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  1. Guild Career/Members Guide Career Advancement All ranks have added bank and guild permission advancements. Each rank above R2 require 2 additional weeks of membership and activity. (keep in mind your join date, if you sign up on the forums, it will record the date you joined) R0: Starting Rank R1: Requires 1 week of time in the guild and a level 50+ Character R2: Level 65 character or equivalent (auto 60 doesn't count) within the guild and a donation of at least 50k credits (or 75k current value, redistributable items) to the guild bank. R3: Activity on our primary voice program (mic not required) and membership on the forums (introduction post required) R4: 5k Achievement Points - 2 vouches from other staff members above R4. R5: Recognition and appointment from leadership and staff. Consistent activity and contributions, knowledge of guild structure and policy. R6+ Appointment by guild leader(R8) only. Advancement requirements can be pardoned depending on experience or contributions. Grouping & Teamwork We are all part of something bigger than ourselves and we all need to work together to achieve a greater goal. Communication: No matter how you communicate, do it regularly and pay attention to others. Do not allow distractions to reduce your effectiveness. Teamspeak(download) provides a primary voice communication source. This is required for higher organizational activities like operations and hard modes. Forums are where we document records, keep membership information, off game discussions and community resources. Kill Order: There's a natural and best order to killing things, unless dictated by your leader at the time.. Lowest life of the lowest branch first and always try to focus left to right or front to back of your approach. No markers Unless they're marked as or are crowd controlled (CC) Silver Stars then Gold Stars then Champions (silver-gold star) Use markers when needed. Marker order and common uses below. Target / Gold = Primary Target Fire / Red = Secondary Target Saber / Green = Third Target / Healer Star / Yellow = Fourth Target / Follow the Leader Gun / Orange = Ranged Focus / Healer Bolt / Light Blue = Crowd Control Target Gear / Purple = Crowd Control Target Shield / Blue = Last Target / Main Tank Loot Rules: Be fair, be consistent. Need only one(1) set bonus unassembled piece per full operation run. Need other gear or non-set-bonus unassembled only if you need it (mainhand/offhand/implants/earpieces/relics). Need on decorations & materials (Members are encouraged to donate materials to the guild bank to receive bonuses toward higher end recognition gear.) Highest end gear will be given out fairly and evenly determined by leadership and challenge.
  2. I am often asked to teach people how to properly heal as a Mercenary or commando but in order to do so I would have to explain a lot and I don't feel that a chat box is sufficient enough to teach someone so below I will first go over on how the classes differ (in ability names) and explain a rotation I use Mercenary / Commando healers are the king of single target heals as evidenced below: Average crit'd heal (all abilities considered): 8000 to 14000. Fully decked out gear crit'd heal (Medical Probe / Healing scan): 10000 to 15000 Perfect circumstance crit heal (medical probe / healing scan): 13000 to 18000+ Commando healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Bomb - Advanced Medical Probe - Medical Probe - Bacta Infusion - Field Aid - Trauma Probe - Super charged Cells - Concussion Charge - Med Shot - Successive Treatment Indirectly Aids with healing: Tech override - Reserve Power cell - Reload Utility: Emergency Medical Probe - Adrenaline Rush Mercenary Healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Missile - Healing Scan - Rapid Scan - Emergency Scan - Cure - Kolto Shell - Super Charged Gas - Jet boost - Kolto shot - Progressive scan Indirectly Aids with healing: Power Surge - Thermal Sensor override - Vent Heat Utility: Onboard AED - Kolto Overload As you can see the republic likes to probe people while the imp side prefers to give intrusive scans, anyway the names of the abilities are set up so that Kolto bomb is the same as kolto missile, advanced medical probe is the same as healing scan, etc etc. Ability Explanation - Kolto Bomb / Kolto Missile: Base: 2500 Crit: 5000 Buffed crit: 6000 HOT: 1200 (2400+ if fully critted) 8 man AOE heal that heals for 2500 base - 5000+ average crit and gives them a small HOT (800-1000) Kolto bomb / Kolto missile CAN crit on multiple people but you could be unlucky and have it crit on only one person. Same goes for the HOT portion of this. - Advanced Medical Probe / Healing Scan: Base: 7000 Crit: 12000-14000 Bonus crit: 15000-16000+ Your highest heal since 3.0. Applies a 45 second healing buff on the person used on. Using this on a tank to give him extra healing is useful but not entirely necessary, heals are to be spammed to keep your group alive, not a single person. - Medical Probe / Rapid Scan: Average: 4000 Crit: 8000+ Bonus crit: 9000+ Your spam heal and something you will use most of the time, nothing special about it other than the fact that this will be your most used heal since it has no cool-down. When used it will also give you 2 charges of supercharged cells or super charged gas meaning you don't have to rely on your rapid shots / hammer shot to build cells in the midst of battle. Since 3.0 it grats 1 stack of critical efficiency which reduces the heat cost of your healing scan (5 per stack, maximum of 3 stacks so it can reduce your healing scan to a cost of 5 heat) If utilitied into it also grants 1 stack of power barrier. (1% damage reduction per stack, for 5% maximum) - Bacta Infusion / Emergency Scan: Average: 4250 Crit: 8000 Bonus crit: 9000+ HOT: 1800 (no crits) - 3000+ (if fully critted) Your utility / Energy free heal. When casted it gives you a buff called Emergency responses which allows you to instant cast healing scan. Also applies a HOT that heals f or - Field aid / Cure: Average: 1250 Crit: 3250 Bonus crit: 3800 Says what it does on the box. Cleanses physical and tech effects. (Also certain force effects but not all, touch and go that shit) - Trauma probe / Kolto Shell: Average: 1000 per Shell Crit: 1800 bonus crit: 2200+ Total: 7000 Crit: 14000 Bonus crit: 15500+ (altough it critting every time and then doing it under the best circumstances is probably never gonna happen) A HODT (heal on damage taken) ability, It doesn't heal for a lot though but it serves its uses. Always best applied before a pull. Get 10 charges of supercharged gas and then place it on everyone. Word of warning: This can potentially generate a substantial amount of threat on you, consider asking for a guard or aggro drop. Re-applying kolto shot mid battle should only be used during lulls when people are full health or near full health priorities of re-applying it should be tanks, healers and melee dps and then ranged DPS (in that order) Word of warning 2: If you are in a group with 2 mercenaries and you're better geared ask the other merc not to cast unless its an in combat cast. Successive treatment / Progressive Scan Average: 8000 (main target) Crit: 16000 (assumes every tick is a crit) Bonus crit: 18000+ Other: 2100+ Crit: 4400 Bonus crit: 5000 for each target ticked (up to 4 people) a Pseudo 4 man heal that hits pretty hard, one of the abilities that should always almost be on cooldown unless healing requirement is low. Also applies an armor buff on the person casted on and everyone that it additional ticks for healing. - Med shot / Kolto shot: Average: 1100 Crit: 2500 Bonus crit: 2600-3000 Hooray! with the support cylinder / cell you can now hit your allies with bolts / a beam that heals them and reduces your heat. Also applies 1 charge of supercharged gas / cells. This generally should be used when your heat is above 40 as a way to reduce it. Alternatively during lulls in a battle you can use it to top-off people. You can use this to build up 10 stacks of supercharged gas before a battle also - Concussion Charge / Jet boost: Heal: 1200 Crit: 2000+ bonus crit: 2500+ Just an AOE knock-back you say? WRONG! with the right tree spec you can turn this into an 8 man AOE heal that heals you and all allies in range. Note: If there are adds around try not to knockback them unless its necessary to keep the group alive. - Supercharged Cells/Gas: Technically doesn't heal but I included it as a healing ability since it amplifies your healing by 5% HOWEVER. just by being at 10 stacks of this and not activating the ability you get a 3% increase to all your heals so you only want to pop supercharged cells for 2 reasons: - to reduce your heat/cells (it vents 8 heat) 2 - you absolutely need 2% extra heals for a burn phase. As an added effect super charged gas removes the cool-down on healing scan/advanced medical probe. When you pop super charged gas only heal with healing scan during that period. (I mean unless you don't need to lol) - Tech override / Power Surge: Allows you to insta cast an ability (this can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Is your tank taking too much damage? use this in conjunction with rapid scan / medical probe (This also works great with reserve power cell / thermal sensor override) - Reserve power cell / Thermal sensor override Allows you to cast an ability free of heat charges (can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Are you above 40 heat / below 60 cells? Use it, because being above 40 heat / below 60 cells reduces your heat / cell regeneration (you get the most regeneration below 40 heat / above 60 cells) - Reload / Vent heat Reduces your Heat / Increases your cells by 50 over 3 seconds (15 instant cell regen with cell capacitor utility while also applying 10% alacrity for 6 seconds) I rarely use this as with proper heat management you wont have to use it. That said there ARE times when it is necessary: To save the life(s) of your tank(s) or to burst heal the raid group up to acceptable levels of health. Note that people new to merc / commando healing are free to use this but try to move away from being dependent on it. - Emergency Medical Probe / Onboard AED Nothing special, only your combat rez. Note: this shares a 5 minute cool-down with any other healers combat rez. So if a Merc uses his combat rez that means that a Sorc or Operative wont be able to use his combat rez. (stealth rezzes still work since that is a cool-down on revive) - Adrenaline Rush / Kolto overload A rapid heal that heals you back to 40% of your maximum health. You can trigger it when you expect a large hit that will bring you under 40% of your health or when you are under that %. Mind you should not be used if you are at 39% or similar health amounts. Ideally I would use it around 15-20% to get the most out of it without being in a danger zone of health. Rotation (deviating from this is alright but I will list the most perfect rotation as possible) Before fight: Get 10 stacks of supercharged gas / cells Apply Kolto shell on everyone (Optional: apply successive treatment / progressive scan on main tank for the armor buff) During fight: Emergency Scan / Bacta infusion Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe (This will be an instant cast and place a healing buff on the person casted) Successive treatment / progressive scan Rapid scan / Medical probe (kinda touch and go from here but if you were to follow your cool-downs and keep casting it would end sort of like this: Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe (probably with thermal sensor override) Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe Successive treatment / progressive scan Additional Notes Be sure to refresh Kolto shell / trauma probe on the tanks and perhaps yourself and the other healer(s) and possibly others in the raid group if time allows it. Pop Supercharged gas / cells if heat management becomes an issue or you need the extra heals only in extreme emergencies should you use vent heat / reload Using jetboost / concussion charge depends on your positioning but using it to only heal yourself is totally acceptable but positioning yourself in a group is better. It only costs 8 heat / cells (or 0 if you are utilitied for it. Im not but its an acceptable utility to take) Gear: 440-550 Surge, Rest of your gear should be power and alacrity. Main stat augments where possible since with the way I gear myself is that I only rely on the natural crit given to me by Aim and Cunning (might be worthwhile to get all aim and cunning datacrons out there) Things to look at here: Bonus healing (increases the base healing of all your healing skills) Crit Chance (increases the chance of you getting a critical on a heal) Crit multiplier (increases the amount of a critical heal) Alacrity (increases heat dissipation, global cooldowns, activation speed, channel speed) You gotta watch out that you dont get too much crit, gearing selectively and knowing what to replace in your gear will lead to a higher HPS/EHPS altough you cant really tell my statimization in the picture, I could actually afford to get an extra surge piece at the cost of alacrity the HPS/EHPS difference wouldn't be too high however but my crits would be between 18000-19000 on my highest heal (instead of 17000-18000) which is pretty to look at. Relics: Serendipitous assault Focused Retribution Get crafted 186 PVE relics, Current PVE relics > PVP relics Optional relic Boundless Ages (allows you to set a burst healing phase on your own volition) Note: The set bonus for a mercenary / Commando healer is finally worth it since 3.0 They fixed it! Sad part is that the main reason you want it is the six piece bonus (so you got a long way to go) Utilities: Skillfull: Custom enviro suit, improved vents, power barrier Masterful: Torque boosters, Protective Field (infra red sensors is also good here, heat damping is worth it if youre getting jet rebounder in heroic) heroic: Kolto jets, Thrill of the hunt (optional: stabilized armor instead of kolto jets in AOE heavy fights) Tips and tricks! Med shot / Kolto shot healing should only be used to top people off or if they are getting minuscule damage. I try to only use it when people are around 85% or higher in terms of health (edit your UI to show percentages and numbers) Only do this if time