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Ratchet Exonar

What if?

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here something that was done in a forum some time ago, what you do answer someone "what if", and then ask soemthing. like

What if Mercury could do every thing?

then youll say

Then we wouldnt need personnels any more. so ill start

What if aryte was a girl?

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      ITT: Funny Animated .GIF Images

      I'll start.

    • By Kristian
      allright this is a populair forum game. this is how it works.
      I ask you a question from wich the anwser can be found on the internet. if you have the correct anwser it's you turn to ask a question.

      Note: no RL related questions no one can know the anwser of because they don't know your RL name etc

      Here it comes:

      this questions refers to the game Zelda the Ocarina of time for the N64.

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      So I just thought up this game that seemed like a good idea in my head, and well the goal of the game is for the first person to put up a picture of something random, then the next person looks for something specific in that picture that was just posted and puts up a picture about that thing in the next one.

      So for example. Someone puts up a picture of Batman and Robin, and I see there is a toaster in the background, I'm going to find a picture of a toaster and put it up :D! anything that has to do with the last picture.

      kinda like a where's waldo, only you have to point out what you pulled from the last image, mixed in with what ever the hell you make it out to be... I'll start.

      Lol picture broke... go by that one vvvvv

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