] Anlysia Gregoire: I hate how the entire chat system works in 2.0+. [16:02] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I'll probably finish writing my mesh guide tonight or tomorrow. [16:02] Acheron Gloom: I just want the phoenix devs to hurry up with their merging [16:03] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Just to kinda cover some bases / give people guidelines. [16:03] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Like, dem rifles over there, all three, only cost 60 L$ to upload together. Preassembled and everything. [16:03] Anlysia Gregoire: They are lovely spheres. [16:03] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): ...except I Ffffed up the rails so I can't shrink them to anything smaller then Bracket-size. [16:03] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Get with the times. >;[ [16:03] Acheron Gloom: ye anly [16:03] Acheron Gloom: get with the times [16:04] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): But that's p. much it. [16:04] Anlysia Gregoire: I'm maintaining a baseline of "When we can actually effectively start using mesh, because people will actually see it". [16:04] Anlysia Gregoire: That and I'm too lazy to download a beta client with no features. [16:04] Anlysia Gregoire: This and that. [16:04] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Need to talk to Morh about Adjudicator particle effects. [16:04] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I think Firestorm can already see mesh? Not sure. [16:04] Acheron Gloom: Nope [16:04] Acheron Gloom: only v3.0 and kirsten's [16:05] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): They've had a bloody Ffffing month to get that. >;[ [16:05] Acheron Gloom: I kno rite [16:05] Acheron Gloom: FS is only at 2.6.9 right onw on their repo [16:05] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Ah well. [16:05] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Anyways, that's it for me. [16:05] Anlysia Gregoire: I will pass something on from Disembodied we're not allowed to tell Ethan about. [16:06] Anlysia Gregoire: Disembodied Hand: (Saved Fri Aug 12 22:00:15 2011) If im not, Im 99% done with a new fleet ship, frigate class unnamed, 3 crew 4 passenger in drop bay, pilot with torpedo and dead-drop bomb systems and a gunner on each side [16:06] Acheron Gloom: Oh and if you guys didn't know yet, Bluesteel has the scripting maintenance project. [16:06] Acheron Gloom: [16:06] Anlysia Gregoire: Mostly not allowed to tell him because he'd get too much enjoyment out of it, and one of my life goals is making Ethan realize Navis sucks and he's a bad person. [16:07] Xoza Shadow (xoza.tyron): >:| [16:07] Acheron Gloom: those release notes are slightly incomplete [16:07] Acheron Gloom: going to edit them now [16:07] Anlysia Gregoire: And...speaking of needing to go, I need to pop away for a minute. Keller talk about mesh bullets and if that argument ends, Nikki can talk. ;x Be right back. [16:09] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Technically they'd work as well as regular bullets, so long as the model itself is in the gun. Just set it to convex hull and BAM. [16:09] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Well, not that simple, but pretty much. [16:11] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): o [16:11] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): I don't really have anything [16:12] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Other than i'm working on the gunship with tsoom [16:12] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): THATS ALL FROM NIKKI [16:12] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): I got something. [16:12] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Somethings. [16:12] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Mark? o: [16:13] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): I'm still touching up the armoury update charter based on feedback I recieve from personnel and Alpha squads. ( I'm still looking for input though, so please post. Especially you, Anly, you lazy Fffftruck. Once I stop recieving input I'll assume that it's "okay" and finalise it with the blessing of Aryte and Munitorum as a whole. Then we should be prepped for Mesh more or less. Of course once I declare if finalised then everyone will jump on it and tear it apart as usual. OH WELL. [16:14] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): ...Fffftruck? [16:14] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Fffftruck. [16:14] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I don't even. [16:14] Xoza Shadow (xoza.tyron): lol [16:14] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): In other words a promiscuous person of male persuasion. [16:14] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): But Anly is a tarp. [16:14] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Exactly. [16:14] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Other than that, I've had pretty much nothing to do animation-wise as everyone is still working on meshes mostly. It would be nice if SOMEONE gave me a nice UV unwrap to work with. [16:15] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): ANYWAYS. I've been tweaking the mesh Judico and such so that I can swap out parts with it, like some of our Leviathan weapons. [16:15] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): So that if we do implement an upgrade system, it'd be easy to tell who is using what. [16:15] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): So the Judico is going to be the assault