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Notice: Informational - Jurisdiction of Control

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Added to policy area of forums. Let me know here if you have questions!

The Jurisdiction of Control Act defines and answers which command elements fall beneath one another, what tier of command is responsible for whom, and outlines any primary responsibilities in the event someone is dual enlisted in units. As a rule, there are three classifications of jurisdiction: primary, secondary, and special. Primary jurisdiction groups, for the most part, are the leading figure in matters of disciplinary concerns, PRFs, accountability, et cetera. Special jurisdictions, however, overrule all other levels-- as such, if an individual is a member of a special organization, all matters should be referred to the specialty division, UNLESS the specialty division does not perform certain functions of jurisdiction (for example, a PRF). For example, a member of Terra who is also a member of Curia would be dealt with by Curia chain of command for matters of discipline. However, as Curia does not typically handle PRFs, the Terra chain of command would be responsible for originating PRFs for the individual.

Secondary groups only originate jurisdiction in the matters of discipline when the disciplinary matter is specific to the secondary unit: for example, an IEA member failing to perform their duty as an instructor. However they may receive instruction from the primary or special group. For example, if a member who is part of Terra and IEA is in need of discipline, the IEA may receive notification of the necessity to remove the individual from the IEA per the primary command groups decision.

Primary: Terra, Astra

Secondary: Munitorum, Tactica, IEA, Schola, Armatura, Ludi, IAC

Special: Curia, AiR, Praetorian Guard

As an additional note: DUAL JURISDICTION exists in the event that someone is a member of multiple special divisions. For example, a member who is part of AiR, Curia, and Astra could potentially receive rebuke from both AiR and Curia in the event discipline is required.

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