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Found 6 results

  1. TODAY 18:30 PDT ( 21:30pm EST) click the image to be taken to the livestream
  2. Esva

    Be a guest on the Ordocast

    Be a Guest on the ORDOCAST Want to be a guest on the Ordocast ? Ever wonder what goes on ... well we're now taking applications for guest's, So if you want to appear on the Ordocast follow the link and fill in the form Ordocast Guest App
  3. Welcome to the Star Wars Battlefront Video Diary. As of 27NOV15, there will be a daily video posted here to document my travels, battles etc through Star Wars Battlefront. Not only will you be able to witness all the encounters, Come along with me on my journey through the game but also learn more about SW:Battlefront and maybe see rumor and myth dispelled or proved. Think of Myth busters in a way but for Star Wars battlefront. Most of us have preconceived notions about the game, including myself, and it has allot to prove to us all, and it's only because I was gifted this game that I'm going to do this, to see if the game can redeem it's self and prove wrong all the things I have said about it, So I'm going to put my views aside and be as inpartial as possible and you guys get see the result, So check back daily for your dose of Star Wars Battlefront, See the game in full, all the unlocks, All the battles, All the customization and yes ...plenty of deaths and stupid mistakes. So bookmark the thread or follow along on Ordo Imperialis' Youtube Channel
  4. Kishoshima Dragonash

    Suggestions for the Ordo Cast

    SO... seeing as we're getting a little bit of a following for the Ordo Cast we want to continue to grow. Is there anything youd like us to do on the Cast? Is there anything we're doing you DONT want us to do? What can we do to improve the experience with you guys? Throw any constructive criticism our way and post it here so that we can keep track of it. Keep in mind, we may or may not agree with you (which is always the case) but anything we can feasibly implement or change, we will. If what you're throwing out is straight tosh.. then its going straight to the round file.. just keep that in mind. We love you guys, we love interacting with you guys.. and as always #GetOrdo ... Make it a thing.
  5. Welcome to the Ordocast's 3rd episode - "8-Bit Ordo" > :: From The Shoutbox :: XEVRAND : MOSHCRATES: Hello! Just joined. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Wildstar KISHOSHIMA: In better news for the rest of the world... Sepp Blatter is stepping down as FIFA pres.. thats cool and all but it just means some other asshole is gonna step in and keep the status quo.. Sorry football fans. :: Chapter News :: -- Star Wars The Old Republic -- Yavin IV Stronghold Togruta Species Togruta Update on squashing credit spammers Hey everyone, I’m a developer attached to our security team, and that includes fighting credit farmers, exploiters, sellers, and spammers. Unfortunately we have to be pretty tight lipped about any of our security work because we don’t want ‘The Baddies’ knowing what we’re doing. The best kind of work we do is where players don’t realize we’ve done anything at all. I promise you, though, we do work hard at ensuring the game experience is fun from all sides, and that includes cutting down on spam wherever viable. One of the more frustrating kinds of spam players have reported recently was a new approach: Tell Spam. We noticed spammers sending massive numbers of tells to players around the server. The rate the messages went out meant it was impossible for us to manually react. By the time someone saw the spam the damage was done. A large number of players were impacted and the spammer could simply log out, their job done. That was too much of an inconvenience and we quickly built a system to cut down on that behavior. Without going into too many details: If someone goes on a mission to send as many tells as they possibly can, as fast as they can, there’s a good chance they’ll wind up squelched, even without manual CSR intervention. I want to stress that this action happens only because of efforts by the player who got squelched. They performed an action that was deemed sufficiently disruptive and likely enough to be a spammer or a griefer so the system automatically shut them down to prevent any more spam. Your friend who you sent a bunch of messages to too quickly (nice or mean) did not report you, a CSR didn’t hold a grudge against you, you just looked like a spammer to our automated systems. The squelch WILL eventually wear off (length is subject to change). So, I have a few requests for all of you: Please don’t spam each other with the same message over and over again. That’s what spammers do, and you don’t want to copy them. If you need to get someone’s attention, you can slow down the messages. Copy-pasting the same message to people as fast as you can, over and over again, is the only way you can really hit current limits. I feel bad for anyone who gets caught and subsequently squelched, but the key is not to act like a spammer/credit seller. Secure your accounts. All of them, not just your SWTOR account. Credit spammers and sellers regularly compromise accounts, by getting into email accounts, figuring out passwords through shared accounts, or using Trojans to sniff passwords. Enable ‘Two Factor’ authentication on your email if available, use a security key for your SWTOR account, use a different password for different services, and find ways to ensure your data is locked up by more than just the username and password where you can. By having two