allows it or if everyone is hovering at nearly full health. If people are getting hurt too much while you are trying to top people off then don't bother doing it. If multiple people are grouped up and hurt use Kolto bomb / Kolto missile to give all of them a boost, up to 8 people will get healed from the bomb/missile healing amount and they will all get a small HOT too. Its not worth while to use kolto missile on one person, but if you can hit 2 or ideally 3 shoot em if you got em. If you're having issues beating a particular boss due to lack of heals consider getting 2 triage adrenals (since most fights last longer than 3 minutes) Consider carrying around medpacks or even giving them out if the above is causing your raid to wipe Always be stimmed when youre healing! Always be healing! If youre not casting youre not healing even if its med shot / kolto shot (if youre high health) If nobody needs healing either DPS or apply kolto shell / trauma probe for future phases. KEY NOTE: REMAIN BELOW 40 HEAT WHILE DPSING (unless you know what you're doing) if you dont stay below 40 heat while DPSIng and people suddenly need heals you might find yourself unable to give them. If you can, have someone craft you your entire 186 gear and improve your gear using ravagers, TOS. 186 comm vendor gearing guide: Bracer: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 bracers (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Belt: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 belt (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Earpiece: Yavin med-tech mk-1 relay Implant 1: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Implant 2: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Legs: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 legplates (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Boots: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 boots Hands: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 gauntlets Chest: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 body armor (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech gauntlets) Head: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 helmet (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Mainhand: Ask for someone to craft you a barrel and use the mods + enhancements from boots or gauntlets depending on your surge (if its around 500 you dont need more surge) Offhand: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 offhand blaster Relics: Serendipitous assault + focused retribution. ask someone to craft 186 variants or hope you get lucky on TOS (first boss drops relics)
  3. I see a lot of people struggling to figure out what stats do what and what stats they need so ill try and do a short guide on stats. STAT TYPES Main stats Aim: - Used by: Bounty Hunters (Mercenary / Powertech) and Troopers (Commando / Vanguard) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Powertech / Vanguard TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Aim wherever possible. Cunning: - Used by: Agents (Sniper / Operative) and Smugglers (Gunslingers / Scoundrel - For: All classes and trees need more cunning than endurance wherever possible. Strength: - Used by: Sith Warriors (Marauder / Juggernaught and Jedi Knights (Sentinals and Guardians) - For: DPS - Not for: Juggernaught / Guardian TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Strength wherever possible Willpower: - Used by: Sith Inquisitors (Assassins / Sorcerer) and Jedi Consular's (Shadows / Sages) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Assassin / Shadow TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Willpower wherever possible. Endurance: - Used by: Everyone (but DPS / Healers need to focus more on their main stat.) - For: A primary focus in mods for Tanks. 1 endurance contributes to and additional 10 maximum hit points available. (ex: 100 end = 1000 hp) Secondary Stats Absorption Rating: Increases shield absorption amount. - For: Tanks, increasing the percentage of damage your shield absorbs when it does. Accuracy: Increases melee / ranged and force / tech accuracy. - For: DPS (You need 100% Melee or Ranged accuracy and 110% Force or Tech accuracy). Less will reduce DPS by the percentage you are missing and more may contribute to diminishing returns (the points could be better used as something else or starts to have value falloff per point). Alacrity: Increases global cool-down speed, activation speed, channel speed and energy pool generation. - For: All healer classes except for Operatives and Scoundrels (I'm told a little bit helps) Often another stat may better accommodate your needs. Crit Rating / Chance: Increases the chance to critically hit (see Surge for more) - For: Only certain DPS and healer types. Mainly for builds that have a lot of damage over time(DOT) attacks or healing over time(HOT) heals. Most DPS or Healer won't focus on crit rating. Average crit rating a DPS could aim for is 20-25% Defense Rating: increases your defense chance (avoiding attacks) - For: Tanks, essentially a dodge or avoidance or deflect of an attack. If your defense was 100%, you may essentially avoid all attacks. Power: Increases your base Damage and heals - For: All roles except tanks. If possible always combine Accuracy with Power / Surge with Power / Crit chance with Power / Alacrity with Power. In all your DPS/Healer gear options, you want to make sure there is power in everything you can get. Shield Rating: Increases shield absorbtion chance. - For: Tanks, This increases your chance to reduce energy or kinetic damage with your shield. (See: absorption rating). Surge / Crit multiplier: Increases how much damage is behind a critical hit. - For: Mostly DPS and a few healers. Again if you focus on DOT's or HOT's this may be a primary focus. Ex: if your base attack does 8000-10,000 and you crit with a surge rating of 70% it CAN may do up to 17000. Tech / Force Power: Only on hand equipment. - For: All roles/classes, increasing this is a primary focus for DPS and healing. The amount is based on the barrel / hilt / armoring in the device and increases damage and healing. (A 186 barrel / hilt / armoring will provide the most tech / force power in the game. You can temporarily increase your Tech / Force power by 675 with a Nano infused triage adrenal for 15 seconds, however it reduces your damage by 20% and is only used for short healing burst phases.) Typical DPS statimization 100% Melee / Ranged Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 110% Force / Tech Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 0-250 points of critical rating (Although not something to stack on gear for most classes, max out your companion that gives crit anyway!) 