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Ryk's Trash Can

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Hey all,

it seems my unfinished works are starting to get noticed as I have had allot of good responses from you guys and girls in world, so I figured instead of starting a new thread for every little thing I do graphically, to put it all on one ....this one...Ryk's Trash Can.

It's where you will find all my unfinished, finished work and ideas :)

hope you guys like what you see and if you ever want me to do anything in Photoshop just ask, I am not as brilliant or nearly half as good as some of the other artist's in ordo...but I give it a shot :P

So here is something I am playing around with at the moment, a generic Astra Sig


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Ive decided to try something new, a little experiment i stumbled upon while playing with layer mask's, the eraser tool and just plain black and white brushes which lead onto the following result, so as from that and depending on how well recieved i might start doing custom Ordo Character wallpapers for who ever wants them.

This is my human version of me

Character Wallapaper - Rykiana Ferina -


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