factor authentication you make it much harder for them to improperly access your data. Please right-click and report spammers. We DO pay attention to that, and the more reports we get on a person the higher up it goes in our list of ‘Likely spam message’ for us to track and deal with. There was a brief time where right-click reporting wasn’t working properly and our CSRs weren’t getting the ‘check out this spammer and ban him’ message. That has been fixed, but that time of it being broken caused a sharp decline in people using it. It works now, I promise! Report spammers! It makes us all happier when we remove them from our game. Don’t buy credits!!! Buying credits encourages the spamming and encourages bad people to keep harming others. While tracking and busting these rings we discover links to stolen credit cards, compromised accounts, and cheating in game. This harms the play experience for other players and they do all of this because they make money. We’re doing what we can on our end but we need the players to push back too and to refuse to buy from them. With No-Cost character training we’ve removed a huge credit sink and acquiring credits has gotten much easier, thanks to the Epic Story XP Boost (12X XP) getting you to higher-end content faster. Why put your account, personal, and financial information at risk, when you can easily protect it? Sincerely, [A developer who is remaining anonymous because credit selling is literally tied to organized crime and my job is to make them angry] P.S. We do read the forums and see your complaints and I want you guys to keep it up! If something is bugging you about spam in the game, about exploits happening, about things going wrong, TELL US. We do action them as we can, and those posts do make a difference. We can’t always show our work, and as far as security tasks are concerned we usually try and keep you from seeing anything happened at all, but we are there in the shadows, working to keep things right. Sorry this is the first (and probably last) post I’ll get to make on the topic, but please keep up posting about problems, keep reporting spammers, keep helping us help you. Cartel Coin card pets Economy & PvP Rankede Rewards - Patch 3.3 PvP Economy and Ranked Rewards Restructure for Game Update 3.3 Hello PvPers! As some of you may have heard on the Bad Feeling Podcast, we are making a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas. Alex covered several of these changes in the interview but for clarity, and as an official jumping-off point for discussion, we wanted to go over the changes and the reasoning behind them here. Please feel free to join us in the discussion thread linked below. Let’s get started! PvP Gear Cost We think that getting a full set of PvP gear is too much of a grind. This is so much the case that only about 2% of PvP players have a full Dark Reaver set. Having at least Exhumed gear is a barrier to entry to being successful in PvP for the majority of players, so we looked to reduce the time and cost of getting there. We have reduced the entry PvP gear costs by roughly a third, and a full set (not min/maxed) will now cost about 4075 Warzone Commendations. For the Dark Reaver/Ranked set we didn’t reduce the price as much, but Ranked Warzone Comms will no longer be used to buy them; pieces will now be purchased with Warzone Comms and the previous tier gear piece. (Ranked Warzone Comms have been removed from the game, but we’ll touch on that more in the Ranked Reward changes found below.) A full Ranked Gear set will now cost about 16,525 Warzone Comms, much less than the current price of around 39,000 Ranked Comms. The exact prices are still being finalized, but this is the spirit and intent of the changes to PvP gear prices that you’ll be seeing. In addition, the character cap for Warzone Comms will be raised to 200,000 and the Daily/Weekly Missions will have increased Credit rewards. These changes will make it easier and faster to gear up and get to a competitive level in PvP. Our hope is that the reduced grind makes for a more enjoyable Warzone experience. Increased Warzone Rewards We found that the Warzone Experience and Credit rewards were not keeping up with the rest of the game, so we’ll be giving them both a boost. Players can expect to receive double the XP and double the Credits for a completed match. Legacy Lockbox When we fixed the unintended ability to transfer Warzone Comms to other characters within a Legacy, we got lots of feedback from players requesting a legitimate way to make those transfers. After some discussion, we have come up with a solution: Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes. Each PvP Items vendor (on either Fleet), will begin selling a Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox that can be purchased for 99 Warzone Comms and will contain 99 Warzone Comms. The Lockbox can be transferred between Legacy characters. Ranked Reward system The current Ranked Warzone reward system indirectly promotes players to stop queueing after they have gotten to the tier that they feel they will end up at for the Season, which lowers the amount of people who participate for the duration of the season. To combat this we wanted to give reasons to queue for the entire season without implementing something draconian-esc as rewards for playing each day of the season. We have come up with a system that we feel gives players a reason to play all season long and keep the Ranked population competitive and having fun. Ranked players will no longer receive specific item rewards at the end of the season for reaching