rifle? [16:15] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): (like the Judicos over thar have different handguard lengths) [16:15] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Judico is the CW AR, so, aye. [16:15] Acheron Gloom: Is the armoury upgrade charter about [16:15] Acheron Gloom: organization [16:15] Acheron Gloom: or [16:15] Acheron Gloom: wat [16:15] Acheron Gloom: I HAVEN'T LOOKED ATI T YET [16:15] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Streamlining the armory. [16:16] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Trimming fat, etc. [16:16] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Then Ffffing read it you double nigger. [16:16] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): With an upgrade system built into the weapons rather then having a billion ARs to unlock. [16:16] Acheron Gloom: can I suggest things like [16:16] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): POST IN THREAD. [16:16] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): So says its done now [16:16] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): GET ON POINT. [16:16] Acheron Gloom: bullets being convex hull tubes or boxes instead of regular tubes [16:16] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): oops I was totally scrolled up to 5mins ago [16:16] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): XD [16:17] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I'd leave that up to the scripter. [16:17] Acheron Gloom: I think we should have a standard [16:17] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Say the armory thread is done now, so everyone jumps on it, then say hahaha not really and use their feedback [16:17] Anlysia Gregoire: Reading up. [16:17] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): I might just do that. [16:17] Acheron Gloom: especially considering my testing earlier where the cubes and convex hull tubes were 1.1 ms, while the regular tubes were 14 ms [16:17] Acheron Gloom: of physics time [16:17] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): What Nikki said, too. That's what I said about the CW stats at first to get people to go >8c [16:17] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Then went from there. [16:17] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): shh let Anly learn to read english [16:17] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): a, b, c, d, e... [16:18] Typhon R DeCrux (typhon.perun) has entered the region. [16:18] Anlysia Gregoire: Okay caught up. [16:18] Anlysia Gregoire: I had a delicious cheddar smokie, just had to say. [16:18] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Cool story. [16:18] Anlysia Gregoire: It is. [16:19] Anlysia Gregoire: BUT MARK I GAVE YOU FEEDBACK ON STEAM, WHY YOU NEED IT WRITTEN DOWN? :< :< ;D [16:19] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Because Steam doesn't keep logs. [16:19] Anlysia Gregoire: Okay I'll go re-read it again and comment. What's the link again, so everyone here can? ;o [16:19] Anlysia Gregoire: (Bayonet bayonet.) [16:19] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): I posted it god damn [16:20] Singularity Phenomena has left the region. [16:20] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): [16:20] Anlysia Gregoire: Yes but if you post it twice they may see it. Be nice because I'm going to post this log for you. [16:20] Gen Scientist has entered the region. [16:20] Anlysia Gregoire: JUST FOR YOU MARK [16:20] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Finally, has there actually been any new news on new scripting functionality like llCastRay? There's been a few rumours around that LL are considering implementing function @ trace end or something. Which would have obvious repercussions. Also rawr I am a short overweight dragon. That is all. [16:21] Acheron Gloom: Dunno. I can ask Falcon when he gets back to me on my other stuff [16:22] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): wow you are overweight [16:22] Anlysia Gregoire: He's pleasingly plump. [16:22] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): ;D [16:23] Acheron Gloom: updated the [16:23] Acheron Gloom: bluesteel release notes, by the way. [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): So i've no idea if this was mentioned already but [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Is mesh out -everywhere- now? [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Or what [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Just a yes or no works [16:24] Anlysia Gregoire: No, like 35% of grid or sommat. [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Oh :< [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): damnit [16:24] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Only private sims that volunteer. [16:24] Anlysia Gregoire: Yeah it's fusteratin'. [16:24] Acheron Gloom: Private sims plus RCs [16:24] Xoza Shadow (xoza.tyron): BTW, any news on Raycasting? :o [16:24] Acheron Gloom: there were two RCs on mesh last week, I think only oen this week [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): I have like 4238402384208 custom jobs for mesh [16:24] Anlysia Gregoire: I think it got disabled again. [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): lol [16:24] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): The wait is almost over, comrades. [16:24] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): :> [16:25] Xoza Shadow (xoza.tyron): \o/ [16:25] Acheron Gloom: Not sure on raycast, Zoxa. I think that'll be after mesh is fully rolled [16:25] Acheron Gloom: Xoza* [16:25] Acheron Gloom: I