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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, I know we already have a Knights of the Old Republic remastered topic, but this is something completely different. Star Wars: Knights of the Republic Apeiron is KOTOR being completely rebuilt with the Unreal 4 engine. So the question is, what is Apeiron? As the line above says, Apeiron is a complete reboot of the classic game that many Star Wars RPG fan loves that was released in 2003, completely rebooted using the Unreal 4 engine. They are going through a complete remake of the game, rebuilding everything from the ground up essentially, and adding even more content that wasn't out at the time. The game will be free. That's right...100% FREE! Which removes any form of legal obligations to Disney, and will soon be taking donations, and I promise...I'll be donating! There isn't much on the site right now, but I would definitely look into it for those who want to play this game once again in a new world. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Apeiron
  2. Welcome to the Star Wars Battlefront Video Diary. As of 27NOV15, there will be a daily video posted here to document my travels, battles etc through Star Wars Battlefront. Not only will you be able to witness all the encounters, Come along with me on my journey through the game but also learn more about SW:Battlefront and maybe see rumor and myth dispelled or proved. Think of Myth busters in a way but for Star Wars battlefront. Most of us have preconceived notions about the game, including myself, and it has allot to prove to us all, and it's only because I was gifted this game that I'm going to do this, to see if the game can redeem it's self and prove wrong all the things I have said about it, So I'm going to put my views aside and be as inpartial as possible and you guys get see the result, So check back daily for your dose of Star Wars Battlefront, See the game in full, all the unlocks, All the battles, All the customization and yes ...plenty of deaths and stupid mistakes. So bookmark the thread or follow along on Ordo Imperialis' Youtube Channel
  3. Do you want to play TOR on both sides without having to worry about getting the gear you need and getting pissed about lockouts, gear, comms and what characters have what gear, who needs what and where? Halve the need of gear you'll be going for. With legacy gear, legacy bank and outfitter this is now possible, more tolerable and a lot cheaper. The goal here is to gather enough gear, mods or comms for the character class groups you want to play. Class groups are the cross faction groups of similar class, like Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin. So, choose a role and a class group you want to earn that gear for. Class / Role So, whether you've been playing a while or a little, the goal is to figure out what class you enjoy and in what role. So, I'm going to choose Assassin/Shadow Damage. I have a max level of both, so I don't have to worry about leveling them up, even if you don't, you don't have to worry about leveling them up right away, because the armor will be there available when you do get there as you work on it. Choosing a class set across factions is recommended because they use the same stats and recommended builds, this provides less confusion and makes switching and combat on both sides seamless. Legacy Gear and the Outfitter Now we need to get you a set of legacy gear. There are several locations you can acquire some, but it can take some work. Other players may have available to them legacy pieces due to veteran awards. Bounty Brokers, Gree and other event equipment may be legacy. The legacy gear will be your stat gear, It's where you're going to move/place/replace all your mods from now on. Now get yourself a look for those outfitter tabs and look how you want without worrying about what the legacy gear looks like. Acquisition With this path, you can use every character and every lockout on those characters to get yourself gear and comms. Just be sure when you're shopping you grab the gear and comms you need for the role and class group you are working on. If you don't recall what you have exactly at that moment, write it down, shop another time when you know, or just go look at it in your legacy bank. Yep, this guide recommends that you store your gear in your legacy bank when you're not using it. Remember though, once you pull mods out, it binds so you won't be able to sell it back. So, I'll be focusing on acquiring gear for Shadassassin DPS. It doesn't matter what character i'm playing, whenever I get gear or comms, I'll use it for my primary objective of improving that set of characters. Finalization To really get my gear going, I'll have my legacy gear stored in my legacy bank and I'll consolidate everything there. All the best mods for the roll/s I'm aiming for go into the legacy gear and go back into my legacy bank (unless I intend to use it then). Once it's done, I'll have a set of armor and weapons available to both my characters through the bank, the only separate thing I'd have to worry about on both characters is implants and earpieces. Don't forget to re-store your armor, or just remember where you last had it, there aren't many options of where it could be. Be safe and have fun!