a certain rating in a Ranked Season. Instead, players will be granted a number of Season-specific tokens based on the tier of rating the player achieved. These tokens will be used to purchase the ranked rewards the player wants after the season has ended. For example, if you don’t like the Silver tier title, the Bronze tier title can be purchased instead for less tokens. In addition to receiving a large amount of Season-specific Tokens at the end of the season based on the tier placed (enough to buy the entire tier of rewards), players will now receive these season-specific tokens for every match they play based on match outcome and performance medals. A player that wins the match with max medals gets a larger amount of Comms than a player that gets the minimum number of medals and loses, at roughly a 1:18 ratio. We believe that this system of awarding Comms based on performance of the team and the individual will create a distinction between just playing and playing well. The intention here is to encourage players to be engaged over the length of the season and continually attempt to improve and compete at a higher skill level. The better you are and the more you play, the more rewards you will be able to purchase. Since highly skilled players can still play the minimum number of games and earn the Gold tier rewards at the end of the Season, we feel this is the best of both worlds of rewarding both skill and time investment. End of Season Rewards will be available for purchase from a vendor in the Combat Training area of each fleet for the entirety of the following Season. For example, Season 6 rewards will be available during Season 7 and will be removed from the vendor when Season 8 starts. If you have unused Season tokens they will be converted automatically into Warzone Comms when they can no longer be redeemed for Season Rewards. This gives players a large window to purchase the Season-specific rewards and still get something back from leftover, unspent Tokens. In addition, there is at least one Reward per tier that is exclusive to the tier (cannot be purchased) so you can still show off that you earned the Reward based on skill alone. As a few examples of the participation level needed for the Gold tier mount, a player who does not place in Bronze or above would need to play more than 60 games per week for the entire season at a 50% win rate, earning max medals each match, while completing every daily and weekly to purchase the mount (but if they lost every game and got the minimum number of medals it would take about 5000 games in a season to accrue the Comms needed). This gets easier for players that place in rating tiers, but a Silver rated player would still need to play more than 18 games a week, winning half their games, achieving max medals each match, completing every daily and weekly for the entire season while not purchasing any other rewards to afford the mount. These numbers are ballpark but we feel that they have a good balance between being physically obtainable so players will feel like they have the ability to achieve them, while still being a significant challenge and investment. One more note, Top 96 players will be rewarded enough Season-specific Comms to purchase every reward for the season, in addition to their exclusive reward. They are the cream of the crop and have earned it. Miscellaneous PvP Changes There will be two other small changes to PvP in Game Update 3.3, one for regular Warzones and the other for Ranked. In Warzones, capturing an objective (on Alderaan or Voidstar, for example) will no longer be interrupted by AoE effects. This change should reduce the stagnation on objectives and allow for more diverse defensive strategies. In Ranked Warzones, in order for a character to enter the queue they will need to be wearing gear that gives them max expertise. This will prevent inexperienced players, who may not be ready for Ranked play, from entering the queue until they have the appropriate gear. We hope you enjoy these PvP changes and look forward to your feedback! The SWTOR Combat Team -- Guild Wars 2 -- Beta Test Strongholds Hi all, Our next Stronghold public beta begins in about an hour, and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what has changed in the map since the last time you played. As a reminder, Stronghold will be available in Unranked Arenas beginning today at 12pm Pacific time (one hour from this post, or 19:00 UTC) and will run for 24 hours (tomorrow at 12pm Pacific, 19:00 UTC). We’ll also be broadcasting tournaments for both NA and EU today, beginning at 12:30pm Pacific (19:30 UTC) at We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the map! The ArenaNet team will be at work late tonight playing Stronghold – so jump into Unranked Arena and there’s a chance we might face each other on the battlefield! Map Changes A number of crates/boxes have been added inside the strongholds around the lord gate to provide opportunities for line-of-sighting. Made a number of terrain changes. Realigned the trebuchets to be able to hit the “Mist Essence” summoning areas. Lord Updates You can no longer resurrect the lord after the match ends. You can no longer kill the enemy lord after the match ends. When an opposing team’s lord is defeated, the winning team’s lord will now celebrate the victory with a cheer. New skill: The lord will now execute an attack that pulls nearby enemies in, knocks them down, and then does a devastating 360 degree spin. Don’t let it hit you. Lord Room Defending NPCs The locations for the defending NPCs in each stronghold are now identical. The