440 points of surge rating (Again max out the companion that grants you surge) As much power as possible without sacrificing accuracy rating or stacking too much crit. Main stat augments Typical Healer statimization 440 surge all power and alacrity for the rest. Crit is bad but if you want you can put it in a mod and enhancement or two if youve reached the surge soft cap No accuracy in any mods, enhancements or augments whatsoever (It is however possible you get some accuracy by maxing out all your companions, so yes 91/101% accuracy is normal to see) Main stat augments (power is acceptable but I personally run no crit so I like to get all the natural crit I can from main stat) Typical Tank statimization Assassin / Shadow tank: Defense: 527 Shield: 1668 Absorb: 1808 Juggernaut / Guardian tank: Defense->1360 Shield->737 Absorb->603 Powertech / Vanguard Tank: Shield: 1800-1900 Absorb: 1200-1400 Defense: 550-620 Alternative (defense tanking): 1800-1900 defense 1200-1400 Shield 550-620 Absorb Tips and tricks: - PVE relics are king again! 186 crafted are better than any PvP now! - DPS and Healers ALWAYS want to get the current relics of Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution. Boundless ages is an acceptable choice also but remember to use this during burst phases (so during raid wide buffs or a beserk phase / - Tanks should augment with defense, absorption and shield augments. - Tanks should always use Fortunate redoubt and shield a Examples: (more adding soon) DPS marauder (annihilation spec) mainly 186 gear and some 190/192s, 198 offhand and in a 162/168/180 set bonus lacking: 200 surge, bunch of alacrity (stat budget is tight on 186 crafted gear)
  4. Do you want to play TOR on both sides without having to worry about getting the gear you need and getting pissed about lockouts, gear, comms and what characters have what gear, who needs what and where? Halve the need of gear you'll be going for. With legacy gear, legacy bank and outfitter this is now possible, more tolerable and a lot cheaper. The goal here is to gather enough gear, mods or comms for the character class groups you want to play. Class groups are the cross faction groups of similar class, like Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin. So, choose a role and a class group you want to earn that gear for. Class / Role So, whether you've been playing a while or a little, the goal is to figure out what class you enjoy and in what role. So, I'm going to choose Assassin/Shadow Damage. I have a max level of both, so I don't have to worry about leveling them up, even if you don't, you don't have to worry about leveling them up right away, because the armor will be there available when you do get there as you work on it. Choosing a class set across factions is recommended because they use the same stats and recommended builds, this provides less confusion and makes switching and combat on both sides seamless. Legacy Gear and the Outfitter Now we need to get you a set of legacy gear. There are several locations you can acquire some, but it can take some work. Other players may have available to them legacy pieces due to veteran awards. Bounty Brokers, Gree and other event equipment may be legacy. The legacy gear will be your stat gear, It's where you're going to move/place/replace all your mods from now on. Now get yourself a look for those outfitter tabs and look how you want without worrying about what the legacy gear looks like. Acquisition With this path, you can use every character and every lockout on those characters to get yourself gear and comms. Just be sure when you're shopping you grab the gear and comms you need for the role and class group you are working on. If you don't recall what you have exactly at that moment, write it down, shop another time when you know, or just go look at it in your legacy bank. Yep, this guide recommends that you store your gear in your legacy bank when you're not using it. Remember though, once you pull mods out, it binds so you won't be able to sell it back. So, I'll be focusing on acquiring gear for Shadassassin DPS. It doesn't matter what character i'm playing, whenever I get gear or comms, I'll use it for my primary objective of improving that set of characters. Finalization To really get my gear going, I'll have my legacy gear stored in my legacy bank and I'll consolidate everything there. All the best mods for the roll/s I'm aiming for go into the legacy gear and go back into my legacy bank (unless I intend to use it then). Once it's done, I'll have a set of armor and weapons available to both my characters through the bank, the only separate thing I'd have to worry about on both characters is implants and earpieces. Don't forget to re-store your armor, or just remember where you last had it, there aren't many options of where it could be. Be safe and have fun!
  5. PvP is as simple or complex as the gamer chooses, in this guide I will cover the bare bones of PvP by looking at core mechanic. CORE MECHANIC: Core mechanic refers to a rule set, it is literally the game engine. It determines how the game plays and in understanding the core mechanic we can go a long way toward understanding a little bit about each and every one of the classes in the game. This is important in PvP because we can use this basic knowledge to help us securely navigate PvP in the game. All abilities in the game fall into one of four categories: 1) Instant 2) Channeled 3) Cast 4) Conditional 1 - Instant powers come into effect the instant you use them. 2 - Channeled powers come into effect the instant you use them but require you to continue to use them until they have run their course. 3 - Cast powers must be charged for x amount of time before they come into effect. 4 - Conditional powers are rare but an example is Kolto Overload. You use the power on yourself and when your health hits thirty percent or less the power applies itself, becoming active, and rapidly heals you back to thirty percent of your total health and will repeatedly do so until the powers duration expires. If you are already under thirty percent health it in stead acts as an instant power and commences healing you to thirty percent of your total health immediately and again will do so until the powers duration expires. This knowledge falls under the category of core mechanic because all powers in the game operate via one or more of these categories. In knowing that all the classes use their powers in these ways, we can see how tactics can be devised to help protect ourselves from our oppositions attacks. An example of this would be channeled powers. If at any point during a channeled attack, line of effect is lost between the attacker and their target, the attack immediately ceases and any future effect that would have come about is lost as the remainder of the power is wasted. The easiest way to break line of effect if you happen to be the target is to find something larger than you are and place it between yourself and the aggressor. Put simply, get behind something. A large rock or a pillar perhaps, maybe a ramp or some stairs. Unfortunately other players do not count as cover, even if they appear to be larger than you are so no -operation meat shield- and hiding behind your teams tank(s). -------------------------------------------------- The last time I wrote a guide there was a response provided from a guild member who suggested I break my next guide down into sections so it's not overwhelming as there will be a lot to read so I will conclude this post here and provide additional information via new posts. My next post will expand some more upon the topic of core mechanic.