  4. Xoza

    [SW] Media Thread

    Cinematic Trailer - E3 2009 Cinematic Trailer - E3 2010 Cinematic Trailer - E3 2011 "Your Saga Begins" Launch Documentary SWTOR: Launch Day PvP Event! Gamespot First Playthrough
  5. Star Wars: Galaxies [media] Star Wars Galaxies is a game of legacy, it's history cannot be forgotten by it's players, nor could it's disgrace, but it's still referenced, it's still remembered and still recognized as one of the top MMO's of the century pre-CU. Groups and communities have come together to revitalize the legacy it once was. They've gone through years of torture and hardship, from drama to lawyers, only in an attempt to defend and return to life something they loved so much. Yearly I'd check on the games status, see how far they've come, but there was always something missing that just couldn't hold me. However, this year it's grown to a point that could bring those who enjoyed it then, to enjoy it again, a place for those old school glory days you may have had at one time in the galaxy. Crafts and classes are available, missions, player cities, multiple/duel-logging characters and much more. [media]
  6. In addition to the information I'm going to provide, there are numerous other guides available. Considering S&V is a scheduled weekly run if you want to participate in ops with us I suggest you have at least a basic familiarity with the operation before going with us. I don't mind explaining the fight to new people, but it will help us all out if you have some idea of what you're getting into. NOTE: I lifted these images from Dulfy, my go-to site for all things TOR. Dash'Roode S&V doesn't Ffff around. The first fight in this op is a boss fight. Before the first pull you must pick up a couple personal environmental shields from the Shady Character. He hangs out in the tent by the shuttle. You'll notice a large rock and a shield generator over where the fight begins. I've seen the tank stand against the rock, which seems to be simpler for them, and against the shield generator, which makes it easier for the DPS. It's your main tank's call. If he's tanked against the shield generator, DPS and healers stand with your back to the rock. Dash has an AOE knockback that can throw you out of the shield into the exhaustion zone. If Dash is tanked against the rock do the best you can to run back under the shield as quickly as possible. After one minute the shield will fail and the off tank will need to pick it up. The tanks will bring Dash and the portable shield to the next generator. Keep up. There will be yellow circles on the ground during this phase. Don't step in them. If you do, you'll be teleported out into the storm. Use your personal environmental shield and run back to the group. Womp rats will spawn on you, but don't worry about them. The group can AOE them down when the big shield is back up. The off tank will drop the shield into the generator, giving you the big shield back. You have another minute to burn down Dash. This repeats a total of three times, so if Dash isn't dead by the time the fourth generator fails you're in trouble. Titan Six Titan Six has several attacks indicated by verbal cues: Defense Sequence Two: Lots of missiles, a raid wide AOE. Spread out at least 5m away from each other to minimize damage. Defense Sequence Three: Launch. Titan Six will prepare to launch into the air. You'll notice the rocks strewn around the area have orange areas behind them. Go stand there so you don't get killed. You can still use abilities while in cover, but you can't move. Defense Sequence Five: Air strike. Red circles appear on the ground. Don't stand in them. An add also spawns. The first phase is just lots of missiles and air strike repeated until launch. After launching Titan Six will land in a different spot. He lands a total of four times moving clockwise around the area. When he lands a bunch of adds will spawn. From my experience it's easiest if everyone groups up under the boss and gives the off tank a chance to grab all the adds, then AOEs them down. Just remember to spread back out when he attacks with lots of missiles. He moves on a timer, not on percentage. If he makes it back to where he started without getting to 20% he will enrage. When he hits 20% he starts his soft enrage. He will start spewing fire and missiles. There are holes in the fire for the melee DPS to stand in. Everyone else back up and stay away from each other because the missiles do AOE damage. At this point it's a DPS race to burn him down before your healers are overwhelmed. Thrasher You've made it to the weekly, congratulations! Thrasher is a fairly straightforward fight provided your DPS are paying attention. Before the