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Vinnie Lei

Need to find custom av builder

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For a while I've wanted to get a nice new completely different kind of av and with the wildgrowth that comes with Second Life, I'm making this topic to see if you guys can help me.

Without spoiling what it is, it would need the following:

*custom hands (sculpted)

*custom feet (sculpted)

*tail with special tip (sculpted)

*possibly custom sculpted head/ears as well

I think I can spend something like $50~$100 USD, but I'm not sure how realistic that is.

And with the time I had to wait with my current av too, I'd rather not wait 2+ months for a WIP :|

Think any of you guys can push me in the right direction or know someone?

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I can make you any custom av in minecraft buddy, give me your contact details and i'll be sure to message you and give you some of my work, I have references for my beautiful work, one of my references is Chris hanson, he can vouch for me that i make beautiful pedobears

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TBH your budget is sort of low for a full fur AV,

atleast as far as ive seen.

With mesh being rolled out I dont know anyone taking jobs as they learn it and roll out store products, but ill ask around.

Ive been looking down the same road for a long long time now and Ive put out some pretty crazy offers to people who inquire back to me about it through the LL forums, but most ended up bailing on the thought of a full furry av and the outfit(s) to go with it... even if the price was well beyond a normal payment you'd ever see. Some who made offers to accept, their work stunk to be worth that much. aka I was willing to pay upwards between 200-1,000 usd depending on the rights to it and everything that could be accomplished with the option of being the only thing to ever exist blah blah. I have done it before for an ex's birthday and he still has the only thing of it to date on sl xD and no im not at liberty to address what it is or was.

Vinie I would suggest posting a ton on the LL forums under jobs and building stating youre looking for a basic commission to build something, then state its an av... or have it done in pieces/payments etc... and never give someone a huge upfront pay unless you know you can strangle them irl if they attempt to put it off for 1+ years.

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