have no idea how I put Zoxa. [16:25] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Nikki, mentioned it earlier; It's on all volunteered sims and RCs, should be gridwide next week. [16:25] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Yeah sorry I was photoshopping for a bit at the start :X [16:26] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): And it's more around 40%, but I think us and Ark are the only mesh-enabled combat sims right now. [16:26] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): mmk [16:26] Nikki Aquitaine (nikki4.aquitaine): Moving on then :D:D:D [16:26] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Vanguard/CATI/Remnant/everyone else: What's Mesh? [16:26] BBW lover for life (silverbackmale.looming) is Online [16:26] Anlysia Gregoire: It's nice that ARK is actually attempting to be somewhat proactive in the technology area. Though I suppose one could say Vanguard thinks they are, since they rescript everything to be twice as efficient every two weeks. [16:27] Acheron Gloom: Vanguard has a lot of misinformation in its content creation though [16:27] Acheron Gloom shrugs [16:28] Acheron Gloom: and ARK is like [16:28] Acheron Gloom: greedy. [16:28] Acheron Gloom: IN MY OPINION [16:28] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Well so are we. [16:28] Acheron Gloom: true [16:28] Acheron Gloom: I'm not <:3 [16:28] Acheron Gloom: else this thread: [16:29] Acheron Gloom: would be in the muni forum [16:29] Acheron Gloom: not the NJ forum [16:29] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): Christoph still believes that mesh 'licenses' cost hundreds of dollars, along with a bunch of other bullshit. [16:29] Acheron Gloom: yeah [16:29] Anlysia Gregoire: I'm totally down with everyone having good technology. Since it only benefits everyone. [16:29] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): Maybe he could just take it in the ass for one. [16:29] Anlysia Gregoire: So who cares. [16:29] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): So yeah. As for Ark, the whole Genesis thing was... a clusterFfff. [16:29] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): See how it feels for him. [16:30] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): But it was more or less precipitated by them not wanting to give the viewer to Vanguard. [16:30] Acheron Gloom shrugs, "I don't even really want to use the viewer. I just wished it was open source." [16:30] Acheron Gloom: the onlyt hings I'd like are that uh [16:30] Acheron Gloom: the raid planner thing [16:30] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): (speaking of, if you did log into the one released by Vanguard, change your password ASAP, because it was modified before they handed it out.) [16:30] Acheron Gloom: but thats it. [16:32] Anlysia Gregoire: Alrighty Anything else to bring up, or are we done here? [16:32] Anlysia Gregoire: *tick tick tick* [16:32] Keller Vesperia (keller.teichmann): I might actually be able to get the source for Genesis sometime down the road, in case we ever do want to try our hands at a client. But that's it. [16:33] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): Who made Genesis? [16:33] Ookamiwulf Lemton: ayamo [16:33] Ookamiwulf Lemton: clix mate [16:33] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): Nozaki? [16:33] Acheron Gloom: yes [16:33] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): Well that won't end well. [16:33] Acheron Gloom: I don't like his philosophy about the whole thing. [16:33] Acheron Gloom: WHen I spoek to him he said he didn't want to OS it [16:33] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): No shit. [16:33] Acheron Gloom: because [16:33] Anlysia Gregoire: Well he has to or get B& if he ever gets caught. [16:33] Anlysia Gregoire: C'est la vie. *shrug* [16:34] Acheron Gloom: well [16:34] Acheron Gloom: because he basically does'nt want people to use anything hes made [16:34] Acheron Gloom: because he made it, and he should get the credit for it blah blah blah [16:34] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): Ayamo's done worse than just making a client closed source [16:34] Kristian Kit has entered the region. [16:35] Anlysia Gregoire: (Remember when 3rd party clients were going the way of the dodo, guys, and that was going to solve all our problems? I remember that.) [16:35] Scarlet Fläks (scarlet.flaks): coughcoughcough RUBY coughcoughcough. [16:36] Anlysia Gregoire: Well, whatever. We've managed pretty well without a custom client to this point, so, I don't think we'll suffer without one. [16:36] Acheron Gloom: If I ever get the motivation to finish up some of the dumb things I am doing in RL atm [16:36] Acheron Gloom: I wanted to work on a viewer [16:36] Acheron Gloom: but [16:36] Acheron Gloom: yea.h [16:37] Acheron Gloom: plus my school year started the previous wednesday [16:37] Anlysia Gregoire: That'll teach you to go to school. [16:37] Anlysia Gregoire: Alright I think we're done here, so let's GTFO. Read Marks' thread and comment on it, this I decree. [16:37] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): STILL WAITING ON THAT POST LITTLE MISSY. [16:38] Anlysia Gregoire: I'll be busy for a couple minutes posting this log for you for whatever reason, Mark, and then I'll post. ;x [16:38] Anlysia Gregoire just edits "Australia sucks" into the middle of Marks' post somewhere innocuous. [16:38] Markpuff (mark.karlfeldt): I wish I was a forum admin [16:38] Anlysia Gregoire: Alright, e'eryone giddout and see y'all in a couple weeks. ;x
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