fight begins I suggest assigning some of your ranged DPS to adds duty. If you have an off tank that can leap it will be nice to have them on adds, too. Thrasher has a nasty cleave so she should be tanked facing away from the raid at all times. Be sure to tank her against the wall, not the gate, because she can occasionally knock the tank through the gate which causes the fight to bug. Not that there's bugs in SWTOR. Bo Zarran will say "You'll like this trick, been working on it a while." Three snipers will appear on the ledge above. They need to be burned down ASAP. Not only do they do a good deal of damage, if enough of them are alive they will spawn turrets and kill everyone. When the snipers are down everyone goes back to boss. Bo will continue to spawn snipers throughout the fight so DPS has to be paying attention. One random person will be periodically targeted by a mercenary firebug. You'll know because they have a giant blue circle around their feet. That person needs to take the circle away from the group. Try placing it against a far wall. When the circle turns red it won't follow that person anymore and it's safe to return to the raid. The firebug will do huge amounts of AOE damage that can kill a raid if some dumbass drops it in the middle of the group. There's no burn phase or soft enrage. Just burn down Thrasher while killing snipers and avoiding the firebug. Simple. After you down Thrasher Bo Zarran will be waiting for you through the gate. It's a simple tank and spank. Operations Chief Now the fun really begins. You'll start off by infiltrating Oasis City. Everyone will be sorted into groups of two or four depending on whether you're doing 8m or 16m. Once you push the button to open the door the ten minute timer begins. That timer ends when you down the boss. Don't rush into something stupid, you do have time, but don't Ffff around either. The teams will need to go to their targets and wait for them to check in before engaging. There are droids patrolling the area. Try not to aggro any, but if you do just CC them and move on. They spawn forever so don't waste your time trying to clear them. Once your targets have checked in it's safe for your team to engage. Only the people on your team can engage them. If more than two/four people engage you'll wipe. The targets are here: Red team and green team are fairly unremarkable. Gold team has a healer, so burn it down and interrupt frequently. Blue team has a nasty cleave that can be avoided. While it channels, run behind them. When all the teams are down you can head into the building at the end of the path and engage the boss. The Operations Chief spawns four turrets in the corners of the room that hurt a lot. DPS need to be quick to burn them down. It might help to assign DPS to specific turrets. He has a casted ability called terminate that will oneshot anyone who isn't a tank, so it is imperative that tanks hold gro. Note that he does have an aggro dump after he knocks the tank back, so tanks will need to communicate and pay attention so they can taunt him back. He also has an AOE DOT called mass explosive probe. If you can cleanse yourself, please do. Tech healers, you'll need to cleanse everyone else. Do it as quickly as possible because this DOT hurts. Olok the Shadow This fight will require a decent amount of communication and pre-planning. If you (carefully!) walk over to the glass you can see a 4x4 grid of droids below. Now notice the panel in the room with a 4x4 grid on it. Yes, they are related. During the initial phase of the fight the boss will drop tokens which are used on the panel to buy droids. Yellow icons require two tokens and purple icons require one. The green number indicates how many tokens you have spend. You get a total of eight, so spend wisely. Any droid you do not buy you will have to fight in the second phase. You have one minute to down each row. Deciding which droids to buy is critical to preventing a wipe later. Dulfy recommends: And that seems like pretty good advice to me. Now, for the actual fight. Phase one is the Wealthy Buyer, who drops the tokens, and his two bodyguards. The Buyer can't be damaged until both bodyguards are downed. Then you switch to the Buyer and damage him until he drops a token. This repeats eight times. Once the Buyer is dead get into the elevator and go downstairs ASAP because poison gas will start filling up the room. I hope you clicked the right icons, because now it's time to fight droids. You have one minute for each row, then the shield will drop to release the next row. Recon and Assault droids are pretty simple, Frontline droids have low health but hit hard and target random raid members, and Artillery droids drop