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Found 3 results

  1. Paige Nivalis

    Kon'nichiwa :D

    Herro to all, I am a nerd by the name of Kala. My character in FF14 is Paige, she is a smol xela auri ninja that is just like my bab. O/ FF isnt the only game i play i do fiddle with wow, league, some diablo, some hereos of the storm, and so on. Any questions n what not just give me a haller, shout, whisper, poke. That kind of thing :). I'm not to big on hard core raiding, or anything i like chilling if anything i spend alot of time alone just farming when there's nothing to do. ;9 so like I said just give me a heads up if ya need anything.
  2. Kohen

    Kohen [FFXIV]

    Hey Folks, My name on the game is Kohen Peace. My irl name is Micah. (Mike-ah). I've been playing FFXIV since 1.0 beta, got really into the game around 1.18 patch. I mainly play MNK and BLM, but capable of playing almost all roles. I love to raid, run dungeons and basically fight in this game. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all. - The name you wish to be known by. Kohen - Your steam profile information. FinalMicah - What games you currently play with us or plan to play with us? FFXIV, probably others - Make sure your birth date is accurate in your profile. Yup - What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have? Looking for a small tight knit group. I think it's overall the best way to enjoy MMO's.
  3. Daichi

    Moshi moshi.

    Hello one and all. My name is Daichi, I'm a Role Player, Operations Specialist, and writer. I've been away from the guild environment for a long time but due to Deadfear, Kal'liope, and Zues, I've been granted the privilege to have a new family. I know all the Operations SWTOR has to offer in Story Mode, Hard Mode, and even some Nightmare mode. I have about 22 toons, most DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Healer, I prefer to DPS so please the only thing I ask is to not put me in the others roles often. I've worked hard to enhance my DPS skills and I hate for it to go to waste, not only that it's the most fun role to me. I am more then happy to teach new people how to run operations and more then happy to help others to gear up people. Other then that, feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know and I'd be happy to answer. Good day. :)
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