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Dibs Taov

Car Thread.

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well here are my two cars

1st is my 1997 rnault megane convertible, the pic is form when it was still standing at the dealer.

i got it for 3 years now and it driver great.

not that powerfull but hell its fast and great to race with over the road.

and then my mercedes i got since last thursday the 19th of may. its an 190 series form 1984.

so its an oldtimer and oldtimers are tax free in holland.

it runs on lpg which is a lot chpeaer then regualr fuel. i use it ot go to my new job so its a lot cheaper to go there then spending like 600 euros a month on fuel. now im around the expeces i get from my work for travelling. its in a great state though so things needs to be worked on.

this pic shows as it is right now, im planning on pimping and tuning it to the max so it will change time from time.

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Well, I swapped cars and finally got something decent to show :laugh:


Nissan 100NX 1.6, 1996.

154,600km @ purchase (96,063.9863 miles)

102BHP/75kW (injection)

Consumption: ~ 1:12.5, 7.89l/100km

*awesome feature; one can take the roofpanels off; awwwyeh.


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hehe funny stuff, never saw such. soon ill put a new steering wheel in my car. its featured with walnutwood. and i got a 5 tone horn which i will install soon aswell.

ill be sure to make pics of the steeringwheel itself. my camera is shitty and only works on adapter. but then you get the idea.

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well, a few days ago i exchanged my steeringwheel for thisone. i made a pic of the steer itself. its in my car now.

looks fancy and you got something to grip on.


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I realised I should take a picture of a car. So I went outside to find my car underneath the pile of snow, armed with a one small broom that is used to clean the windows from ice. After some digging I finally saw a piece of door and a window peeking from the pile of snow. Taking 20 minutes of digging, I had a side of my car already visible.


So yeeaah, that is actually my car :c Underneath some snow that has been blocking me from using it.

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