  6. Guide: Newcomers What this guide will include: USEFUL WEBSITESSTORYGENERAL INFORMATIONSERVER TYPESFACTIONS AND CLASSESTHE USER INTERFACE (UI)QUESTING & LEVELINGLOOTINGGROUPINGTHE STORYPLAYER VERSUS PLAYER (PVP)COMPANIONSTRADECREW SKILLSSTATSGUILDLEGACY NAMESTRONGHOLDSGUILD FLAGSHIPS & STRONGHOLDSCONQUESTSSTARSHIPCHAT, COMMANDS & SHORTCUTSABBREVIATIONSMINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSRECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS USEFUL WEBSITES AND THREADS WEBSITES TORHEAD- A databse showing items, missions, abilities, crew skills, achievments and npc's!WIKISWTOR - A community made database, you can contribute too!The Old Republic on Twitter - Stay up to date with the latest information!The Old Republic on Youtube - Watch the latest videos of SW:TORBioWare - Keep an eye out for the latest games and information BioWare has to offerEA - The latest on EA products and servicesLucasArts - The latest on LucasArts products and services STORY Galactic Timeline Records 1-12 - All the info you need on the events leading up to the games current time.'Deceived' Cinematic Trailer - Watch the fight at Coruscant as Empire troops lay waist to the Jedi Temple'Hope' Cinematic Trailer - Watch the republic troops fight back against the wrath of the Empire MUST HAVE TIPS! GENERAL The in-game currency is called Credits. The symbol for this currency is: The level cap is 55You choose your specialization at level 10. e.g. Jedi Knight can become a Guardian or Sentinel.Note that once you pick your spec you can not change it later on at all. Though you can respec the talents of the skill set at any time for credits. ( Free if a subscriber )Mounts are obtained at level 10 for a total price of 40'000 credits. ( If you are legacy level 10 otherwise it is level 15. Note: if you have Digital Deluxe Edition or the Collectors you are given a mount for free. )You obtain your ship when you finish your class quests, usually around level 16Log off or spend time in a cantina to obtain rested experience. Rested exp increases the amount of exp you get for killing enemies for a certain amount depending on how long you have spent in the cantinaAs you progress through the game you will unlock a number of titles. To select a title go to the character panel 'C' select the arrow beside your name and a drop down list will open of all available titles.The name of your current location will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen, followed by the number of people also in the same location. E.G. Tython 147 means you are on planet Tython and there is a total of 147 players there.You can see your latency by hovering your mouse over the four signal bars below your minimap (located on the bottom right of the screen).You can see your current FPS (frames per second) by pressing [CTRL+SHIFT+F] at the same time. It will be displayed in the far bottom left corner of the screen in green text.To split a stack of items (say you have 20 crystals) simply hold [sHIFT+RIGHTCLICK] then drag the cursor into an inventory space. Enter the amount you want and it will then place the split stack into an empty inventory space.To link an item in the chat simply [sHIFT+LEFTCLICK] itSome items in the world can be modified. Modifying is simply upgrading your item so it performs better or looks different. You don't need a General Enhancement Station to perform this you can simply [CTRL+Right Click] the item to begin modifying. Drop the modification into its designated slot and click 'apply' for the modification to take effect.When you receive an item which is modifiable there will already be some modifications in itYou can also remove modifications from current weapons, simply drag and drop them back into your inventoryFlashpoints are the equivalent of "instances" for most people. Composed of a team of 4 players or less.Operations are the equivalent of "raids" for most people. Composed of a team of either 8 or 16 players. Difficulty varies accordingly. Most of this guide is brought to you by: Goshee
  7. Phase 1 Tanks The tanks split the two sides of the room. They will focus on tanking the Dread Monsters, but if possible can pick up the smaller Dread Larvae. One tank will only ever be tanking one dread monster (this will be the one the dps are killing)and the second tank with hold onto the other monsters currently in play. When the solo monster dies, the first tank taunts a new monster over to be killed next. Dps - Dread Tentacle -This add will randomly target someone and cast an attack called “Spit”. This attack is an 6s cast and needs to be interrupted. These are a priority target. Standing within melee range will prevent future “Spit’s” from being cast. Dread Larva - These cast an AOE attack that hits for around 6k dmg to the raid, they are very weak and die rather quickly. Dread Monster - These guys have a lot of HP and buff each other if they are close. They need to be tanked away from each other. Heals Split tanks and stand on platform or with melee DPS. The melee dps and ranged should both fall in range of AoE’s if placed correctly. Phase 2 and 3 Avoid standing in water for the next phases so no red puddles are dropped there. Adds will start spawning sub 50% from the corners and should be killed ASAP. Phase 3 is essentially the same as phase 2 except adds (same ones as in phase 1 except not as many) will spawn once again. Tank When Bestia becomes attackable (around 50s into the fight) whichever tank is free from monsters will pick her up and tank her near the door. She places a stacking debuff on the tanks which should be swapped of regularly (about 5/6 stacks). At 50% adds start spawning, ensure the monsters are tanked but you still need to tank swap. The tank on Bestia should ensure she isn’t near any adds as she buffs them. Bestia has a 3s channel called Dread Strike that on a fully stacked tank does massive damage. Switch accordingly. 11 stacks will kill you. DPS After a few of these add waves Bestia will come out and will drop red puddles on random raid members similar to the Kel’sara circles. These are an instant cast and there is no warning. If you do not move these circles will tick for around 12k dmg. Bestia also has a move called Combusting Seed which is a reticle that will explode for around 18k dmg when it ticks down after 10s. Try to not stand in the water if at all possible to avoid placing these circles in the water. Anyone with this debuff needs to be topped off. Once Bestia is at 50% phase 3 begins. Heals Stay with tank assignments and try to stay near platform to keep red puddle manageable. Top off players with Combusting Seed. [media ]
  8. Nefra, Who Bars the Way Tanks -Tanks need to both stack in front of the boss to share the cleave damage. If one Tank is targeted by the droids then both tanks need to move, switch back and forth between 2 locations as needed. Tanking against statues is advised. Also, be sure that you have first and second threat. There is a chance that if you do not have second threat he will hit a dps with half of twin attack. Cleanse DoT if able. DPS- When you’re targeted by the Overloaded Assault Droids, they will run up to you and place a red circle that does a massive amount of damage. If you don’t move, it is possibly enough to one shot you. Other than the red circle you can sit in place and tunnel the boss. Some DPS classes, for example a Sniper, can self cleanse the dot. Heals- Stack with DPS behind boss. Split tank cleanses (priority cleanse) for mass debuff , then themselves, then dps (since they will be able to cleanse their own every other debuff). Avoid red reticle. [media ]
