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Arokh Takakura

Show and Tell.

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Dude, your desktop setup is astounding.

...Teach me your ways. :3

First, you'll need an extroadinarly long desk set into a wall, then you'll need these:

47" Samsung Plasma HDTV

22" Flat-panel TFT display

Zalman Z9 cased gaming rig setup of your choice

Cyborg Gaming keyboard

3DConnexion mutli-axis interface

USB 'Panic Button'

Logitech G51 5.1 Surround

M-Audio Producer USB Studio Microphone

Small glass-domed crystal pendulum clock, wound.

2 wax carved functional candles

laser engraved Mag-Lite

Large dragon figurine 'letter opener' holder

XL dragon sculpture wall-mirror

Officium Curia vinyl canvas printed banner

You should be pretty set after that. :V

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This finally arrived today from BurrWolf, it's an excellent peice of craftmanship and the stitchwork is impeccable (Glow in the dark thread FTW.) Wear this over my bike armour whenever I'm out biking now, REPRESENT. :V



Seriously though, I highly reccomend you check out BurrWolf's stuff, it is more than worth the money. (This was a custom job on a leather jacket so cost a little more, however.)


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