defending NPCs in each stronghold have had their health increased by 10%. Stronghold Guards One set of guards (between the inner and outer gate) have been removed for a total of 4 guards. Mist Essence Mist Champions now spawn at the following minute marks: 12:00, 9:00, 6:00, and 3:00. The 12:00 Mist Essence will now spawn nearest to the side that is behind on score. General Defending Npc names have been simplified from archer, soldier, ect. to all be called “Guards” NPCs that cannot be resurrected lose their icon on the map after being defeated The objective icons appear on the mini map upon entering the map, rather than when the match begins. Trebuchets has been adjusted to make hitting important objectives easier Red-side doorbreakers can no longer be summoned before dropping down from spawn. Players holding max (2) supply can no longer pick up player dropped supply. Players will drop any supply they were carrying when they are defeated This means that if you have 2 supply and die you will drop 2 supply! We’ll see you in the Mists, Hugh Norfolk PvP Game Designer -- Wild Star-- Wildstar goes F2P -- Planetside 2 -- Planetside 2 lands on PS4 :: Gaming News :: Fallout 4 Trailer [spoiler] Dirty Bombs [spoiler] Final Fantasy: Type Zero > Team Fortress 2 Map Workshop Beta :: Entertainment News :: E3 Roundup Games at E3 E3 Expo Disney Obi-Wan Trilogy ? Microsoft at E3 News Article :: Platform News :: Steam You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Steam—for any reason. Maybe your PC doesn't meet the hardware requirements; maybe you bought a game by mistake; maybe you played the title for an hour and just didn't like it. It doesn't matter. Valve will, upon request via, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours. There are more details below, but even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look. You will be issued a full refund of your purchase within a week of approval. You will receive the refund in Steam Wallet funds or through the same payment method you used to make the purchase. If, for any reason, Steam is unable to issue a refund via your initial payment method, your Steam Wallet will be credited the full amount. (Some payment methods available through Steam in your country may not support refunding a purchase back to the original payment method. Click here for a full list.) Where Refunds Apply The Steam refund offer, within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of playtime, applies to games and software applications on the Steam store. Here is an overview of how refunds work with other types of purchases. Refunds on Downloadable Content (Steam store content usable within another game or software application, "DLC") DLC purchased from the Steam store is refundable within fourteen days of purchase, and if the underlying title has been played for less than two hours since the DLC was purchased, so long as the DLC has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Please note that in some cases, Steam will be unable to give refunds for some third party DLC (for example, if the DLC irreversibly levels up a game character). These exceptions will be clearly marked as nonrefundable on the Store page prior to purchase. Refunds on In-game Purchases Steam will offer refund for in-game purchases within any Valve-developed games within forty-eight hours of purchase, so long as the in-game item has not been consumed, modified or transferred. Third-party developers will have the option to enable refunds for in-game items on these terms. Steam will tell you at the time of purchase if the game developer has opted to offer refunds on the in-game item you are buying. Otherwise, in-game purchases in non-Valve games are not refundable through Steam. Refunds on Pre-Purchased Titles When you pre-purchase a title on Steam (and have paid for the title in advance), you can request a refund at any time prior to release of that title. The standard 14-day/two-hour refund period also applies, starting on the game’s release date. Steam Wallet Refunds You may request a refund for Steam Wallet funds within fourteen days of purchase if they were purchased on Steam and if you have not used any of those funds. Refunds on Bundles You can receive a full refund for any bundle purchased on the Steam Store, so long as none of the items in the bundle have been transferred, and if the combined usage time for all items in the bundle is less than two hours. If a bundle includes an in-game item or DLC that is not refundable, Steam will tell you if the whole bundle is refundable during check-out. Purchases Made Outside of Steam Valve cannot provide refunds for purchases made outside of Steam (for example, CD keys or Steam wallet cards purchased from third parties). VAC Bans If you have been banned by VAC (the Valve Anti-Cheat system) on a game, you lose the right to refund that game. Movies We are unable to offer refunds for movies on Steam. Refunds on Gifts We are unable to offer refunds for gifts after they have been redeemed by the recipient. Abuse Refunds are designed to remove the risk from purchasing titles on Steam—not as a way to get free games. If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you. We do not consider it abuse to request a refund on a title that was purchased just before a sale and then immediately rebuying that title for the sale price. How to Request a Refund You can request a refund or get other assistance with your Steam purchases at Microsoft Windows 10 Launch & what you need to know :: Random Youtube Video::
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