  9. Alright so I thought i would give this a shot. It is my first shot at writing a guide of any kind so there will be some trial and error. Bare with me and we will see about getting this slimmed down to perfection. So the first thing I would like to point out is that the adds that you have to go through to get to the first boss are not difficult but they are not easy either. In the first room with the droids you want to CC what you can. The droid in the back right ( The Malfunctioning Control Droid ) will be your first target. From there if you look in the video below you want to move in a counter clockwise direction until the last haywire droid is down. You should repeat this with the second group. When it comes to the larva in the next area what you would like to do here is have one of your tanks area taunt and then the second tank single taunt the big guy away from the little ones. If the big one explodes by the little ones then they will grow up and become a little more difficult. [media] You will then run up the ramp and meet a bunch more adds. Just run by them. You do not have to kill them and they will evade when it comes down to it. However, it is now time for the first boss. The Writhing Horror. The Horror has 957k hit points in 8 man story mode and 1.76k in 8 man hard mode. Each jealous male that spawns will have about 85k in 8 man hard mode. I will be talking about the hard mode mechanics here so bare with me as I go over some very important details. So the horror will burrow during the fight and be moving to places that will be outlined in an image in the spoiler below. Tanks will need to use a gap closer ( force leap, force speed, ect. ) to get to the boss as soon as possible when she reappears. If this does not happen the boss will spit goo at the raid and it will cause raid wide damage. The next mechanic that will happen will be the Jealous Male and the Foul Offspring will spawn. During the fight red text will appear across the screen letting you know that the Jealous Male has spawned. This is when your assigned DPS/Healer will run to a red circle ( will be covered in a bit ) to attract the foul offspring while the tank that was on the boss ( the one that has the debuff ) moves to the Jealous Male. This is where the tank swap will occur. Every time the Jealous Male appears the tanks will swap from the boss to the Jealous Male. It has been noted that the first Jealous Male & adds spawn about 45 seconds into the fight. Second will spawn 2:15 into the fight ( 1:30 from the first add round ). Third at 3:45 ( 1:30 from second wave ). Fourth at 5:15. The image below will be what you see across your screen. There will be three different debuffs that you will be on the lookout for. They will be explained in the spoiler below. This is the debuff that you get if you move out of the red pool that will prevent you from reentering it again. If you do this before the offspring are killed then they will run wild on the raid and the red circle will disappear. Flowers the Red Circles will spawn around: Red Circles: This is the debuff that the tanks want to watch. It is called incubation. It does not always land and may be dodged so you might get different stacks of it. It will only go to 10 stacks and will determine how many foul offspring will spawn. The debuff will fall off if the tank that has it moves to the Jealous Male. This is why there is a tank swap. If the tank has 10 stacks he may explode. This debuff is the corrosive slime DoT that is applied to a random member of the raid. You should always be checking your debuffs in hard mode for this debuff so that way you do not place the yellow circle under the raid or the boss. In story mode there is no yellow circle when the DoT is cleansed because that is a hard mode mechanic. This DoT does about 3.6k damage every 3 seconds and can be cleansed. Yellow Circle: There will come a point in the fight ( usually at 10% but it has been known to happen anywhere between 5-15% ) that you will notice twisted spawn will appear. At this point tanks can try to tank them but the attention should be on burning the boss as soon as possible. The enrage timer for the Horror is 5:45. What should be your last ( 4th ) red pool would be dropped at 5:15 into the fight. Please remember that too many twisted spawns will wipe the raid. This is a video of the Writhing Horror fight in SM and under it I will link Dulfy's Hard Mode video so that you can see it done. Story Mode: [media] Hard Mode: [media] ( To Be Cont...... )
  10. > Wave 0 No adds, Burn Draxus as much as you can. Around 80% is recommended. But i've seen him been brought down to 75-70% the more you can damage him before he jumps up the easier the future waves will be in terms of making him go up again. > Wave 1 Just subteroths. Melee DPS need to watch out for when the subteroths are gonna die. Pop defenses if needed. Healers need to stand away a bit from their usual spot to avoid getting aoe'd by the subteroths > Wave 2 Simple add wave, Right side needs to focus Dispatchers over subteroths. > Wave 3 Establish a interrupt order for this one (since only 1 of the corruptors will spawn here on each side) Kill those first and then the rest. > Wave 4 Focus draxus first then the Dismantlers and lastly the subteroths. > Wave 5 Kill the adds in the back and then kill the ones on the side. Simple mechanics, ignore draxus for now. have the DPS on the left interrupt the left ones (or right ones if they are facing the adds) and the DPS on the right interrupt the right ones (or left ones if they are facing the adds) Optional: put the off tank on one side of the and the highest health dps (preferably in heavy armor) on the other side so that the healers do not get lightning up their ass. > Wave 6 Kill the adds in the back first (despoiler first since he heals but you want to make sure to interrupt the corruptor) and ignore the dismantlers for now (off tank try to take them) After the adds in the back are dead DPS draxus and force him up. > Wave 7 Kill the guardians and then the subteroths. Tanks try to take a guardian each although since they aggro switch a lot its not horrible if you lose aggro. > Wave 8 Off tank needs to keep the despoiler away from the groups on the left and right. Try to keep the dispoiler in the southern part of the map without LOSing the healers. Set which dps interrupts left or right corruptors. have BOTH dps kill the right one first but make sure that the person on the left corruptor focus target him (alt+f) > Wave 9 Put a ranged DPS on interrupt Duty, have him focus target the corruptor so he knows when its casted but have him DPS draxus in the mean time. EVERYONE else should be on draxus in this. After this focus on the adds in the back while the tanks take the guardians. (off tank might have to take both guardians for a wee bit while you all burst draxus) Reference Sources Personal experience to dictate the kill order. While some groups keep adds alive during specific phases I feel that costs way too much DPS. So making draxus primary target in one of the later wave groups not only saves you time it also gives you more DPS as a result.