an AOE but can be tanked away from the group. Phase three begins when Olok drops. You may still have droids up. If so, have one tank keep Olok busy while the rest of the raid finishes the droids. After taking some damage Olok will stealth and spawn two adds. These adds can be CCed. The Underworld Arms Trader does quite a bit of damage and the Shady Customer does not. Try to burn Olok down as much as possible when he's visible. When he disappears he drops aggro so tanks should have a taunt ready when he reappears. Cartel Warlords The suggested kill order is Captain Horic, Vilus Garr, Tu'chuk, Sunder. I've also seen Sunder killed third and Tu'chuk killed last. Both Garr and Horic are immune to taunts so downing them quickly is very important. Also, when one dies the others are healed so focus fire. Horic has a nasty cleave so the raid should be spread out around him far enough that it only hits one person at a time. Sunder has a fixate ability that he will use after the first boss dies and usually targets the person closest to him. One tank should be kiting him around. The other tank should be kiting Tu'chuk and should be careful not to get to close to walls as Tu'chuk can throw them into walls and stun them. After Horic is down DPS should switch to Garr. He will pop in and out of stealth and if Horic is the first killed Garr will gain a grapple ability. After Garr is downed DPS switch to either Tu'chuk or Sunder, depending on what your raid leader decides. They are both pretty simple at this point. When Tu'chuk or Sunder dies the remaining warlord will spawn three adds and get a cool new ability. Sunder now has a five second cast called The End. It does massive damage but tanks can survive if they have lots of cooldowns available. DPS and healers will die horribly. Tu'chuk gets a stacking buff that increases his damage. Ignore the adds and burn him down quickly. Styrak The final boss and a pretty fun fight IMO. Notice the waves of adds? Don't panic, they only come at you one line at a time. Focus the gold first as it heals, then burn the rest. After they're down, pull the next wave. When all the adds are down the Kell Dragon will jump down. Don't Ffff with Styrak during this phase. He'll oneshot you. The Kell Dragon will spit at the tank. Don't stand in it. He will also do a channeled spinning spine attack. You can stand behind the tanks while they soak up damage. Ghost Styraks will appear periodically and stun the tank. DPS need to take them down quickly. Tanks should be prepared to swap here. Once the Kell Dragon dies Styrak will case force storm on the raid. Healers, be prepared. After Force Storm Styrak will jump down. He has a knockback that has a tendency to throw tanks into the exhaustion zone. Be prepared for a tank swap there. One random raid member will be teleported into a nightmare where they have to kill a companion. Your companion is a chump, kick their ass. The big ability to be worried about during this phase is Chained Manifestation. A huge Styrak will appear in the center with four mini-Styraks in a square around him and connected by lightning. The square will close in on the raid. You have to burn the big Styrak down before you are killed by the lightning. For this reason tanks should be tanking Styrak as close to the center of the room as possible and everyone (including you, ranged DPS) should be stacking up there when this happens. After the Chained Manifestation four Styraks will appear and shoot lightning at people. Burn them down. When Styrak hits 10% he will bring back the Kell Dragon. Styrak is immune to damage while the Kell Dragon is up, so get the dragon down. At this point I like to pull Styrak back to the wall where you started because he has a nasty knockback. He has a soft enrage so burn him down as quickly as possible. Congratulations, you've completed Scum and Villainy. If anyone has input please share.
  7. For those that do not know, Datacrons are items that when found give the character that found it a permanent boost to stats or give a matrix shard. Most give +2 or +3 to a single stat, however there is one that gives +10 to all stats. We plan to schedule an event in the near future where a group of 6 or more of us get the +10 Datacron from Fleet. in order to get this Datacron you need a grappling hook (MGGS) it can be purchased on Alderaan (Map) for 10,000 credits. The only other requirement once you have that item is that your character has reached the fleet since you can trade the MGGS between characters. According to this video you need to be 50 to get the +10 at the end even, unless this is changed in a later patch after the video was made.
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