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Ryk's Trash Can

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Hi all,

Here is the first few in what will be a long line of graphics for the lovable Kaska. With so many good images of every ones favourite teacher I could not limit the graphics to just one or two, so I am going to do them them all and turn them into usable forum sigs :)

Here is the first two, which are on the basic side, and as each new one comes along they will get progressively more flashy :P , it will also show you how my own personal works develop into the final flashy stuff you see me do ^.^

Kaska 1


Kaska 2


Check back often to see the new ones ^.^

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Ive decided to try something new, a little experiment i stumbled upon while playing with layer mask's, the eraser tool and just plain black and white brushes which lead onto the following result, so as from that and depending on how well recieved i might start doing custom Ordo Character wallpapers for who ever wants them.

This is my human version of me

Character Wallapaper - Rykiana Ferina -

Hell yes. That looks awesome.

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Once again Kaska has proven to be quite a handfull -.- , and i mean in the graphic sense :P.

I promised Kaska a character wallpaper so for an hour I was playing in Photo shop, using a mish mash of different brushes, layers styles, actions, scripts all sorts...and nothing sat right. So I sat there for an HOUR, wondering what the hell to do when I decided, just like Cave Johnson "to throw science at the wall and see what sticks"... or in this case throw Photo Shop at the wall.

And even that didn't seem to feel right -.- ....I muttered a few obscenities

Then it struck me with all the effort i was putting into the design, why not make it look like a design sheet, or someones doodling pad.....So here it is Kaska... Type 1 & Type 2 Kaska Character wallpaper. ^.^

Just let me know what other desktop resolutions you would like them in as they are currently 1440 x 900





Edited by Xoza

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I had been wanting to do this for a while, as ive had it penciled into my work sheet that i keep next to the monitor, and having an Ordo day off has given me chance to catch up on some projects so here it is the "Mercury SecretSpy" desktop wallpaper.

I might do more if this proves to be a hit


Next work on the list...*looks*....Arokh's Character wallpaper....hehehe im gonna have fun with this :P

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First Three for Arokh

Here you go bro, I promised them and now I am starting delivery ^.^

So here are the first 3 of 5 for Arokh ^.^

Britania Legion


Through the Flames


Simple Grey



Had to add a few retouches to two of these Arokh namly the simple grey and the britannia, should look a little cleaner now ^.^

Edited by Rykiana Ferina

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Emptied the old Trash....and now im filling it up with new stuff! :D




Ryk, since you're back/ish, you should throw some of that awesome work you did in wallpapers here so we can host it on our front page.

Edited by Xoza

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