  11. DeumDeorum

    [TOR] Parsec & You

    This guide is meant to serve as an awareness as to what Parsec is, how it should be used. This guide is meant to be informative for any raid participant. As i will explain below Parsec is a tool and if you have faith in your fellow community members then you shall know that we will only use this tool for the betterment of Ordo. To start if off... According to a SWTOR DPS scoreboard the DPS range for top tier DPS over all classes is 3500-4100. All classes can be parsed however each class parses differently. Flaws in data: The first time parsing many people misjudge how to go about the fight and stray from their normal rotationOne of the basic goals behind a parse is to get the highest numbers possible, meaning that upon studying a parse DPS can easily increase a parse by cheating the system.However, on the other hand some of the data related to the above mentioned is not completely accurate. While, I acknowledge this I still full heartedly support parsing. Notes on how to Parse: I would ask that when Officers ask/encourage others to Parse that they are willing to join them that way they can offer insight into the parse. Why you may ask, Because parses can be manipulated. The Operations Training Dummy was added into the game so characters could test new skills and determine the damage over time of the abilities. However, this does not account for several ops mechanics... First in most fights Dps are not allowed to start for the first 5-10 seconds of the fight. Which, means that in a normal fight they would not be able to dps as high.Starting Rotations are rigged for parses, DPS rarely have time to lay down dps abilities before the start of a fight. However, when people parse it is important from to start with these unrealistic starters because it helps us to determine their maximum dps in a best case scenario.Finishing moves. While this may not seem like a big deal, this can actually change a parse by a decent bit. A sniper that ends with an Ambush when the enemy is at 100 health will lead to the sniper having done 510,000 damage over the fight, where as a Madness Sorcerers that kills the enemy with the last tic of dot will have only done 500,500 damage over the same time. While this definitely leads us to question the reliability of the parse, I would like to note that in a true fight you don't know what ability will finish off the enemy and encouraging the sniper to use his rotation to the fullest and end with an ambush is almost like following through on not giving up in a fight.Lastly remember that there are reasons as to why a dps does what he does. Find out why he maintains his set of abilities and you may find either new information that can help others, or the problem you should be addressing. Tanks: Tanks have many abilities that allow them to survive in a fight. However, Tanks do not have a solid test in place to determine their ops readiness. Which, is why gear is a large factor in their ops readiness. Heals: Just like tanks are an instinctual class that does not have much in the way of a solid rotation that they need to maintain. However, there are several key concepts that all Healers should be aware of. First they should be responsive so they can call out when they need help.They should be aware of cleansable debuffs in all fights.Lastly they should take advantage of their classes’ special abilities such as: Operatives stealth revives, Sorcerers Damage absorption shields.
  12. As a note to all readers, this post is very rough and will be refined at a later date. Dread Fortress Notes.txt
  13. In addition to the information I'm going to provide, there are numerous other guides available. Considering S&V is a scheduled weekly run if you want to participate in ops with us I suggest you have at least a basic familiarity with the operation before going with us. I don't mind explaining the fight to new people, but it will help us all out if you have some idea of what you're getting into. NOTE: I lifted these images from Dulfy, my go-to site for all things TOR. Dash'Roode S&V doesn't Ffff around. The first fight in this op is a boss fight. Before the first pull you must pick up a couple personal environmental shields from the Shady Character. He hangs out in the tent by the shuttle. You'll notice a large rock and a shield generator over where the fight begins. I've seen the tank stand against the rock, which seems to be simpler for them, and against the shield generator, which makes it easier for the DPS. It's your main tank's call. If he's tanked against the shield generator, DPS and healers stand with your back to the rock. Dash has an AOE knockback that can throw you out of the shield into the exhaustion zone. If Dash is tanked against the rock do the best you can to run back under the shield as quickly as possible. After one minute the shield will fail and the off tank will need to pick it up. The tanks will bring Dash and the portable shield to the next generator. Keep up. There will be yellow circles on the ground during this phase. Don't step in them. If you do, you'll be teleported out into the storm. Use your personal environmental shield and run back to the group. Womp rats will spawn on you, but don't worry about them. The group can AOE them down when the big shield is back up. The off tank will drop the shield into the generator, giving you the big shield back. You have another minute to burn down Dash. This repeats a total of three times, so if Dash isn't dead by the time the fourth generator fails you're in trouble. Titan Six Titan Six has several attacks indicated by verbal cues: Defense Sequence Two: Lots of missiles, a raid wide AOE. Spread out at least 5m away from each other to minimize damage. Defense Sequence Three: Launch. Titan Six will prepare to launch into the air. You'll notice the rocks strewn around the area have orange areas behind them. Go stand there so you don't get killed. You can still use abilities while in cover, but you can't move. Defense Sequence Five: Air strike. Red circles appear on the ground. Don't stand in them. An add also spawns. The first phase is just lots of missiles and air strike repeated until launch. After launching Titan Six will land in a different spot. He lands a total of four times moving clockwise around the area. When he lands a bunch of adds will spawn. From my experience it's easiest if everyone groups up under the boss and gives the off tank a chance to grab all the adds, then AOEs them down. Just remember to spread back out when he attacks with lots of missiles. He moves on a timer, not on percentage. If he makes it back to where he started without getting to 20% he will enrage. When he hits 20% he starts his soft enrage. He will start spewing fire and missiles. There are holes in the fire for the melee DPS to stand in. Everyone else back up and stay away from each other because the missiles do AOE damage. At this point it's a DPS race to burn him down before your healers are overwhelmed. Thrasher You've made it to the weekly, congratulations! Thrasher is a fairly straightforward fight provided your DPS are paying attention. Before the fight begins I suggest assigning some of your ranged DPS to adds duty. If you have an off tank that can leap it will be nice to have them on adds, too. Thrasher has a nasty cleave so she should be tanked facing away from the raid at all times. Be sure to tank her against the wall, not the gate, because she can occasionally knock the tank through the gate which causes the fight to bug. Not that there's bugs in SWTOR. Bo Zarran will say "You'll like this trick, been working on it a while." Three snipers will appear on the ledge above. They need to be burned down ASAP. Not only do they do a good deal of damage, if enough of them are alive they will spawn turrets and kill everyone. When the snipers are down everyone goes back to boss. Bo will continue to spawn snipers throughout the fight so DPS has to be paying attention. One random person will be periodically targeted by a mercenary firebug. You'll know because they have a giant blue circle around their feet. That person needs to take the circle away from the group. Try placing it against a far wall. When the circle turns red it won't follow that person anymore and it's safe to return to the raid. The firebug will do huge amounts of AOE damage that can kill a raid if some dumbass drops it in the middle of the group. There's no burn phase or soft enrage. Just burn down Thrasher while killing snipers and avoiding the firebug. Simple. After you down Thrasher Bo Zarran will be waiting for you through the gate. It's a simple tank and spank. Operations Chief Now the fun really begins. You'll start off by infiltrating Oasis City. Everyone will be sorted into groups of two or four depending on whether you're doing 8m or 16m. Once you push the button to open the door the ten minute timer begins. That timer ends when you down the boss. Don't rush into something stupid, you do have time, but don't Ffff around either. The teams will need to go to their targets and wait for them to check in before engaging. There are droids patrolling the area. Try not to aggro any, but if you do just CC them and move on. They spawn forever so don't waste your time trying to clear them. Once your targets have checked in it's safe for your team to engage. Only the people on your team can engage them. If more than two/four people engage you'll wipe. The targets are here: Red team and green team are fairly unremarkable. Gold team has a healer, so burn it down and interrupt frequently. Blue team has a nasty cleave that can be avoided. While it channels, run behind them. When all the teams are down you can head into the building at the end of the path and engage the boss. The Operations Chief spawns four turrets in the corners of the room that hurt a lot. DPS need to be quick to burn them down. It might help to assign DPS to specific turrets. He has a casted ability called terminate that will oneshot anyone who isn't a tank, so it is imperative that tanks hold gro. Note that he does have an aggro dump after he knocks the tank back, so tanks will need to communicate and pay attention so they can taunt him back. He also has an AOE DOT called mass explosive probe. If you can cleanse yourself, please do. Tech healers, you'll need to cleanse everyone else. Do it as quickly as possible because this DOT hurts. Olok the Shadow This fight will require a decent amount of communication and pre-planning. If you (carefully!) walk over to the glass you can see a 4x4 grid of droids below. Now notice the panel in the room with a 4x4 grid on it. Yes, they are related. During the initial phase of the fight the boss will drop tokens which are used on the panel to buy droids. Yellow icons require two tokens and purple icons require one. The green number indicates how many tokens you have spend. You get a total of eight, so spend wisely. Any droid you do not buy you will have to fight in the second phase. You have one minute to down each row. Deciding which droids to buy is critical to preventing a wipe later. Dulfy recommends: And that seems like pretty good advice to me. Now, for the actual fight. Phase one is the Wealthy Buyer, who drops the tokens, and his two bodyguards. The Buyer can't be damaged until both bodyguards are downed. Then you switch to the Buyer and damage him until he drops a token. This repeats eight times. Once the Buyer is dead get into the elevator and go downstairs ASAP because poison gas will start filling up the room. I hope you clicked the right icons, because now it's time to fight droids. You have one minute for each row, then the shield will drop to release the next row. Recon and Assault droids are pretty simple, Frontline droids have low health but hit hard and target random raid members, and Artillery droids drop an AOE but can be tanked away from the group. Phase three begins when Olok drops. You may still have droids up. If so, have one tank keep Olok busy while the rest of the raid finishes the droids. After taking some damage Olok will stealth and spawn two adds. These adds can be CCed. The Underworld Arms Trader does quite a bit of damage and the Shady Customer does not. Try to burn Olok down as much as possible when he's visible. When he disappears he drops aggro so tanks should have a taunt ready when he reappears. Cartel Warlords The suggested kill order is Captain Horic, Vilus Garr, Tu'chuk, Sunder. I've also seen Sunder killed third and Tu'chuk killed last. Both Garr and Horic are immune to taunts so downing them quickly is very important. Also, when one dies the others are healed so focus fire. Horic has a nasty cleave so the raid should be spread out around him far enough that it only hits one person at a time. Sunder has a fixate ability that he will use after the first boss dies and usually targets the person closest to him. One tank should be kiting him around. The other tank should be kiting Tu'chuk and should be careful not to get to close to walls as Tu'chuk can throw them into walls and stun them. After Horic is down DPS should switch to Garr. He will pop in and out of stealth and if Horic is the first killed Garr will gain a grapple ability. After Garr is downed DPS switch to either Tu'chuk or Sunder, depending on what your raid leader decides. They are both pretty simple at this point. When Tu'chuk or Sunder dies the remaining warlord will spawn three adds and get a cool new ability. Sunder now has a five second cast called The End. It does massive damage but tanks can survive if they have lots of cooldowns available. DPS and healers will die horribly. Tu'chuk gets a stacking buff that increases his damage. Ignore the adds and burn him down quickly. Styrak The final boss and a pretty fun fight IMO. Notice the waves of adds? Don't panic, they only come at you one line at a time. Focus the gold first as it heals, then burn the rest. After they're down, pull the next wave. When all the adds are down the Kell Dragon will jump down. Don't Ffff with Styrak during this phase. He'll oneshot you. The Kell Dragon will spit at the tank. Don't stand in it. He will also do a channeled spinning spine attack. You can stand behind the tanks while they soak up damage. Ghost Styraks will appear periodically and stun the tank. DPS need to take them down quickly. Tanks should be prepared to swap here. Once the Kell Dragon dies Styrak will case force storm on the raid. Healers, be prepared. After Force Storm Styrak will jump down. He has a knockback that has a tendency to throw tanks into the exhaustion zone. Be prepared for a tank swap there. One random raid member will be teleported into a nightmare where they have to kill a companion. Your companion is a chump, kick their ass. The big ability to be worried about during this phase is Chained Manifestation. A huge Styrak will appear in the center with four mini-Styraks in a square around him and connected by lightning. The square will close in on the raid. You have to burn the big Styrak down before you are killed by the lightning. For this reason tanks should be tanking Styrak as close to the center of the room as possible and everyone (including you, ranged DPS) should be stacking up there when this happens. After the Chained Manifestation four Styraks will appear and shoot lightning at people. Burn them down. When Styrak hits 10% he will bring back the Kell Dragon. Styrak is immune to damage while the Kell Dragon is up, so get the dragon down. At this point I like to pull Styrak back to the wall where you started because he has a nasty knockback. He has a soft enrage so burn him down as quickly as possible. Congratulations, you've completed Scum and Villainy. If anyone has input please share.
  14. For those that do not know, Datacrons are items that when found give the character that found it a permanent boost to stats or give a matrix shard. Most give +2 or +3 to a single stat, however there is one that gives +10 to all stats. We plan to schedule an event in the near future where a group of 6 or more of us get the +10 Datacron from Fleet. in order to get this Datacron you need a grappling hook (MGGS) it can be purchased on Alderaan (Map) for 10,000 credits. The only other requirement once you have that item is that your character has reached the fleet since you can trade the MGGS between characters. According to this video you need to be 50 to get the +10 at the end even, unless this is changed in a later patch after the video was made.
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